Financial Services

Verint and Intelligent Voice integration empowers improved financial compliance oversight. (Featured on
Posted May 26, 2022

Talkdesk's Financial Services Experience Cloud for Insurance is purpose-built to unify customer journeys across policy servicing, claims, and new business.
Posted April 27, 2022

Gupshup's acquisition of Active.Ai brings AI-powered omnichannel conversational engagement solutions to financial firms. (Featured on
Posted April 05, 2022

CRMNext's OCP supports multiple chat and voice interaction channels.
Posted February 07, 2022

Bringing Fonative under the Finvi banner enhances the company's communications offerings.
Posted December 10, 2021

Clinc integrates virtual banking assistant into Glia's Digital Customer Service platform.
Posted December 10, 2021

Engageware and Glia are helping financial institutions provide customer support through digital channels.
Posted October 27, 2021

Glia brings its digital customer service solution to Q2's bank and credit union customers.
Posted October 25, 2021

NXTsoft is connecting Finn AI's chatbots to financial institutions' integral systems.
Posted August 26, 2021

Semafone SecureWeb+ secures payments on third-party merchant websites and CRM systems without compromising PCI DSS compliance. (Featured on
Posted July 15, 2021

noHold has launched its Virtual Call Center Agent app on Finastra's
Posted July 06, 2021

Talkdesk launches industry-specific contact center solutions for healthcare and financial services at its Opentalk event.
Posted June 16, 2021

ENACOMM Financial Suite with IVR will deliver call fielding for banks and credit unions also using Finastra's products.
Posted May 13, 2021

Access Softek's Agent Advisor surfaces responses to customer chat inquiries.
Posted February 24, 2021

The Red Box/Behavox partnership will streamline voice data reconciliation for artificial intelligence to help companies with compliance and reputation issues. (Featured on
Posted January 21, 2021

BLM Technologies will offer its financial institution customers Enacomm's AI-powered conversational banking, intelligent IVR, and omnichannel Fraud Control Module.
Posted January 20, 2021

Onfido's AppExchange solution lets Salesforce users integrate remote identity verification and authentication into their existing workflows. (Featured on
Posted December 15, 2020

Red Box and RingCentral deliver voice and video capture integrated with unified communications.
Posted October 06, 2020

Interactions' Virtual Collection Agent (VCA) is an interactive virtual assistant geared specifically for the collections industry.
Posted July 22, 2020

LinkLive 9.1's new chat functionality enables messaging, video, and voice communications.
Posted June 30, 2020

The partnership offers PCI Pal's enhanced security and compliance to Talkdesk customers and partners worldwide. (Featured on
Posted June 23, 2020

Journey's zero-knowledge approach blocks key customer information from contact center agents' sight. (Featured on
Posted June 23, 2020

ServiceNow outlined new products and partnerships at its Knowledge 2020 Digital Experience event to help financial services, telecommunications, and healthcare firms with digital transformations and workflow improvements.
Posted June 03, 2020

Rainier enables contact centers to become PCI-DSS-compliant overnight while keeping telephony systems on premises.
Posted May 14, 2020

Semafone extends PCI DSS certification to provide security for omnichannel payments.
Posted March 20, 2020

PCI Pal Digital offers security for payments across digital engagement channels, including webchat, social media, email, and SMS. (Featured on
Posted January 28, 2020

PCI Pal Agent Assist and IVR Payments achieve Cisco-compatible certification to provide integrated solutions that protect sensitive cardholder data in contact centers.
Posted January 22, 2020

Semafone Intelligence+ provides real-time data about payment transactions in the contact center.
Posted November 06, 2019

Insights from 75 million issues & 71 million bot interactions reveal how automation trends are driving customer service forward. Download this report to learn about the impact of customer service bots on standard contact center KPIs.
Posted October 01, 2019

Semafone Cardprotect Voice+ now offers a secure voice capture component for payment transactions.
Posted September 30, 2019

Zappix has leveraged its self-service automation technology to launch a solution for the financial services industry.
Posted August 16, 2019

Financial firms can now leverage NICE compliance recording and object-based cloud storage to retain growing volumes of communications required for key regulations.
Posted July 31, 2019

Global Relay has bolstered the analytics in its latest release.
Posted July 31, 2019

Verint's Financial Compliance portfolio integrated with Teams will enable businesses to capture Microsoft Teams interactions across contact center, back-office, and trading floor operations.
Posted July 16, 2019

Callsign chooses Nexmo, the Vonage API platform, to deliver more secure communications for banking customers. (Featured on
Posted May 30, 2019

Avtex will be a reseller of TRUSTID's Authenticator as part of its SmartTrack application
Posted May 23, 2019

The partnerships enhance the compliance infrastructure for financial firms' contact center and customer support operations. (Featured on
Posted March 26, 2019

NovelVox has expanded its solutions for the credit union contact center industry with its new Credit Union Unity series—Credit Union Unity Lite, Credit Union Unity Plus, and Credit Union Unity Advance.
Posted February 22, 2019

Voci's new technology helps companies develop apps to prevent fraud, safeguard privacy, and improve customer experiences. (Featured on
Posted December 05, 2018's System of Record for Customer Conversations is part of the Cognition platform for building intelligent assistants.
Posted September 13, 2018

In an effort to offer new services to users, such as fraud alerts, Facebook is seeking access to users' banking data and has asked large U.S. banks to share detailed financial information about their customers, including card transactions and checking-account balances.
Posted September 07, 2018

Avtex will bring Semafone's contact center security solutions and PCI DSS compliance expertise to its North American clientele.
Posted September 05, 2018

Partnerships result in a contact center solution for debt collection agencies.
Posted August 15, 2018

NICE integrates its NICE Trading Recording with Cloud9 Technologies' C9 cloud-based voice trading platform. (Featured on
Posted August 14, 2018

NICE COMPASS Discovery accelerates investigations and automates manual processes around large volumes of financial voice communications.
Posted July 25, 2018

Plum Voice is now listed in Visa's Global Registry of Service Providers
Posted July 25, 2018

Integration of NICE Trading Recording Solution and IBM Cloud Object Storage allows secure storage of growing volumes of communications required for regulatory compliance. (Featured on
Posted June 19, 2018's platform helps banks and credit unions build conversational interfaces for customer interactions.
Posted June 13, 2018

FoneLogix will offer Enacomm's Conversational Banking and intelligent IVR technology to its bank and credit union clients.
Posted May 22, 2018

For the third straight year, Associated Bank's contact center is recognized for providing an outstanding live phone channel customer service experience.
Posted February 13, 2018