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Contact center agents need to be empowered to solve problems, not just say they're sorry. (Featured on DestinationCRM and in CRM magazine's June 2023 issue.)
Posted June 02, 2023

There aren't many use cases in contact centers just yet, but the next two years will see lots of activity.
Posted May 25, 2023

Companies have to expand their perspective of what and who is involved in the customer service experience.
Posted May 19, 2023

Contact centers lag behind other departments in automation, so here are some areas that can be automated and a plan for doing so.
Posted May 12, 2023

There are industry-specific solutions, and they might have the benefits you need.
Posted May 04, 2023

Customer success managers are responsible for driving revenue and growth and helping customers realize value. Here's a framework for meeting those objectives.
Posted April 28, 2023

Integrated CRM solutions offer advantages like unified data management, streamlined operations, enhanced collaboration, scalability, and customization options.
Posted April 21, 2023

AI is greatly expanding what contact center quality management solutions can do.
Posted April 14, 2023

AI is helping contact center managers better meet employee needs and preferences, reducing costs and attrition rates.
Posted April 07, 2023

Customer service and support leaders can start by making process-related changes to begin delivering a seamless multichannel journey.
Posted March 30, 2023

Artificial intelligence is finally becoming a real force in the contact center, and working it into your strategy doesn't have to be a challenge.
Posted March 24, 2023

If you haven't started looking into ChatGPT, now is the time to see how it can be implemented in your customer service organization.
Posted March 10, 2023

Unlike in marketing, customers don't find personalization in the contact center to be creepy.
Posted March 03, 2023

Contact centers need a new name that better reflects the value and contributions they make to companies and their customers.
Posted February 24, 2023

Get started by learning all you can about ChatGPT to make sure the right resources are in place.
Posted February 16, 2023

These innovations are ready to be rolled out and are positioned to help contact center managers achieve their departmental and corporate objectives. (Featured on
Posted February 10, 2023

Customer experience programs that help companies restart the CX growth engine and have the data to prove it will thrive, despite corporate belt tightening. (Featured on
Posted January 20, 2023

These solutions can be a company's eyes and ears on both customers and employees. (Featured on
Posted January 18, 2023

The cloud can feel like a nebulous entity, but deployed correctly, it can make CX more flexible and efficient.
Posted January 06, 2023

There are better ways for companies to cut costs and keep quality customer service during a looming recession.
Posted December 23, 2022

Project-centric customer service is a more collaborative process, but the benefits can be great.
Posted December 09, 2022

Civilian-led denial-of-service attacks could leverage virtual assistants to bring down contact centers.
Posted December 01, 2022

It's increasingly possible to anticipate and address customer service needs before they become larger issues.
Posted November 18, 2022

Arm your agents with the right technologies to improve the customer service they can deliver.
Posted November 04, 2022

Artificial intelligence underpins all the technology advancements that will help companies improve the customer experiences they deliver.
Posted October 27, 2022

Companies that provide learning and mentoring opportunities to contact center agents have more engaged employees and struggle less with recruitment and retention.
Posted October 21, 2022

The value of the contact center to the overall customer experience is growing, and it's going to take an organized approach to make sense of it.
Posted October 13, 2022

The convergence of three economic challenges put extra pressure on customer support leaders, but they can be managed.
Posted September 29, 2022

Contact centers can become profit centers with the right strategy, technology, and company culture.
Posted September 22, 2022

All companies should strengthen the foundations of their knowledge management. Here's some advice for doing that.
Posted September 09, 2022

Company cultures need to foster an environment where contact center agents feel a sense of pride and joy in what they do every day.
Posted September 01, 2022

Customer insights can be the key to improving contact center and company operations.
Posted August 18, 2022

The best-in-class have three key elements as part of their mobile customer engagement programs.
Posted August 11, 2022

It often takes a little bit of LUCK to properly recover from service failures.
Posted August 05, 2022

New metrics are needed to ensure customer service operations deliver value to customers and the business.
Posted July 28, 2022

Turnover in the contact center is a fact of life, but there are ways to minimize it.
Posted July 08, 2022

An artificial intelligence framework will be needed to monitor and optimize the performance of technology, people, and processes in the contact center of the future.
Posted June 30, 2022

Most customers don't even know what the metaverse is yet, so don't rush in full-steam-ahead without doing your homework.
Posted June 24, 2022

Organizations must make data ethics a core component of their data management strategy.
Posted June 17, 2022

Technology alone is not going to do much good when it comes to serving customer and employee needs.
Posted June 13, 2022

Customer data hides valuable information to redirect product and service delivery and overall customer experiences.
Posted June 03, 2022

As hybrid work environments seem here to stay, companies can take steps to keep agents engaged as parts of the organization.
Posted May 20, 2022

Unofficial third-party channels will redefine customer service resolution pathways.
Posted May 13, 2022

Some customer service challenges have existed for decades, but companies are finally recognizing them and starting to explore ways to address them.
Posted May 05, 2022

Government agencies should also view customer service as a value-generator, just as private-sector organizations do, but for different reasons.
Posted April 28, 2022

Agent empathy is developed over time, and the right technology can bring it out.
Posted April 21, 2022

Prior reasons for not adopting video for customer service have slipped away in the past few years.
Posted April 14, 2022

Low-code/no-code platforms just have too many benefits to ignore any longer.
Posted April 08, 2022

Here are some tips to make sure that your proactive customer service outreach doesn't overwhelm customers or your contact center.
Posted March 24, 2022

Companies achieve better results when they view customer service as a value center rather than a cost.
Posted March 16, 2022