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Companies need to adjust their strategies for customer self-service amid the continuing crisis and beyond.
Posted August 06, 2020

The right metrics around customer experience measure both explicit and implicit data throughout the full customer journey.
Posted July 31, 2020

There is no right formula for all contact centers or industries, but here are some factors to consider when staffing with agents and supervisors.
Posted July 23, 2020

As we've seen, technology is important, but relationships are equally important.
Posted July 16, 2020

Here are four things to consider when looking to simplify contact center management.
Posted July 10, 2020

Customer service leaders must prioritize employee health and safety as plans are made to re-open offices.
Posted June 25, 2020

Gig economy workers present an opportunity for contact centers to address personnel shortages without the cost and effort of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding.
Posted June 19, 2020

Customer service is moving to digital channels like chat and self-service out of necessity.
Posted June 11, 2020

Customer journey analytics can help companies build effective strategies that engage customers cost-effectively throughout their lifecycles.
Posted June 05, 2020

A guide to the seven categories of metrics that every contact center should have, from the foundation up.
Posted May 28, 2020

As interactions move online, digital channels like chat and co-browse become a lifeblood of customer service.
Posted May 22, 2020

Tech support organizations were able to quickly scale up work-from-home workforces without negative impacts.
Posted May 14, 2020

The top WFO vendors have been offering solutions and educational resources to help customers scale work-from-home efforts during the COVID-19 crisis.
Posted May 08, 2020

Contact center managers need to be a little more flexible and open with employees working from home.
Posted April 24, 2020

An effective RPA project requires full transparency with agents.
Posted April 17, 2020

There's an abundance of digital customer interaction tools that can replace the in-person experience, but choosing the right one will take some effort.
Posted April 09, 2020

There are seven factors that guide customer intolerance for being locked in queues.
Posted April 03, 2020

Letting customer service agents work from home is smart business sense and presents an opportunity to take advantage of new technologies.
Posted March 27, 2020

Clearly, using work-at-home employees would be the safest way to staff contact centers during this pandemic. If companies aren't properly set up to handle this scenario, starting a WAH program will be tough but not impossible.
Posted March 19, 2020

The choices for WFM systems have never been better, and contact centers have never had more options.
Posted March 13, 2020

Contact centers are the perfect environment for automation, freeing agents from repetitive tasks that take away from their real purpose.
Posted March 06, 2020

Customer experience improvements, finding upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and ensuring regulatory compliance are the top reasons for speech analytics deployments.
Posted February 27, 2020

Customer service leaders continue to focus on improving both live and automated service experience with finite resources.
Posted February 21, 2020

Include planning for pandemics like the coronavirus in your disaster recovery/business continuity plans.
Posted February 14, 2020

Technological advances have enabled us to do things the early communications pioneers could never have imagined
Posted February 07, 2020

Timing, testing, and trust need to be at the forefront of any digital transformation.
Posted January 30, 2020

Customers are adopting a wide variety of channels for contacting customer service, and many of them are digital.
Posted January 24, 2020

The California Consumer Privacy Act applies to contact centers, so you need to know what is required.
Posted January 16, 2020

There are four imperatives that separate companies whose digital self-service strategies are paying off from those that are still waiting for the promise to come true.
Posted January 10, 2020

Customer data platforms can lead to hyper-personalization, if they are used properly.
Posted December 20, 2019

Contact center leaders must seek a much broader range of skills and types of agents to keep up with workforce changes.
Posted December 13, 2019

There's value in a human-to-human relationship, but there's nothing wrong with having technology to help along the way.
Posted December 06, 2019

Companies need to move into omnichannel service offerings to truly undergo needed digital transformations.
Posted November 14, 2019

Contact center budgeting requires a clear direction, good communication, and a solid understanding of the contact center's needs and strategic contributions.
Posted November 08, 2019

CX isn't the same as CRM, but it requires an investment all the same.
Posted November 01, 2019

Though interest continues to grow, opportunities for customer self-service still abound.
Posted October 25, 2019

Contact centers can be stress-filled places to work, but managers can do a few things to lessen the emotional strain.
Posted October 17, 2019

Self-service can help companies weather any financial storm without killing the customer experience.
Posted October 04, 2019

Robotic process automation will allow contact centers to upskill agents to handle more complex interactions.
Posted September 27, 2019

Every customer contact is an opportunity to convince customers to continue doing business with you.
Posted September 19, 2019

Successful customer communities share some common elements.
Posted September 13, 2019

New technologies are renewing the need for call center agents.
Posted September 06, 2019

Here are the many benefits companies can realize with artificial intelligence.
Posted August 30, 2019

Empowering agents to make decisions on the spot creates a better experience for everyone involved.
Posted August 23, 2019

Call tracking improves marketing effectiveness while making the contact center an essential corporate contributor.
Posted August 16, 2019

Making content useful and available is a key to increasing the use of self-service support options.
Posted August 08, 2019

Contact center recordings have a wealth of information, but few companies are using them properly.
Posted August 01, 2019

Virtual customers are coming; Customer service and support leaders must understand the challenges associated with them.
Posted July 26, 2019

Customer service agents face many challenges, but a modern agent desktop could be the answer.
Posted July 19, 2019

Once properly cultivated and incentivized, influencers can share news of their great customer experiences with their followers.
Posted July 12, 2019