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Investing in digital self-serve channels will improve, not hurt, contact center operations.
Posted May 03, 2021

As technology vendors jockey for market position, it's more important for customer service technology to be unified.
Posted April 15, 2021

Companies need to pivot from a customer experience to a Business of Experience mindset.
Posted April 08, 2021

The contact center WFM market is transforming to address the needs of the digital generation
Posted April 01, 2021

Quality customer service and performance targets shouldn't have to conflict.
Posted March 25, 2021

Next-generation chatbots are far more capable than earlier ones, so you can't have the same expectations as before.
Posted March 22, 2021

Customer data is far more valuable and not being used or accessed nearly enough.
Posted March 05, 2021

Managers need to look at employee preferences and other factors when considering how to proceed with work-from-home policies.
Posted February 25, 2021

AI and analytics are making it possible to predict customer issues before they happen, but don't overlook reactive service.
Posted February 18, 2021

Customer service operations need to adopt new labor models, data, and technologies to adapt in the post-pandemic world.
Posted February 11, 2021

How digital + physical is transforming customer experiences.
Posted February 05, 2021

Contact centers are making the right moves to sustain themselves for the long-term.
Posted January 29, 2021

When quality and service levels are low, costs go up, so problems with both need to be addressed together.
Posted January 21, 2021

The new contact center is not a cost center, but rather, the core of customer experience.
Posted January 15, 2021

Employment rule changes will have an affect on contact center wage and time-off provisions, and you need to budget for them.
Posted January 07, 2021

People, process, and technology all need to be adjusted for a more dynamic and proactive approach to customer engagement.
Posted December 24, 2020

Employee productivity has actually gone up for firms that have implemented work-from-home policies to deal with the pandemic.
Posted December 17, 2020

Companies will need to adopt three customer service strategies to emerge from the crisis stronger and leaner.
Posted December 11, 2020

Taking calls out of the contact center needs to be a company-wide effort.
Posted December 03, 2020

If there's one thing we've observed, it's that business agility has become a requirement for success today.
Posted November 19, 2020

Customers respond better when they know how long the wait will be, but their patience isn't unlimited.
Posted November 12, 2020

Personas will better match agents with customers, improving experiences for both.
Posted November 06, 2020

Voice biometrics can shave three to five seconds off average handle times and significantly reduce fraud risks, making it a valuable contact center tool.
Posted October 30, 2020

Service can increase customer loyalty as long as interactions are low-effort.
Posted October 22, 2020

But the reality is that it cannot be fully automated. Companies still need humans to do what bots cannot.
Posted October 15, 2020

Companies need to deploy both voice and digital technologies to meet customer service needs.
Posted October 08, 2020

Companies that have successfully navigated COVID-19 have turned to cloud-based and AI-enabled technologies for their contact center workforces.
Posted October 02, 2020

Consumers increasingly want to self service, but companies need to let them do so on the channels of their choice.
Posted September 24, 2020

Here are a few considerations to help smooth out service-level dips during certain times of the day or days of the week.
Posted September 18, 2020

To show empathy toward customers, let them know you understand their problems and give them a say in how they are solved.
Posted September 10, 2020

How to get all the departments to paddle in the same direction.
Posted September 03, 2020

The cloud is the main deployment model for contact center systems; here are some considerations if you haven't already made the move.
Posted August 21, 2020

Here are a few first steps for supporting customers over digital channels.
Posted August 14, 2020

Companies need to adjust their strategies for customer self-service amid the continuing crisis and beyond.
Posted August 06, 2020

The right metrics around customer experience measure both explicit and implicit data throughout the full customer journey.
Posted July 31, 2020

There is no right formula for all contact centers or industries, but here are some factors to consider when staffing with agents and supervisors.
Posted July 23, 2020

As we've seen, technology is important, but relationships are equally important.
Posted July 16, 2020

Here are four things to consider when looking to simplify contact center management.
Posted July 10, 2020

Customer service leaders must prioritize employee health and safety as plans are made to re-open offices.
Posted June 25, 2020

Gig economy workers present an opportunity for contact centers to address personnel shortages without the cost and effort of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding.
Posted June 19, 2020

Customer service is moving to digital channels like chat and self-service out of necessity.
Posted June 11, 2020

Customer journey analytics can help companies build effective strategies that engage customers cost-effectively throughout their lifecycles.
Posted June 05, 2020

A guide to the seven categories of metrics that every contact center should have, from the foundation up.
Posted May 28, 2020

As interactions move online, digital channels like chat and co-browse become a lifeblood of customer service.
Posted May 22, 2020

Tech support organizations were able to quickly scale up work-from-home workforces without negative impacts.
Posted May 14, 2020

The top WFO vendors have been offering solutions and educational resources to help customers scale work-from-home efforts during the COVID-19 crisis.
Posted May 08, 2020

Contact center managers need to be a little more flexible and open with employees working from home.
Posted April 24, 2020

An effective RPA project requires full transparency with agents.
Posted April 17, 2020

There's an abundance of digital customer interaction tools that can replace the in-person experience, but choosing the right one will take some effort.
Posted April 09, 2020

There are seven factors that guide customer intolerance for being locked in queues.
Posted April 03, 2020