Richardson Launches Sales Training for Service Staff

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The Enhanced Service Through Consultative Sales Program equips service professionals with skills to deliver better experiences and to drive additional value.

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Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights Supports 39 New Languages

Microsoft has announced that Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights is now available in more than 39 new languages, with new language models for improved AI insights also now available for public preview.

Maria Minsker | Aug 09, 2019
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Vonage to Acquire

Vonage bolsters the artificial intelligence and conversational analytics capabilities of its OneVonage and NewVoiceMedia platforms via its purchase of's assets.

Aug 06, 2019
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Quiq Raises $12.5 Million to Add Bots and Messaging to Its Customer Service Tool

Quiq works by integrating multiple messaging tools into businesses' websites and apps, including SMS, Apple Messages, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, web chat, Kik, and Google's RCS-based RBM.

Maria Minsker | Aug 02, 2019
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SugarCRM Launches Sugar Serve for Customer Support

Sugar Serve's integrated console experience revolutionizes customer support processes.

Aug 01, 2019
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Gupshup Partners with WhatsApp for Chatbot

Gupshup is enabling businesses and customers to customize messages over WhatsApp.

Leonard Klie | Jul 31, 2019
Article Image Introduces New Salesforce Essentials Features

The new features are designed to enable small businesses to communicate with customers in their preferred channels.

Sam Del Rowe | Jul 24, 2019
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Stonly Makes Self-Service Interactive

Stonly, a French startup, is bucking the chatbot trend by working to make self-service more intuitive through interactive guides.

Maria Minsker | Jul 19, 2019