United Airlines Debuts New Customer Service Policies—but Are They Enough?

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To say that United Airlines has been in hot water recently is an understatement. Now, United Airlines has rolled out 10 new customer service policies in response to some of the recent incidents, but one customer service expert argues they're simply not enough.

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Oracle Launches Adaptive Intelligent Apps for CX

Oracle's new artificial intelligence apps empower customer experience professionals in service, commerce, marketing, and sales.

Apr 27, 2017
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Customer Service Experience: Bots Are Only as Good as the Data That Supports Them

For chatbots to be effective, they need to deliver the right information with little effort.

Leonard Klie | Apr 27, 2017
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Zendesk Is Now Available on Fabric for Mobile App Developers

Among customer service platform provider Zendesk's claims to fame are the company's embeddables—software development kits (SDKs) for Web and mobile environments that enable elements of customer service to be easily added to online customer experiences. Now the company is taking its solutions to app development platform Fabric (which Google recently acquired from Twitter) with a Zendesk kit that includes these embeddable solutions.

Maria Minsker | Apr 21, 2017
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Pega’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant Makes Chatbots Smarter

Chatbots are promising, but many of them simply don't add business value from a customer service perspective—yet. With the introduction today of the Pega Intelligence Virtual Assistant, Pegasystems is setting out to accelerate the process by offering artificial intelligence extenders for platforms including Facebook, Slack, and others.

Maria Minsker | Apr 18, 2017
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Invoca Secures More Funding at an 'Exciting Time' for Call Center Analytics

Call center analytics company Invoca just secured $30 million in series D funding, with Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners as the lead investor. The company has been making waves recently, appointing a new CEO in July and possibly preparing for an IPO, Techcrunch reports. According to Kyle Christensen, senior vice president at Invoca, it's an important time for the company, and not just because of what's going on internally.

Maria Minsker | Apr 14, 2017
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Location Sharing Is Now Part of Twitter's Customer Support Tool Ecosystem

Just a few months after revamping its Direct Messages, Twitter added a new feature to the offering: the location request feature, enabling businesses to ask customers they're conversing with to share their location via direct message.

Maria Minsker | Apr 07, 2017
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NICE Enhances Its Robotic Process Automation Software for the Enterprise

The technology has been updated with management, security, and connectivity capabilities to 'raise the bar' for scale.

Oren Smilansky | Mar 30, 2017