Cross-Channel Support

Avtex's acquisition o f Aria strengthens its expertise and access to Genesys contact center solutions.
Posted October 28, 2020

Through the agreement, Pax8 can now resell the 8x8 Open Communications Platform.
Posted October 22, 2020

RingCentral high-volume SMS lets businesses text customers with customized apps and their business phone numbers.
Posted October 21, 2020

The partnerships between NTT Data and Uniphore expand robotic process automation for contact centers. (Featured on
Posted October 21, 2020

Companies on Instagram can now engage with followers, leverage influencer connections, and resolve support issues at scale inside the Kustomer platform.
Posted October 19, 2020

The CXone Fall 2020 release adds business intelligence, biometrics, and advanced analytics. (Featured on
Posted October 16, 2020

Kakapo's SMS Queues functionality adds another support channel to its applications for customer support.
Posted October 15, 2020

Clarabridge has linked its omnichannel, AI-powered text analytics with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice and Dynamics 365. (Featured on
Posted October 15, 2020

SugarLive is an integration with Amazon Connect voice, chat. and text messaging for omnichannel customer service and support. (Featured on
Posted October 14, 2020

The alliance broadens SKWeston's portfolio with Intradiem's on-demand contact center automation solutions.
Posted October 14, 2020

Lifesize's integration with Omilia brings conversational AI and voice biometrics to the Lifesize CxEngage contact center platform.
Posted October 14, 2020

UJET Virtual Agent provides conversational artificial intelligence and automation for contact center interactions. (Featured on
Posted October 13, 2020

The deal blends Segment's customer data platform with Twilio's customer communications platform. (Featured on
Posted October 13, 2020

Cresta's AI Coaching software integrates with Amazon Connect for real-time performance optimization of sales and support teams.
Posted October 06, 2020

Twilio unveiled several digital tools to help online and remote employees.
Posted September 30, 2020

Cogito's AI Coaching System integrates with Amazon Connect to provide in-the-moment behavioral guidance and measurement to call center employees. (Featured on
Posted September 22, 2020

8x8 has inked a strategic VAR channel partnership with Spectrotel .
Posted September 16, 2020

CoreDial's eZuce acquisition brings additional capabilities to CoreDial's CoreNexa platform.
Posted September 16, 2020

Five9 VoiceStream is a cloud-to-cloud media streaming service for securing contact center voice data.
Posted September 16, 2020

With the pandemic, extreme workforce agility has become the new normal, conference speakers contend.
Posted September 16, 2020

With Voximplant Kit, companies can deploy omnichannel, speech-enabled contact centers in minutes. (Featured on
Posted September 15, 2020

Joint go-to-market effort for Smarsh Enterprise Archive, Supervision and Discovery is designed to grow its Microsoft Office 365 footprint in financial services.
Posted September 03, 2020

Unbabel is partnering with Carnegie Mellon University and others to research multilingual AI assistants for customer service chat.
Posted September 03, 2020

UJET and Zendesk have unified data and workstreams between their two solutions.
Posted September 02, 2020

Genesys and Adobe are integrating Genesys Cloud with Adobe Experience Platform. (Featured on
Posted August 27, 2020

MarketsandMarkets expects conversational AI to grow from a $4.9 billion market to $13.9 billion in the next five years.
Posted August 19, 2020

Live chat, secure payments, and Microsoft Teams and Vonage Virtual Assistant integrations round out the increased functionality in Vonage Contact Center.
Posted August 19, 2020

Amazon Web Services' Contact Center Intelligence is making it possible for companies to build and deploy AI into contact center workflows.
Posted August 18, 2020

Here are a few first steps for supporting customers over digital channels.
Posted August 14, 2020

Enhanced integrations and go-to-market strategies highlight the latest deal between Kustomer and UJET.
Posted August 13, 2020

Evolve IP has integrated its omnichannel Evolve Contact Suite with Microsoft Teams and Workspaces.
Posted August 07, 2020

Sprinklr enables ServiceNow CSM users to access and respond to customers on social and messaging channels. (Featured on
Posted August 06, 2020

Liaa TeleServ is an intelligent virtual agent to manage teleservices, dispatch, survey, notification, and response. (Featured on
Posted August 06, 2020

The VoiceFoundry acquisition adds Amazon Connect cloud contact center to TTEC's Humanify Cloud CX ecosystem.
Posted August 05, 2020

Native, on-demand HD video capability enables contact center agents to add video interaction from any channel.
Posted July 22, 2020

Amazon Connect brings telephony to the Salesforce Service Cloud Voice platform.
Posted July 20, 2020

Humach's acquisition of InfinitAI adds agent-assist capabilities for AI-powered conversational customer experiences. (Featured on
Posted July 17, 2020

IPsoft unleashes a new artificial intelligence integration for Genesys Cloud.
Posted July 15, 2020

Posted July 14, 2020

Intelisys is adding Bright Pattern Contact Center to its portfolio of telecommunications and cloud services.
Posted July 08, 2020

Sytel Softdial is a multimedia, multitenant, and fully blended contact center platform.
Posted July 02, 2020

LinkLive 9.1's new chat functionality enables messaging, video, and voice communications.
Posted June 30, 2020

PCI Pal's Agent Assist integrates with key Avaya contact center solutions. (Featured on
Posted June 30, 2020

RingCentral's Cloud PBX for Microsoft Teams features Direct Routing integration.
Posted June 30, 2020

WhatsApp can now be integrated with Cisco Finesse UCCX, UCCE, and PCCE contact centers.
Posted June 29, 2020

Evolve IP's Work Anywhere Office blends fully integrated virtual desktops, collaboration and communications tools, and contact center systems.
Posted June 23, 2020

Call Journey's Conversation Analytics technology is being combined with Oak Innovation's communications management platform. (Featured on
Posted June 23, 2020

3CLogic's offering extends Microsoft's collaboration tool with its own cloud call center platform. (Featured on
Posted June 23, 2020

he Neutrino release of V-Person provides tools and expertise to help companies create AI-enhanced conversations with customers and employees. (Featured on
Posted June 23, 2020

Intercom's Conversational Support Funnel offers a holistic framework for customer support through a messenger-first experience. (Featured on
Posted June 23, 2020