Integration brings Cresta's AI-driven, real-time intelligence to Zoom Contact Center.
Posted November 10, 2022

TCN's latest enhancements to its Voice Analytics tools allow contact center managers to analyze operational performance.
Posted November 10, 2022

The Eleveo-Zoom partnership delivers an omnichannel solution for cloud contact center personnel management.
Posted November 09, 2022

CallMiner rolled out integrations with Zoom Contact Center and Zoom Phone.
Posted November 09, 2022

Glia and Tethr partnership delivers enhanced analytics for digital and voice-based interactions. (Featured on
Posted November 01, 2022

CX platform providers and CallMiner join to improve insights from live and virtual agent interactions. (Featured on
Posted October 31, 2022

NICE's FluenCX is a complete suite of digital CX solutions harnessing data and AI to deliver intent-driven self-service.
Posted October 24, 2022

NICE's Enlighten Journey Orchestration uses Enlighten AI to orchestrate consumer interactions for digital and voice engagements across agent and agentless journeys at massive scale.
Posted October 21, 2022

New Managed Libraries and Recommendations features allow businesses to begin industry-specific tracking of conversations out of the box. (Featured on
Posted October 18, 2022

Sprinklr's CXM demonstrates compliance with government security and infrastructure standards. (Featured on
Posted October 18, 2022

Unifonic expands its product portfolio and geographic reach with Sestek acquisition. (Featured on
Posted October 14, 2022

3CLogic releases a voice and SMS solution for SAP Service Cloud. (Featured on
Posted October 13, 2022

CallMiner for Salesforce delivers customer and prospect insights from CallMiner directly in Salesforce.
Posted October 12, 2022

Qualtrics' Automated Call Summaries and Real-Time Agent Assist automate post-call work and help contact center agents respond with empathy and speed. (Featured on
Posted October 04, 2022

At its Invoca Summit today, Invoca unveiled contact center and marketing innovations to optimize spending by both business functions. (Featured on
Posted October 04, 2022

Playvox AutoQA applies artificial intelligence to contact center quality assurance efforts.
Posted September 19, 2022

Zendesk Intelligent Triage and Smart Assist offer AI-powered customer sentiment and intent functionality. (Featured on
Posted September 14, 2022

Performance Analytics and Reporting upgrades provide more insdight to contact center managers using TCN Operator.
Posted September 13, 2022

HubSpot adds customer journey analytics, flexible payments, and connected data features to its platform. (Featuired on
Posted September 07, 2022

CRM magazine reveals its top five picks in 11 categories across customer service, marketing, and sales. (Featured on
Posted September 07, 2022

To meet today's customer expectations, businesses must adapt voice of customer (VoC) methodologies, embracing technology and improving the customer experience.
Posted August 30, 2022

CallMiner's conversational intelligence integrations with Genesys Cloud CX and Amazon Connect allow for agent guidance, onboarding, training, and more. (Featured on
Posted August 23, 2022

UJET's AI-Modeled Interaction Design to help companies scale and improve virtual agent interactions.
Posted August 18, 2022

Authenticx's Quality Monitoring turns qualitative data into quantitative insights to expose areas of improvement for agent performance.
Posted August 16, 2022

New metrics are needed to ensure customer service operations deliver value to customers and the business.
Posted July 28, 2022

MarketsandMarkets has upped its projections for the worldwide contact center software market, which is expected to hit $35.2 billion this year.
Posted July 28, 2022

LivePerson Contact Center Conversation Mining turns omnichannel conversational analytics into intelligent action.
Posted July 25, 2022

Cicero brings to Alvaria its activity intelligence, process intelligence, and robotic process automation.
Posted July 20, 2022

Microsoft's Digital Contact Center Platform combines technologies from its Dynamics CRM 365, Teams, Power Virtual Agents, Azure, and Nuance Communications lines.
Posted July 19, 2022

Pindrop and Odigo partner to provide voice authentication and fraud detection technology to Odigo customers. (Featured on
Posted July 12, 2022

Democratization of behavioral science and advanced analytics means anyone can use technologies to improve customer experiences.
Posted July 05, 2022

Growth in the customer insights and feedback market is being fueled by digital transformation and artificial intelligence adoption, according to Dash Research. (Featured on
Posted June 29, 2022

Syncfusion's BoldDesk is a customer support solution for automating ticket processes.
Posted June 29, 2022

Intermedia Interaction Analytics helps businesses capture the voice of the customer, automating trend recognition of key words and phrases from daily customer interactions. (Featured on
Posted June 27, 2022

An investor group led by Hellman & Friedman and Permira will acquire Zendesk for $10.2 billion. (Featured on
Posted June 27, 2022

Qualtrics Embedded Insights gives a unified view of employee and customer experience and operational data.
Posted June 23, 2022

NICE RPA 7.7 innovations include web callouts, dashboards, and a connectivity watchdog.
Posted June 22, 2022

Pathlight has built AI-enabled quality assurance and workforce management into its contact center offerings.
Posted June 22, 2022

24] Engagement Cloud heralds the company's entry into the contact center as a service (CCaaS) space.
Posted June 21, 2022

New and expanded features include call and screen recording, video playback, after-work automation, and quality forms to complement automated scoring.
Posted June 21, 2022

Sprinklr Modern Care Lite is a unified AI-powered customer support solution.
Posted June 21, 2022

Qualtrics' Quality Management is a solution for measuring contact center performance to boost agent retention.
Posted June 21, 2022

Deloitte Digital'sTrueServe is a suite of contact center solutions.
Posted June 21, 2022

Dialpad Ai CSAT is a real-time predictive engine for customer satisfaction that provides visibility into 100 percent of calls.
Posted June 08, 2022

LiveVox customers now have access to SuccessKPI's contact center insights platform.
Posted June 08, 2022

Talkdesk Retail Experience Cloud is a customer service platform purpose built to unify the retail customer journey.
Posted June 07, 2022

Pindrop's latest advancements provide deeper audio intelligence, improved fraud investigations and authentication policies, and enhanced operational efficiencies. (Featured on
Posted June 06, 2022

Cyara's self-assessment tool empowers companies to measure and modernize customer experience (CX) testing capabilities.
Posted May 25, 2022

Observe.AI's Auto QA accelerates quality assurance and coaching workflows for contact centers. (Featured on
Posted May 24, 2022

TheLoops with Zendesk offers predictive analytics and automations for real-time support.
Posted May 17, 2022