Automated Support

The collaboration brings together visual IVR and digital customer engagement for financial institutions.
Posted September 25, 2017

NICE's open robotic automation framework drives intelligent process execution through integration with leading AI technologies.
Posted September 20, 2017

iBenchmark enhances CXone with benchmark data for contact center operations.
Posted September 14, 2017

Augment comes out of stealth mode with a chatbot for customer service. (Featured on
Posted September 14, 2017

8x8's Atlassian integrations help businesses modernize communications, collaboration, and customer engagement.
Posted September 13, 2017

Context Mobile adds real-time in-app activity to support agents' dashboards powered through AI.
Posted September 12, 2017

The app offers on-device conversational AI, avatar lip-sync, embedded text-to-speech, and a fusion of face and voice biometric authentication.
Posted September 06, 2017

Fonolo's enhanced platform offers scheduled call-backs and improved metrics.
Posted September 06, 2017

AnswerDash Connector enhances NICE inContact's CXone's web, mobile, and chatbot functionality.
Posted September 06, 2017

Automation Anywhere's Enterprise RPA Platform offers a single portal for deploying an intelligent digital workforce.
Posted September 05, 2017

The integration expands credit union access to self-pay channels and merchant services. (Featured on
Posted August 29, 2017

CogniCor will provide conversation-based artificial intelligence logic in a virtual assistant integrated with NICE inContact CXone.
Posted August 25, 2017

The hype around artificial gives way to real-world use cases where bots and virtual assistants can help in customer service.
Posted August 25, 2017

The Zappix Visual IVR letrs businesses communicate with deaf customers while complying with accessibity regulations.
Posted August 23, 2017

Amelia's patent covers the technology that transforms data into information to help customers resolve issues.
Posted August 22, 2017

Posted August 21, 2017

SpiceCSM offers its application on the CXexchange Marketplace to enhance the agent experience for NICE inContact CXone users.
Posted August 21, 2017

Clara is an AI-driven intelligent agent for collecting and acting on customer feedback.
Posted August 17, 2017

Verint Recording for Public Safety delivers omnichannel recording, analytics, and incident reconstruction.
Posted August 17, 2017

ZOSE is a search engine designed for omnichannel contact center optimization.
Posted August 16, 2017

AIVA empowers companiesto build once and deploy anywhere across customer touchpoints.
Posted August 16, 2017

Fonolo's cloud-based call-backs are now available contact centers using Talkdesk.
Posted August 15, 2017

Inbenta will provide hybrid chat and chatbot technology via CXexchange to NICE inContact users.
Posted August 14, 2017

VoiceBase integrates its recording and speech analytics offering into Voxbone's communications platform. (Featured on
Posted August 11, 2017

Elafris now supports Alexa through its virtual agent platform for the insurance industry.
Posted August 09, 2017

Chatbots need to be more functional if we want customers to use and like them.
Posted August 04, 2017

Agent Dashboard provides agents with real-time insight into calls into the Visual IVR.
Posted August 02, 2017

LogMeIn expands its customer engagement software portfolio with Nanorep's digital self-service technologies.
Posted August 01, 2017

NewVoiceMedia has introduced Conversation Analyzer as part of the Summer '17 release of ContactWorld. (Featured on
Posted July 31, 2017

LiveWorld Platform integrates smart automation and human agents for real-time customer service at scale.
Posted July 31, 2017

Five new features round out the latest version of Foresee's CX Suite.
Posted July 26, 2017

Nuance IVR to Digital connects traditional phone and digital channels with AI-powered omnichannel solution. (Featured on
Posted July 26, 2017

IVAs have much greater potential than IVRs, but vendors still have work to do to move the technology beyond the hype stage.
Posted July 21, 2017

Nvidia's program fosters advances in artificial intelligence and data science.
Posted July 20, 2017

Verint's cloud-based knowledge solution advances employee engagement, information access, and consistency across customer service channels.
Posted July 19, 2017

Updated contact center application enhances agent experience with intelligent SMS routing and integration, task and activity queuing, and support for Office 365 Federated Agents.
Posted July 19, 2017

West has unveiled Visual Voice to with audio-visual integration.
Posted July 17, 2017

Pilot explores how artificial intelligence can help travel agencies serve travelers better by fulfilling their most common service and support requests with smart technology.
Posted July 12, 2017

Five9's Summer 2017 release places more emphasis on global capabilities.
Posted July 12, 2017

The latest release of CafeX Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports chatbot-to-agent escalation, mobile customer service, and agent productivity enhancements.
Posted July 12, 2017

ExpectID Call Verification uses real-time mobile carrier data to greenlight legitimate callers and prevent contact center fraud.
Posted June 30, 2017

3CLogic's latest AI release leverages Amazon Lex to streamline customer service automation.
Posted June 29, 2017

Omniquo's artificial intelligence agent will to be available through Talkdesk's AppConnect.
Posted June 27, 2017

Avaya Customer Engagement Cloud brings together solutions inthe Avaya Oceana platform.
Posted June 27, 2017

Maximus and Interactions have partnered to bring intelligent virtual assistants to federal agencies.
Posted June 27, 2017

Comm100 has added a chatbot feature to its portfolio of chat products, which also includes a new audio and video chat feature.
Posted June 26, 2017

GeoFluent for Enterprise Service Management expands the GeoFluent platform for help desks and service desks.
Posted June 26, 2017

eGain Solve for Cisco helps contact center agents using Cisco Finesse deliver a connected digital experience with AI knowledge, proactive digital engagement, and connected analytics.
Posted June 26, 2017

Nina Coach helps organizations train and deploy human-assisted virtual assistants powered by artificial intelligence. (Featured on
Posted June 21, 2017

Self-configurable builder enables companies to develop their own chatbots in a few simple steps.
Posted June 21, 2017