Managerial and Training

Observe.AI's Real-Time AI for contact centers introduces contextualized agent guidance, live supervisor coaching, and automated actions.
Posted February 01, 2023

SupportLogic will be able to automate QA for contact centers with its Emtropy Labs acquisition. (Featured on
Posted January 25, 2023

TCN's Workforce Engagement Suite blends workforce management and optimization features for contact centers.
Posted January 18, 2023

Kevin Jones succeeds Tom Goodmanson as head of Calabrio.
Posted January 17, 2023

Verint gains an appointment scheduling app for con tact centers, stores, and branches with its Qudini deal. (Featured on
Posted January 13, 2023

New capabilities for NEVA Discover present opportunities for advanced automation and employee training. (Featured on
Posted January 09, 2023

Companies can now access Playvox's workforce engagement solutions on Salesforce AppExchange.
Posted January 09, 2023

InteractiveTel rebrands as TotalCX to emphasize its focus on the customer experience in the automotive industry.
Posted January 04, 2023

NICE Enlighten AutoSummary delivers agent interaction summaries using AI to automatically identify key tasks, contact reason, and actions.
Posted December 12, 2022

Clickatell's new chat solution lets travel companies communicate with customers via SMS, WhatsApp, and Apple Messages.
Posted December 07, 2022

Most of us have had at least one experience with a call center that didn't quite meet our expectations. But it doesn't have to be that way.
Posted December 06, 2022

Amazon Connect receives an infusion of artificial intelligence for contact center forecasting, scheduling, capacity planning, agent evaluations, and more.
Posted November 29, 2022

AI can re-humanize contact center agents to connect with human consumers in ways computer algorithms never could.
Posted November 21, 2022

Playvox's Capacity Planner offers more contact center staffing needs forecasting.
Posted November 21, 2022

TCN's latest enhancements to its Voice Analytics tools allow contact center managers to analyze operational performance.
Posted November 10, 2022

The Eleveo-Zoom partnership delivers an omnichannel solution for cloud contact center personnel management.
Posted November 09, 2022

CommunityWFM's workforce management software fully integrates with the Zoom Contact Center Platform.
Posted November 09, 2022

Observe.AI integrates with Zoom Contact Center to measure contact center agent performance and productivity.
Posted November 09, 2022

Ooma's new call flow features in Ooma Office business phone service include Call Queue Agent Log In/Log Out.
Posted November 02, 2022

NovelVox's HubSpot CTI Connectors offer smart CTI controls and supervisor features for contact centers running on Avaya and Cisco platforms.
Posted November 02, 2022

Sytel has made its Softdial Cloud contact center-as-a-service offering available to companies in Europe, Asia, and the Pacific.
Posted November 02, 2022

Salesforce Contact Center blends automation, intelligence, and real-time data.
Posted October 26, 2022

Companies that provide learning and mentoring opportunities to contact center agents have more engaged employees and struggle less with recruitment and retention.
Posted October 21, 2022

Pega Infinity 8.8 includes enhancements to Pega Platform, Pega Customer Decision Hub, and Pega Customer Service. (Featured on
Posted October 19, 2022

Cogito's Personalized Coaching module automates the creation of personalized growth plans, streamlines coaching preparation for team leaders, and provides continuous feedback to agents. (Featured on
Posted October 19, 2022

Sprinklr's CXM demonstrates compliance with government security and infrastructure standards. (Featured on
Posted October 18, 2022

FMI expects the worldwide contact center software market to grow at a rate of 10.8 percent for the next seven years and on-premises solutions to continue their dominance.
Posted October 17, 2022

3CLogic releases a voice and SMS solution for SAP Service Cloud. (Featured on
Posted October 13, 2022

Genpact is leveraging Zenarate's AI Coach and integrating it within its Cora Banking ecosystem.
Posted October 04, 2022

Dialpad Ai Agent Assist and Ai QA Scorecards provide real-time insights to agents and contact center leaders.
Posted September 27, 2022

Zendesk Intelligent Triage and Smart Assist offer AI-powered customer sentiment and intent functionality. (Featured on
Posted September 14, 2022

Gig CX can help companies cut costs, retain employees, and increase customer satisfaction, all of which are crucial during times of economic uncertainty.
Posted September 13, 2022

Performance Analytics and Reporting upgrades provide more insdight to contact center managers using TCN Operator.
Posted September 13, 2022

CRM magazine reveals its top five picks in 11 categories across customer service, marketing, and sales. (Featured on
Posted September 07, 2022

LivePerson strengthens CRM integration capabilities with Webex Calling support.
Posted August 30, 2022

To meet today's customer expectations, businesses must adapt voice of customer (VoC) methodologies, embracing technology and improving the customer experience.
Posted August 30, 2022

NICE has earned top-tier Microsoft Azure co-sell status with NICE CXone now available natively on Microsoft's Azure cloud platform.
Posted August 17, 2022

Authenticx's Quality Monitoring turns qualitative data into quantitative insights to expose areas of improvement for agent performance.
Posted August 16, 2022

Cloud phone systems provider brings data into CRM and professional services automation platforms. (Featured on
Posted August 15, 2022

Cresta adds Insights and Chatbot products and updates to Director and Agent Assist in the latest release of its Real-Time Intelligence Platform. (Featured on
Posted August 02, 2022

New metrics are needed to ensure customer service operations deliver value to customers and the business.
Posted July 28, 2022

MarketsandMarkets has upped its projections for the worldwide contact center software market, which is expected to hit $35.2 billion this year.
Posted July 28, 2022

Cicero brings to Alvaria its activity intelligence, process intelligence, and robotic process automation.
Posted July 20, 2022

Turnover in the contact center is a fact of life, but there are ways to minimize it.
Posted July 08, 2022

NICE CXone innovations in the latest release include enhanced customer journey orchestration. (Featured on
Posted July 07, 2022

SupportLogic's Agent Coaching and Evaluation is designed to offer greater manager productivity, enhanced employee engagement, and increased CSAT.
Posted June 29, 2022

NICE RPA 7.7 innovations include web callouts, dashboards, and a connectivity watchdog.
Posted June 22, 2022

Pathlight has built AI-enabled quality assurance and workforce management into its contact center offerings.
Posted June 22, 2022

Cogito's Real-Time Coaching and Guidance solution gets a major upgrade and greater flexibility.
Posted June 22, 2022

24] Engagement Cloud heralds the company's entry into the contact center as a service (CCaaS) space.
Posted June 21, 2022