Voice of the Customer

Daylight Express' natural language understanding powers customer feedback analytics.
Posted September 18, 2019

FeedbackNow is a real-time customer experience analytics solution. (Featured on DestinationCRM.com.)
Posted September 09, 2019

Luminoso Daylight now features advanced sentiment analysis in a no-code application for customer analytics. (Featured on DestinationCRM.com.)
Posted August 07, 2019

Contact center recordings have a wealth of information, but few companies are using them properly.
Posted August 01, 2019

8x8 Contact Center is a complete stand-alone cloud-based customer support solution.
Posted June 25, 2019

The integration streamlines social community management. (Featured on DestinationCRM.com.)
Posted June 18, 2019

The new release aims to improve customer experiences through enhancements designed to deliver real-time, targeted insights. (Featured on DestinationCRM.com.)
Posted June 14, 2019

Customer service centers have a significant business opportunity to tap into insights in voice data, yet most organizations are not equipped to do so properly.
Posted June 10, 2019

CallMiner Eureka will power Praxidia's enterprise feedback management solutions. (Featured on DestinationCRM.com.)
Posted May 23, 2019

Verint Engage speakers continued to stress the need for a balance of live agents and automation to handle the full range of customer issues.
Posted May 23, 2019

Verint executives outlined a strategy to save companies time and money on customer experience improvements.
Posted May 22, 2019

A customer-focused culture also requires collaboration and a special focus on contact center employees, speakers say.
Posted May 15, 2019

Advanced, AI-powered technology enables companies to listen to, analyze, and engage with consumers on every channel.
Posted April 30, 2019

The partnerships enhance the compliance infrastructure for financial firms' contact center and customer support operations. (Featured on DestinationCRM.com.)
Posted March 26, 2019

CallMiner Visualize powered by Tableau adds graphical impact to speech analytics insights.
Posted March 18, 2019

CX Solution Pack uncovers voice of the customer quality and loyalty indicators from every contact center conversation.
Posted March 06, 2019

Calabrio has earned Advanced Technology Partner Status in the Amazon Web Services Partner Network for its Calabrio ONE suite.
Posted March 06, 2019

Contact centers deploying artificial intelligence-driven speech-to-text (STT) solutions and multichannel data analytics can greatly improve the customer experience.
Posted February 25, 2019

In a new study, a majority of consumers say that customer service quality is a major factor in their shopping decisions.
Posted February 15, 2019

The enhancements include a beefed-up integration framework, improved speech analytics, and real-time dashboards for contact centers.
Posted February 05, 2019

One customer of the pet supplies e-retailer got a pleasant surprise when she left a negative review about a product sold on the company's site.
Posted January 18, 2019

Clients can now benefit from both qualitative and quantitative consumer insights.
Posted January 09, 2019

Verint will add to its omnichannel cloud voice of the customer portfolio with its acquisition of ForeSee. (Featured on DestinationCRM.com.)
Posted December 17, 2018

LivePerson Maven replaces traditional websites and toll-free phone numbers.
Posted December 05, 2018

New capabilities allowing companies to actively understand and analyze customer trends.
Posted December 05, 2018

Credit unions have traditionally been known for delivering personalized customer service, but they're not keeping pace with technology.
Posted November 16, 2018

The Community Platform provides a forum for customers to connect with fellow users, experts, and developers.
Posted November 09, 2018

The new products aim to improve experiences for customers and contact center agents alike.
Posted November 01, 2018

The airline estimates that 40 percent of the calls received can easily be handled via text, so the new service will now likely alleviate pressure on its customer service line.
Posted October 19, 2018

The partnership agreement expands Connex's customer engagement offerings.
Posted October 18, 2018

Converseon's language models provide machine learning around social media listening intelligence. (Featured on DestinationCRM.com.)
Posted October 16, 2018

Once a coveted, respected retailer, today Sears is a brand on the brink of bankruptcy, with empty shelves across many locations—and customer service is a big part of the problem, customers and experts agree.
Posted October 12, 2018

Integration with Google AI technology brings conversational AI to the Freshworks customer engagement platform through voice interactions. (Featured on DestinationCRM.com.)
Posted October 11, 2018

Avaya is deepening its partnership with Cogito to enhance customer experience through joint development
Posted October 10, 2018

Partnership combines CallMiner contact center engagement analytics with Medallia's solicited feedback data. (Featured on DestinationCRM.com.)
Posted October 09, 2018

Only 16 percent of agents find that systems and tools actually help them handle customer issues, and even fewer—just 12 percent—say tools simplify their day-to-day work.
Posted September 28, 2018

INI FormStudio simplifies self-service response collection with support for visual IVR, transcription engines, and speech-to-text.
Posted September 18, 2018

New capabilities bring artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver and make sense of data. (Featured on DestinationCRM.com.)
Posted September 07, 2018

Instant CSAT allows organizations to gauge customer satisfaction instantly and non-intrusively.
Posted August 08, 2018

MarketsandMarkets projects the contact center software market to exceed $35 billion by 2023.
Posted August 07, 2018

Despite delays and other airline-related travel challenges, consumers are actually pretty satisfied with the aviation industry these days, according to the latest North American Customer Satisfaction Study out from J.D. Power, which was released earlier this week.
Posted June 01, 2018

Predictive Net Promoter Score capability is the central change in the Foresee CX Suite.
Posted May 24, 2018

The Spring 18 release of CXone delivers a new voice of the customer product, Workforce Optimization updates, Omnichannel Routing enhancements, and seamless UCaaS integrations.
Posted April 30, 2018

With recent pet-related problems in the news and rising ticket prices, airlines have seen their customer satisfaction drop by 2.7 percent year over year to a score of 73 on a scale of 0 to 100, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) 2018 Travel Report.
Posted April 27, 2018

BirdEye's Annotation feature lets users override machine learning-based insight to make it smarter over time. (Featured on DestinationCRM.com.)
Posted April 20, 2018

The new contact center software platform supports more telephony platforms, privacy regulations, and omnichannel interactions.
Posted April 18, 2018

Speakers emphasized putting humanity first in customer and employee experiences.
Posted April 10, 2018

Calabrio ONE with Sentiment Analysis helps companies capture and interpret customer insights.
Posted March 27, 2018

ConvergysCX is a cloud-based voice of the customer solution. (Featured on DestinationCRM.com.)
Posted March 20, 2018

Additional capabilities help companies make sense of omnichannel customer feedback.
Posted March 07, 2018