Smart Customer Service White Papers

Contact Center Transformation with AI and Automation


Ready to revolutionize your contact center? Dive into the strategic deployment of AI and unlock its transformative potential while conquering everyday challenges.

• Transform Your CX: Elevate your customer experience with AI and automation.
• Unlock Strategic Insights: Gain a deeper understanding of AI's role in customer-centric businesses.
• Enhance Efficiency and Effectiveness: Learn how AI streamlines operations and boosts service quality.
• Foster Customer-Centric Outcomes: Discover how AI drives loyalty, brand protection, and personalized experiences.
• Reduce Agent Churn: See how AI empowers agents and enhances retention rates.

Ready to embark on your AI journey? Unlock the power of AI for your contact center transformation.

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Digital-First Customer Service in a Human World


In today's digital age, the longing for connection persists despite the convenience of online interactions. Dive into the evolution of customer service from postcards to AI, exploring how technology can enhance, not replace, human connections.

Discover the essential elements for creating exceptional digital-first customer service:

• Truly Intelligent Self-Service: Unlock the power of AI-driven self-service options to boost resolution rates and satisfaction.
• Empathetic Service Staff: Learn why empathy is vital for live agents and how to foster human connections in a digital landscape.
• Robust Knowledge Management: Elevate your knowledge management system to provide quick, accurate answers across all channels.
• AI Purpose-Built for CX: Explore how purpose-built AI platforms can synchronize and manage customer interactions seamlessly.

Join us on the journey to prioritize human connection in the digital-first era. Download the white paper now to revolutionize your customer service strategy!

Top 6 2024 Customer Experience Megatrends – What to Prioritize Now

Sponsored By: NICE

In 2024, competitive advantage is rapidly shifting to companies that uncover areas for automation to empower employees and deliver proactive and humanlike self-service.

Your company can accomplish these advantages by leveraging the convergence of digital, cloud, AI, and advanced CX applications.

DOWNLOAD these Top six recommendations to prioritize to dramatically improve customer loyalty and increase efficiency across every aspect of CX operations.

7 Steps to Greater Employee Accountability and Autonomy in a Remote World


Agents prefer remote and hybrid work, but overseeing offsite teams significantly complicates workforce management.

How can you mitigate the gaps between remote and onsite agent performance?

It’s a win/win – you just need a new model.

DOWNLOAD this 7-step approach to managing an offsite or hybrid workforce and learn how to create a model that fosters an engaged workforce while lowering real estate costs, decreasing labor expenses, and increasing employee retention.