Smart Customer Service White Papers

Supercharge Your Call Centre with Voice Biometrics!


The number of attempts to defraud organizations is increasing each day. Today’s fraudsters are skilled in social engineering and the use of sophisticated methods, and deception to obtain confidential information is staggering. 

The latest cutting-edge advances in machine learning techniques now enable the exposure of previously undetected fraudulent intent to prevent future attacks like identity theft, account takeovers, and fraudulent transactions that can put your customers and organization at high risk.

Don’t fall short on protection! In this whitepaper, Opus Research reveals the methods you need to supercharge your call centre with Voice Biometrics and outsmart those fraudsters.

Navigating the Contact Center Purchase Decision

NICE InContact

Modernizing your contact center involves a complex web of purchase decisions. It can be overwhelming. But our white paper, Navigating the Contact Center Purchase Decision, will guide you through the process. It identifies five fundamental challenges—and provides proven ways to approach them.

These best practices will help you decide whether to renew or upgrade your current platform—or both—and takes a look at cloud vs. premises considerations. And what about new unified communications (UC), PBX and other contact center solutions? How do you integrate with external systems (like CRM) to benefit your agents? And then the software—we take a deep dive into the real value of quality management (QM), workforce management (WFM), analytics and applied programming interfaces (APIs). It’s all here—everything you need to take those next steps with confidence.

The Ultimate Guide to As-A-Service


Navigating change is challenging, but it’s a little easier when you have a guide. The new Ultimate Guide to As-a-Service is your trusted source for reaching your definition of success. Gain the knowledge you need to introduce new practice areas, like cloud services; build a marketing strategy that will win you more clients; create tailored service bundles and set up monthly recurring revenue. Ready to confidently take your business to the next level? Download your free copy of the guide today, and start benefiting from more than 30 years of industry expertise. 

The Search Marketer's Playbook for Offline Conversions


Each day, paid and organic search drive billions of offline conversions—both phone calls and in-store visits. And those conversions have the highest urgency and purchasing intent. Adopting a data-driven strategy for these valuable offline conversions enables search marketers to acquire more customers at a lower cost.

Download this new playbook from DialogTech to learn how to:

  • Optimize paid and organic search to drive offline conversions
  • Deliver more personalized, relevant consumer experiences
  • Integrate online and offline together for a single view of the customer

Found In Translation: How AI Technology Helps Make the Most of Your Customer Interactions


Looking to improve customer satisfaction, improve MTTR, and deflect more calls from the call center?

AI techniques like natural language processing (NLP), text analytics, and machine learning can transform the way you support customers and help you meet – and exceed – your KPIs.

  • Improve self-service success rates
  • Empower agents with precisely the right answer or action every time
  • Gain deeper insight into the effectiveness of content, channels, and resources