Smart Customer Service White Papers

Harness the power of the cloud to transform your CX@Scale


Faced with the reality of shifting customer expectations and increasingly heavy demands, businesses need cloud-powered CX@Scale to intelligently meet customer needs. A comprehensive, holistic CX platform has the power to transform an organization’s operations, allowing IT departments to advance their programs significantly and drive maximum efficiency. Kickstart your company’s transformative era where customer experiences are seamlessly connected, intelligently created, and holistically complete.

Learn about the benefits of modernizing your CX management platform:

  • Create smarter, more efficient systems with custom-built AI models
  • Support end-to-end holistic management of applications across your business
  • Gain crucial insight into customer interactions with system-wide analytics and reporting
  • Provide fluent cross-channel journey orchestration for quick resolutions

Accelerate your CX modernization to drive business results.

Amp up your 2024 CX strategy with a guide to 7 expert trends


Only 4% of consumers feel experiences have improved over the past year according to a study by Customer Contact Week Digital. A staggering 57% feel they’ve gotten worse. How do your customers feel about the quality of your CX?

Our “7 Critical CX Trends for Your 2024 Strategy” will help you exceed customer expectations this now–and in the future with trends, priorities, and recommendations from our experts and other key sources. Adapt them for your strategy to help secure a competitive edge now–and in the future.

This insightful guide helps you: 

  • Understand and navigate critical CX actions you should take in 2024
  • Align your CX strategy with customer needs and technology advances
  • Harness cutting-edge tools and other advanced CX solutions
  • Discover how the technology super wave of AI is revolutionizing CX

Get the CX trends and start succeeding.

RingCentral Launch Event: Introducing RingCX


In this virtual launch event, hear from the RingCentral executive team, customers, and industry leaders about RingCentral’s new RingCX innovation.

Get access to:

  • Insight into the future of the customer experience (CX) industry with visionary Sheila McGee Smith
  • Inside looks into the RingCX platform with product expert Srini Raghavan
  • RingCX customer success stories from The Office Gurus and ACQ Holdings
  • Inspiring discussion with the Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr


Tarek Robbiati
Chief Executive Officer

Vlad Shmunis
Founder and Executive Chairman

Amir Hameed

Senior Vice President, Worldwide Solution Sales and Engineering

Steve Kerr

Head Coach
Golden State Warriors

Sheila McGee-Smith

President & Principal Analyst
McGee-Smith Analytics, LLC

Srini Raghavan

Chief Product Officer

Jaimie Bell

Vice President of Client Solutions
The Office Gurus

Brian Dampman

Chief Operating Officer
ACQ Holdings, LLC

[Live] CX Cloud from Genesys and Salesforce Demo - On-Demand Video Content


Unify CRM, WEM and CCaaS like never before.

Benefits the demo showcases:

  • Build a supportive culture that helps retain employees
  • Increase agent efficiency and eliminate application switching
  • Improve CX personalization and customer satisfaction
  • Consolidate systems and lower costs
  • Reduce the development burden on your IT and analyst teams
  • Strengthen and expand your global footprint

Customer Experience Horizons: The future of customer experience is here. Get ready for what’s next.


One-third of consumers switched brands in the past year after a negative customer experience. As their expectations for seamless assisted and unassisted customer experience (CX) continue to rise, businesses are under enormous pressure to innovate and optimize customer engagement.

“Customer Experience Horizons” is a new report by MIT Technology Review Insights that explores how businesses across industries will rethink the future of CX, the value proposition for employees and the role of the contact center.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Build a foundation of journey-based insights to power your contact center
  • Pinpoint high-impact opportunities to remove friction and enhance contact center performance
  • Design and build seamless automated and guided journeys to improve customer and employee experiences
  • Scale your journey insights program using purpose-built technology

Harnessing Digital Channels and WFM to Provide the Best Service for Every Customer


Contact centers have more challenges than ever. Agents want more flexibility, while consumers want effortless digital interactions. By pairing a modern workforce management solution with cutting-edge digital tools, contact centers can equip agents to help any customer on any interaction.

Explore the digital tools that complement WFM:

  • Smart self-service that proactively meets customers on their internet searches
  • Knowledge management that serves accurate, personalized results specific to customer profiles
  • Cross-channel switching that transfers customers’ information with each hand-off
  • Real-time agent coaching to reinforce skills learned in coaching sessions 

Digital channels and WFM are better together. Read the eBook now.

The Art of Empowering Agents and Supervisors for CX Success


Amplify your workforce’s skill and capacity with Enlighten Copilot
Revolutionize your CX success with Enlighten—the ultimate companion in creating outstanding customer experiences, agent fulfillment, and a future-proof strategy. Embrace the art of empowering employees with AI to transform customer interactions today!

Learn why Enlighten is the trusted employee companion with:

  • Insights and AI-generated guidance to empower agents and supervisors
  • Automatic summaries that provide precise performance data for optimized training
  • Automating routine tasks, to increase productivity and satisfaction
  • Real-time feedback and coaching through AI analytics enhance agents' skills
  • Accurate CX information ensures consistent, exceptional customer service

5 ways AI can transform your customer experience


AI has become a sophisticated tool to enhance both agent and customer experiences. Learn the top ways that AI is transforming how businesses deliver customer service in our new ebook.

An introduction to AI in customer service


Artificial intelligence (AI) adoption has risen dramatically in the customer service industry over the last few years. But many contact centers have yet to implement AI. In this ebook, we give an introduction to how customer service leaders are using AI to improve their customer experience.

How RC helped these 6 companies better serve their customers


Find out how these six organizations built stronger customer relationships from one deeply-integrated, unified communications and customer service platform.

Maximizing Productivity in the Contact Center


This report will dive into the current employee experience, uncover leading pain points preventing efficiency and establish a framework for maximizing productivity in the contact center. By empowering agents to do more with less, companies can continuously improve even during moments of economic downturn, keeping customers and employees satisfied over the long term.

Next-Gen Cloud Contact Center for Dummies Guide


What can a modern contact center do for you? Learn how to elevate your customer experience, boost agent productivity, and reduce costs. Check it out in our eBook.

Making Magical Moments in CX


To achieve the right outcomes in today’s competitive business world, organizations need to recognize that EX and CX are two halves of the same equation.

EX, or “Employee Experience” is the sum of everything a company does to empower, enlighten, and engage team members. It influences not only
how well the agent can perform in a contact center space, but also the emotional impact these specialists have on your target audience.

Every interaction with a customer involves a combination of both employee and customer experience. If team members are enriched with the right training, guidance, information, and technology, they can deliver the speed, efficiency, and personalization customers are looking for. In fact, around
70% of executives agree that improved results in EX also lead to better results in CX.

Download this white paper and learn how to improve EX and CX results at your company.

Building a business case for CX


Investing in customer experience is necessary for growth across all areas of your business, but proving this value to other leaders can be difficult. In our new ebook, we’ll teach you how to build a business case for investing in CX.

The US Customer Experience Decision-Makers’ Guide 2022–23


ContactBabel shares their comprehensive report on how contact center industry experts are investing in the customer experience. Ready to transform your own customer experience strategy? Download the report.

The Interconnectedness of Empathy and Advanced Technology


Customer centric. Digitally driven. Outstanding CX guaranteed

An outcome-driven strategy is the key to a customer’s heart. As customer expectations evolve, so must business CX strategies. “Adequate” is no longer the standard; it’s been firmly raised to “exceptional.” However, when organizations are too focused on common CX pitfalls, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture when it comes to complete customer satisfaction. To achieve CX excellence, the focus should not only be on obtaining business outputs, but also on providing thoroughly gratifying human outcomes. NICE provides a suite of sophisticated digital-first solutions that will help your business delight customers at every journey touchpoint.

This whitepaper will teach business leaders how to:

- Proactively approach CX to secure long-term success and loyalty
- Implement conversational AI to present information to customers when they need it
- Promote omnichannel interactions to mitigate disjointed experiences
- Bolster a CX strategy with emotionally driven interactions

Digital Experience for Dummies


Meet CX challenges with DX excellence - Digital experience made simple

Ever-evolving technology and heightened customer expectations are keeping CX leaders on their toes. Customers want more control over their self-service journey, but the caveat is they need your help to do it. So how do you offer smooth interactions for every customer, every time, and promote long term loyalty?

In this new guide, Digital Experience (DX) For Dummies, NICE Special Edition, you’ll get an in-depth look at how a digital-first approach to your business’s CX strategy is crucial to meet elevated customer expectations and drive ultimate satisfaction at every journey touchpoint.

Get industry-leading insight into how to win at DX, including:

- Implementing advanced self-service backed by data-driven technology and AI
- Bridging the gap between customer expectations and what your brand can deliver
- Empowering your workforce with tools that automate mundane tasks, boost job satisfaction, and more
- Analyzing interaction data to produce better, more personalized experiences

Increase field service efficiency and reduce costs with augmented reality


Discover how combining augmented reality with your field service management solution can improve the efficiency of the services provided by your technicians, including resolving issues faster and increasing the productivity of employees. Augmented reality enables technicians and agents access to real-time information in the field, increasing first-time resolution, ultimately reducing costs.

Productive employees experiences in manufacturing


Supporting your employees is crucial to your organization – especially employees that work in the field or on the factory floor.   These employees often struggle to find the information and services they need, and the people that support them may be on different shifts or in a different location.

Empowering your managers, developing a strong shared services organization, and thinking about employee experience should be everyone’s priority. Give your front-line workers, operational leaders, and service center agents one connected experience, and the results will follow.

How your shared services can do more with less


Your path to employee productivity starts with better support for your shared services.

In this eBook, ServiceNow presents a path that top manufacturing organizations have taken to drive efficiencies and cost reductions in their shared services. To replicate their success, manufacturing organizations need to address specific questions about their operations:

• Is having multiple department channels for requests beneficial to your organization?
• Do all employees have reliable access to the services they need?
• How much time is added to employee requests because services teams are all working in silos?
• Do your cases turn into emails when other departments need to get involved?
• When performance starts slipping, do you have the information you need to hold the right people accountable?

By focusing on these critical aspects within manufacturing organizations, this eBook aims to guide manufacturing leaders toward enhancing shared services, streamlining operations, and achieving higher levels of productivity.

Customer Operations For Dummies, 2nd ServiceNow Special Edition


Customers want answers to their issues and requests yesterday. So how can you empower your teams to deliver proactive service? Get Customer Operations For Dummies, 2nd ServiceNow Special Edition, your guide for fueling seamless customer experiences. Inside, you’ll learn the secret to connecting teams across your enterprise, enabling you to gain visibility over all issues, gift customers the ability to self-serve, and meet ever-evolving customer needs—all at a lower cost.

A proactive approach to field service: 5 priorities for implementing strong service foundations


To deliver the quality of field service your customers deserve, you need to give them exceptional experiences with speed and efficiency. Read this ebook for 5 steps to enable a proactive field service model. Discover how you can free up your field service agents to focus on more complex challenges, by breaking down silos, automating tasks, and enabling customers to resolve simpler issues with self-service.

Customer Insights: Customer Experience Testimonials - Learn how enterprises like yours drive seamless experiences while reducing costs


Businesses are under pressure to find a versatile solution that can help reduce operational costs while resolving customer issues faster. Learn how the most innovative companies in the world are breaking down silos, integrating teams, and connecting systems and processes, with customer experience solutions from ServiceNow. Read this eBook to find out how you can drive more value for your business and customers while reducing costs and explore the latest innovations in customer and field service management. 

Business Value of ServiceNow Customer Service


Organizations that significantly improve the efficiency of their customer experience can expect to save millions a year. Find out how to optimize your customer experience while increasing customer loyalty and improving your bottom line, by connecting and empowering your entire company with a single platform. Read this eBook to see how much business value you could gain with ServiceNow, based on certified Forrester and value calculator data.

Xerox embraces innovation to transform service delivery for customers


ServiceNow provided Xerox with the platform for transformational results by overhauling its core processes including performance analytics to optimize field work, and process optimization to remove redundancies. ServiceNow Field Service Management (FSM) is at the heart of it all. Field Service Management has helped to unlock 53 minutes of productive time per technician, per day.

With ServiceNow and CareAR, technicians can take additional measures to proactively address issues that may arise in the future. "More than half of our customers can now solve their problem at their first touchpoint with us," explains Tony Kehl, Vice President, Delivery North America West. "We're reducing the number of trips the technicians are having to take to visit the customer." By reducing truck rolls, Xerox has cut its carbon emissions by 594 metric tons in just 12 months. 

The Field Service Experience: The next big differentiator for your business


Customer satisfaction (in the form of CSAT) remains a key metric, and your customer effort score (CES) is fast becoming another.
With the emphasis on delivering great customer experience, it’s important to remember what great really means to your customers. In most cases, great equals effortless. Customers are looking for work and life to be easier and smoother, with no nasty surprises.

When delivered time and again, at scale, great, effortless experiences take the customer relationship from transaction to trust. They drive differentiation and determine success.

Find out how you can turn field service into a revenue-generating, strategic differentiator for your organization.

The future manufacturer: unlocking the potential of digital transformation across the value chain


Becoming future-ready. Manufacturers have made digital investments to improve supply chain operations, accelerate digital factory transformation, and optimize customer support operations.

A 2023 global survey by ServiceNow and Dynata found that manufacturers have opportunities to boost ROI and drive priority outcomes across the value chain.

Download the eBook to access insights from over 1,900 manufacturing leaders and discover how manufacturers can:

  • Secure the digital factory and enterprise with converged OT and IT security.
  • Improve supply chain resilience with streamlined supplier collaboration.
  • Deliver frictionless customer experiences from purchase to service.