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Market Study: State of Contact Center Technology


It is easy to blame agents for a poor customer experience. It is easy to assume they are not doing their jobs well enough or are not putting in enough effort. But often, the problem actually lies with the technology they use.

It is no secret that contact center solutions have been designed to help agents do their jobs more effectively. However, sometimes, what is meant to help ends up creating more problems. What is meant to be the answer ends up spurring more questions.

This report encourages you to take a look at your current contact center solution and determine whether it is equipped to tackle your business customer experience needs for 2022. 

Recommendation Metrics: Which One Would You Recommend?


Businesses that strategically manage customer experience (CX) value loyalty research. To gauge loyalty, is NPS all you need? Is it as simple as asking the question “likelihood to recommend”? This e-book dives deeper on what and why to measure.

10 Ways to Get More from Text Analytics


A leading research firm has found that only 20% of text analytics solutions deliver business outcomes. Get 10 tips for deriving greater success from YOUR text analytics investments.

Learning From Leaders: Modernizing Voice of the Customer for Business Banking


With regulation and new entrants disrupting the business banking sector, banks must innovate faster. To modernize their listening program, Fifth Third made the switch to Concentrix to reimagine their business VOC program. Read about their success.

Human-Centered AI for Customer Service:

3 Systems You Need to Scale Your Support Operations

Customers aren’t afraid to abandon a brand because of a perceived negative interaction, which is why it’s more critical than ever to have the tools and technology in place to allow your customer service team to flourish. 

The answer? Conversational AI. 

So, how can you apply this to your customer service operations to realize ROI and retain customers and employees?

Download the guide now to learn:

  • The state of customer service expectations
  • How conversational AI applies to customer service today
  • 3 necessary pillars to enhance the customer experience with conversational AI
  • Use cases for conversational AI in customer service and how to get started

New Research Report:

Inside the Contact Center--A Study of Customer and Employee Experience Reveals Technical, Operational Challenges and Opportunities Around Cloud Migration, Agent Turnover, Budgeting, and Beyond

Produced by Unisphere Research and CRM Media

It is widely accepted that the experience employees have at work directly affects how well they serve customers. Forty-four percent (44%) of contact center leaders surveyed say providing a better experience for agents is “in need of improvement” or is of “urgent concern” to the business. This indicates that businesses must evaluate their policies and offerings around issues impacting the employee experience  like remote work, training, and, critically, the software and hardware they provide to agents to do their jobs.

Ultimately, Inside the Contact Center: A Study of Customer and Employee Experience underscores that contact center leaders struggle to balance achieving internal KPIs with delivering exceptional customer experiences. When asked to choose one “greatest challenge,” one-third of leaders cite meeting metrics like average handle time (AHT) and first call resolution (FCR) and another one-third cite offering positive experiences and lowering customer effort.

Findings include:

  • A significant portion of contact center technology has not yet been moved to the cloud. More than half (57%) of businesses surveyed are less than halfway there.
  • CX leaders are desperate to add new conversation channel options, like SMS (53%), to their contact centers to reduce handle time and improve experience.
  • Nearly half (48%, 47%, and 46% respectively) say they need artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML), real-time transcription, and self-service bots “urgently” or “yesterday”.
  • 41% of leaders admit that toggling between channels is  the technology issue currently most affecting their contact center and worry that adding more to legacy technology will only exacerbate the issue, so most have done nothing to date.

Download this brand new Research Report and learn the best ways to improve your Employee and Customer Experiences in 2022 and beyond.

5 steps to shift from reactive to proactive field service


Proactive field service requires systems that meet customer needs while minimizing their efforts. When thinking about moving from a reactive field service model to a proactive one, most people jump to the Internet of Things (IoT), servitization, and outcome-based services. But it’s important to first create an operationally efficient foundation that benefits both customers and employees.

Be the Employer of Choice: How Feedback Fosters Agent Purpose


Inspired, empowered agents are more valuable than you think to customer satisfaction scores, and your standing as an employer. But how do you know how they feel?

Access this expert insight to learn how agent feedback directly influences CX, including:

  • Leveraging direct and indirect feedback, engagement surveys, and real-time guidance 
  • Closing the agent feedback loop as you would with customers 
  • Empowering agents to improve customer interactions

Get the detailed guide to cultivating agent purpose.

Day in a life of a modern factory - Unlocking new possibilities


In a modern factory, work flows between people, processes and technologies. Turning work into digital workflows unlocks new possibilities for manufacturers.

Learn more in this video.

Field Service Management Use Cases - Use Case Guide


See how your industry peers are boosting customer satisfaction while improving the employee experience. Check out these use cases for valuable insights on how ServiceNow Field Service Management can help your organization streamline field service operations and proactively deliver service. Empower your technicians to solve issues and complete work on the first visit—maximizing uptime and improving efficiencies.

Artificial Intelligence. Human Experience.

Five Ways to strengthen customer experience with AI.


Power great customer and employee experiences with intelligent technologies

Learn how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other intelligent technologies can transform your customer and employee experience by increasing satisfaction, improving service processes, and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of issue resolution.

Complete integration. Absolute experience.

A practical guide to driving outstanding customer experiences through integrated teams, data, and processes.


Customer experience is the key battleground for brand differentiation in today’s hyper-competitive, always-on, highly connected world. Explore the top business imperatives driving the most successful customer service organizations, including how to harness the power of your entire enterprise to deliver outstanding experiences.

Forrester Study: The Total Economic Impact of ServiceNow Customer Service Management


This Forrester Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study is based on interviews with ServiceNow CSM customers. Operational improvements include:

  • Improved first contact resolution by up to 20%
  • Reduced cases initiated over phone by 40%
  • Increased revenue retention by $5.2 million from support contract renewals

The Total Economic Impact Of ServiceNow Customer Service Management, a November 2020 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of ServiceNow.

CCW Market Study – Future of the Contact Center: A Forecast


Organizations want to make sure their contact centers provide positive experiences to attract, satisfy, and retain customers. Up for debate today are the roles automation technology and human employees will play. Read the 2021 CCW Digital market study to learn about pain points and strategies for success. The study also offers:

  • Inventive best practices
  • Recommended technologies
  • Customer experience case studies

Customer Engagement: How to expand capacity for whatever comes next


Learn six best practices used by customer service leaders to instantly handle common customer requests when the unexpected happens. See how to:

  • Increase the use of self-service with automated solutions
  • Help customers complete requests and get answers fast
  • Empower agents to resolve customer issues automatically

Customer Operations for Dummies, ServiceNow Special Edition


You may be surprised what you didn’t know about delivering outstanding customer experiences: that it’s more than engagement. This guide offers an indispensable checklist for powering behind-the-scenes customer operations with digital workflows to create a customer-obsessed organization.

Customer Operations 2021: Success in CX and Digital Transformation Through Service and Back-Office Alignment


This report by Aberdeen reveals the role and impact of customer operations on service and back-office activities—highlighting how leading firms build and manage a top-notch customer operations program that rewards them with loyal clientele, agility, efficiency, and reduced costs.

Customer Operations 2021: Success in CX and Digital Transformation Through Service and Back-Office Alignment, Omer Minkara, Aberdeen, June 2021

Increase field service safety and reduce costs with augmented reality


Combining augmented reality (AR) with an organization’s field service management solution enables safer and more efficient work. This ebook details six benefits companies can gain by leveraging remote support, including resolving issues faster, increasing productivity, reducing costs, and more.

Field Service News: Understanding the Next phase of IoT Evolution


Explore the potential of IoT within the field service sector, and what that looks like and how it will impact the way of managing assets, field workers, and perhaps most importantly of all, help customers achieve success. This paper is a forward look to a future that could be possible as we learn to leverage IoT.

IDC Analyst Connection-Evolution of the Service Experience: The Aftermarket Becomes the Driver of Differentiation and Value.


Aftermarket service plays a key role in helping organizations stand out from the competition. In this Q&A analyst report, IDC shares why the service experience drives differentiation, new revenue streams, and value—all by prioritizing customer needs and enabling great experiences through digital transformation.

Visibility in action: Powering end-to-end insights across customer experience, satisfaction, and cost management.


See everything. Take action on what matters.

Customer expectations are on the rise, and rising. Meeting them requires not only see everything- but taking action. To deliver great experiences, you need to harness the power of the whole organization with powerful tools and technologies to surface what matters and respond.
You need visibility in action.

Experience in action - How to deliver great customer experience at scale


There's a good reason why more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies have chosen ServiceNow as their customer engagement partner. At the core of every high-value customer engagement is the experience - online, on the phone, in person. ServiceNow has the approaches and technologies you need to help you drive the most empathetic and impactful customer experiences.?

The field service experience - the next big differentiator for your business


Your customers rely on field service experts to make things happen and fix issues the first time. Your business relies on them to deliver the kind of service that builds strong relationships and supports revenue growth. See how ServiceNow Field Service Management can be a revenue-generating, strategic differentiator for your organization.

Rogers Communications - how do we move to a preventative business model?


See how ServiceNow is helping Rogers Communications elevate employee and customer experience by helping employees relate to customers in the moment.

Leadership trends report: customer experience

A 2022-2025 roadmap for effortless experience and complete integration


Leaders have always needed to innovate to meet demands from the business and customers, but recently customer experience has been reimagined for an increasingly digital, contactless world. Customer service no longer just needs to meet a high standard. It needs to be exceptional to provide the experiences customers want. Read this report to discover the three biggest customer experience trends of 2022, the challenges they present, and how to turn these challenges into real opportunities.

IDC Analyst Connection: Evolution of the Service Experience: The Aftermarket Becomes the Driver of Differentiation and Value


Aftermarket service plays a key role in helping organizations stand out from the competition. In this Q&A analyst report, IDC shares why the service experience drives differentiation, new revenue streams, and value—all by prioritizing customer needs and enabling great experiences through digital transformation.

Scheidt & Bachmann - How to drive service and innovation?


Scheidt & Bachmann is a global parking solution provider in an industry that’s increasingly becoming digital. Offering resilient 24/7 services is now essential for staying ahead of the competition, so the company turned to partnered with ServiceNow® to transform services. Read this short case study to learn how Scheidt & Bachmann saw remarkably better business outcomes and success with 97% customer satisfaction.

3 ways to improve field service management


Field service management covers a lot of areas, from installing and maintaining field equipment to scheduling, dispatching, and labor tracking. Across those myriad areas are numerous challenges. Read this blog to get insights on how to proactive field service management is vital to successful business operations.

IDC: The Competitive Advantage in Adaptability for Telecommunications Companies


A recent IDC global survey of nearly 2,000 business, government, and technology leaders found that companies that identify as “extremely agile” achieve superior results including market-share gains, employee retention, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

TM Forum Report: Intent in autonomous networks


The concept of intent in autonomous networks is still very new and often misunderstood. Manual and static programmatic and rules-based automation must give way to more model- and knowledge-driven approaches. Read this report to learn how CSPs can implement intent-driven automation, and what might help accelerate adoption.

Reimagining service assurance in telecom


As the telecom ecosystem expands, it has become increasingly complex to deliver high-quality, reliable service. But for an industry that increasingly relies on service assurance as one of its competitive differentiators, getting it right has never been more critical. Find out how to deliver superior service by connecting network and customer workflows.

Accelerate growth and innovation: a modern approach to order management


This moment is a crucial turning point for the communications industry. 5G, distributed cloud, and other dynamic technologies will redefine our perception of what it means to be connected. Find out how leading communications service providers (CSPs) are providing smarter, more integrated experiences for customers, while finding new opportunities to solve problems across systems, locations, and ecosystems.

The connected value chain


Manufacturers need to differentiate their business. Learn how a connected value chain helps you offer smart, personalized services that customers expect.

Learn more in this video.

Build agility across your value chain with a single system of action


At the onset of the pandemic, manufacturing was one of the least agile industries. The pandemic resulted in an abrupt shift to adapting agile processes, allowing manufacturers to post one of the largest rises in agility scores.

Achieving growth in a changing economy


Manufacturing has seen its fair share of change over years. They know how to adapt and can answer the call of an ever-changing economy. One of the most promising trends for manufacturers today is Product-as-a-Service (PaaS). PaaS uses the product as a platform for delivering additional services to customers, which deepens those relationships and achieves greater levels of profitability. Discover how you can achieve your goals and operate more efficiently with our guide to PaaS.

The Ultimate CX Agent Guide


Improving CX starts with agents. Hire, train, and support them to deliver ideal CX in any channel. 

The Ultimate CX Agent Guide is chock-full of insight and expert advice—paired with memes that make you snicker while you read.

Get this insightful and fun training guide today!

Inner Circle Guide to Omnichannel


Cloud and Contact-Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) incumbents beat the drum about AI, omnichannel, and personalized CX. So why are our brand experiences still so fragmented, unintelligent, and robotic?

Omnichannel is an outdated strategy in today’s smartphone era. In fact, a Forbes article states “… the talk about different channels is not particularly helpful. The customer is the channel.”

ContactBabel’s Inner Circle Guide to Omnichannel explores the challenges and opportunities of offering more interaction channels while maintaining the human connection. See compelling industry statistics and feedback from current cloud contact center providers, along with what modern tech-forward brands require for delivering predictive, contextual and conversational CX.

Download the guide today!

Learn why your agents are leaving you


How do you become an employer of choice? In “The Inner Circle Guide to Agent Engagement and Empowerment,” ContactBabel creates a blueprint for fostering purpose and satisfaction in your agents.

Get the latest findings now.

Improve retention by measuring agent satisfaction


With the challenges impacting workforces today, it’s more important than ever to be the employer of choice. Agent satisfaction is vital for positive customer experiences. You need a way to measure and improve where needed. This Agent Experience (AX) Maturity Toolkit gives you a handy framework to:

  • Measure employee satisfaction
  • Ensure your agents are happy and invested in their work
  • Deliver outstanding customer service

 Deliver the ideal agent experience with this toolkit