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Intuit case study

Glance Networks

"Visual engagement" empowers Intuit tax experts to deliver in-app guidance to TurboTax® customers.

Intuit’s SmartLook™ feature, powered by Glance Networks, has delivered a powerful business advantage by literally putting experts and customers on the same page, no matter whether the customer is using the mobile app, browser app, or desktop app. case study

Glance Networks

"Visual engagement" removed friction from’s agent and customer interactions, resulting in shorter service calls, better user training, and happier customers.

Trent Broberg,'s GM and VP of Customer Success said, "we were blown away when we quickly saw a 50% reduction in Average Handle Time. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results, and our customers love it, too."

Machine learning is transforming the agent and customer experience


The rise of artificial intelligence and bots have been discussed for years. And guess what? Bots no longer suck, customers demand amazing self-service options, and machine learning is really what’s behind those next-level omnichannel contact center solutions. It’s important to understand your customers, what they want from you, what your current environment looks like, the limitations of your technology, your employees, and their skill sets. That’s a lot, we know.

But the truth is, you’re no longer coming face-to-face with your most obvious competitors. You’re suddenly battling every other experience your customers are having. Are you doing what’s necessary to ensure the CX you’re providing is the best

Customers don’t care about your technology! They just want help when they need it, how and where they want it. This is where machine learning and self-service comes into play. We’re detailing ways you can better engage with your customers, provide top-notch customer service, and create a memorable experience. We've laid out the do’s and the don’t’s. With 81% of customers across all industries attempting to resolve matters themselves before reaching out to a live agent, you really can’t afford to wait any longer on providing exceptional self-service.

The Top 10 Use Cases For Contact Center Analytics


The contact center is the heart of a brand's customer service strategy and has always been a core piece to the larger puzzle of instilling true brand loyalty. An astronomical amount of data is pouring into your contact center through customer voice interactions, AI chats, email inquiries, etc. How is your brand currently analyzing these interactions to yield real and impactful business results?

Implementing a contact center analytics program will enable you and your brand to pinpoint actionable data from day to day customer interactions and create actionable company-wide initiatives.

Download this ebook to:

  • Learn a deeper understanding of the three distinct types of modern contact center analytics tools
  • Discover how companies are using analytics today within their contact centers
  • Find out how you can leverage your analytics program from day one to get results.

As customer service best practices evolve at an increasingly competitive pace, customer service technologies must follow suit to empower your decision making, maximize your ROI and support company-wide initiatives.

Make Journey Mapping Your Secret to Outstanding Customer Service


Introduction to customer journey maps.

Delivering an exceptional customer experience is priority number one for companies hoping to succeed and grow in today’s competitive environment. More than two-thirds of companies say they are currently competing mostly on the basis of customer experience. And to make that customer experience really shine, it’s critical to look at the customer journey from a customer’s point of view.

So, how can you best assess the quality of your customer experience and identify areas for improvement? Start by understanding their journey.

ABERDEEN STUDY: Four Transformative Best Practices for Future-Ready Customer Service Experiences


How does your customer service program compare?

Recently, Aberdeen Group, the Massachusetts-based market intelligence company, conducted a survey of 445 companies across the world and industries. The objective? To determine the state of service programs. Aberdeen’s research identifies best-in-class organizations that have successfully transformed their service activities to build customer loyalty and maximize efficiency. Read the survey report and learn:

·     What makes an organization best in class?

·     How your service organization measures up

·     Four best practices to transform your service

·     What’s required to implement those practices?

The Road to Transforming the Customer Service Experience: Investing in great outcomes for employees and customers


Moving beyond CRM to shift your company into high gear

Ask companies about being competitive and all roads lead back to providing an exceptional customer experience. But creating that experience means expanding on the traditional definition of customer service to encompass every aspect of a company’s offerings. If you’re thinking about transforming your organization, this ebook can be your guide.

Forrester TEI: Business Value of ServiceNow Customer Service Management


Forrester TEI study is based on four interviews with ServiceNow Customer Service Management customers. It provides a framework to help readers evaluate the potential benefits and costs of investing in the solution.

Driving Radical Customer Service Innovation. Move beyond operational demands to deliver proactive strategies that drive business growth


IT is increasingly at the heart of business success—and nowhere is that more true than in customer service. That makes IT a critical partner in transforming the customer experience.

Customers today are demanding service on their own terms and time. To adjust to this new reality, customer service organizations are rethinking their technology, data, and operations.

Optimizing the Workforce: A Guide for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses


Are You Providing a Superior Customer Experience to Stand Out Against Your Competition?

As customer expectations continue to grow, organizations of all sizes must keep up with increasing interactions and provide flexibility around when, where and how they interact. Download the report to see how a modern workforce optimization solution can help improve your employee and customer experience.

Why Now is the Time to Move Your Enterprise Contact Center to the Cloud


Cloud contact center has been a hot topic in the industry for some time, but moving your enterprise contact center to the cloud is no small decision. We understand that migrating your contact center is not something to jump into without considerable due diligence.

We also know from our experience working with leading brands, however, that moving the contact center to the cloud pays off and is fast becoming the only way for an organization to embrace the advancements in self-service, intelligent routing and agent assistance that artificial intelligence (AI) will soon deliver. This paper is designed to help evaluate your current contact center as you consider a move to the cloud. Our goal, as always, is to enable you to deliver exceptional customer experiences, and we are here to assist you at every step as you transition to the cloud.

The Future is Now: Creating an Intelligent Cloud Contact Center to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences


Today’s organizations compete on customer experience and this trend will define the shape and scope of contact centers well into the next decade. To deliver the level of seamless experiences that customers expect, contact centers will need to harness all the advantages technology can offer – specifically, the cloud – to create an “intelligent cloud contact center” that utilizes machine learning and real-time data analysis.

So, step one is to move your contact center to the cloud. ASAP.

Once you are operating a cloud contact center, the next step is to start leveraging everything this enables you to do. This is where the “Intelligent Cloud Contact Center” comes into play.

9 Reasons to Make the Move to a Cloud Contact Center


It’s become abundantly clear that the cloud is no longer the future— but the new normal. Enterprises rely on cloud computing for web-based meetings, email, file sharing, and more every day to reduce costs and administrative burdens while enhancing productivity.

With the wealth of benefits to be gained by moving to the cloud—including speed of deployment, cost-efficiencies, and easy scaling—it’s no wonder the shift toward all things virtual has been so pervasive and swift. What’s more, as the cloud has matured, the potential drawbacks that once made enterprises hesitant to make the move are disappearing. Security is now robust, application integration happens with ease, and reliability is a given, not a question mark.

So now that the cloud has become not just viable, but essential, to stay competitive in a rapidly changing world, it’s time to explore how the cloud can significantly improve your contact center operations. This paper will provide one compelling reason after another for why now is the time to begin moving your contact center to the cloud.

Transforming the contact center into a customer intelligence hub


Technology continues to replace traditionally human roles throughout the enterprise world, but there is still no substitute for true human-to-human interactions. These conversations, whether voice calls, online chats or email exchanges, create some of the richest, most multi-dimensional data your organization has. It’s the unfiltered voice of your customer, directly (and indirectly) telling you what they want, and how you can deliver it.

With the right analytics solution in place, the enterprise can tap into this incredible resource, transforming the contact center from a cost center into a business intelligence hub that drives impact across the organization. An advanced contact center analytics solution goes well beyond improving customer service, empowering a range of enterprise users—from sales staff and marketing leaders, to product teams and legal counsel—to take a proactive approach to increasing efficiency, enhancing service levels, identifying opportunities and driving revenue.

4 Ways to Empower Agents to Deliver Great Customer Experiences


An empowered agent workforce that delivers amazing customer experiences makes the difference when customer loyalty is on the line. There is a strong link between customer experience, customer loyalty, and business profitability. That’s why organizations in every industry strive to deliver experiences that customers love.

Where is your organization today and how can you lead the digital transformation of customer experience in a way that truly empowers contact center agents to deliver the kind of service that will grow revenue and increase word of mouth about your brand?

In this paper, we’ll explore four ways to help you achieve this goal.