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Is Omnichannel Always the Best Choice?

The Immersion Approach That Helps Customers Make and Implement the Right Technology Decisions

An Omnichannel approach is touted as a necessity for enterprise organizations - retail and others - to better understand their customers and drive sales forward. Many organizations believe this approach to be a necessity, but don’t always know how to implement the tools or optimize them for their specific use case.

In this brief, “Is Omnichannel Always the Best Choice?” we’ll  take a deeper look at a phased-approach methodology  for evaluating, planning and implementing the right technologies for organizations, providing a seamless business solution and maximizing ROI.

Transform Customer Service with Next-Gen Knowledge:
Why and How

An eGain White Paper

Today’s digital consumers want smarter self-service, and they demand customer service agents to be able to knowledgeably and consistently handle questions and problems upon escalation to human-assisted service. How can a contact center customer service organization pull this off in the age of product and information overload, and ever-changing compliance requirements? How can it ensure consistency of answers and treatment across touchpoints?

It needs next-gen knowledge! Download white paper to learn more about the attributes of next-gen knowledge and real-world stories on how blue-chip organizations are leveraging it to transform service experiences and contact center performance.

The 2017 Voice of Customer Toolkit

eBook from Medallia Digital

The complete updated guide to planning and implementing a digital Voice of Customer program, including:

  • 7-step process for planning a digital Voice of Customer program
  • Business goals and KPIs - what to focus on
  • Identifying personas
  • Touchpoints, data integrations and closing the loop
  • Proactive customer engagement vs. passive engagement
  • Benchmarking vs. task specific surveys
And much more

The ABCs of Omnichannel Service Strategy

eBook from Verint

Building the omnichannel customer service strategy doesn’t need to be an overwhelming task.  This eBook explores some basics from A to Z that can lead to omnichannel success from planning, key solution components and channels to consider to best practices and looking ahead.