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Customer Service Skimpflation: The Impact on Sales, Retention, and Loyalty


Brands with Poor Customer Experience will be Cut First as ‘Skimpflation’ Rises 

According to new research, 79% of consumers plan to cancel subscriptions, move to lower-cost providers or renegotiate existing contracts in order to combat recent inflation.

This research report, based on data from 1,600 consumers, reveals a significant shift in buyer behavior due to rising prices and ‘skimpflation’ – where companies skimp on the goods and services they provide to help offset rising costs. Key findings include:

  • 73% of consumers say they will first cut providers and subscriptions that offer the worst CX or user experience.
  • 66% of consumers experienced customer service skimpflation in the past six months – with 87% reporting they will spend less or stop spending money altogether with brands who skimp on customer service.
  • The top areas consumers are experiencing CX skimpflation are quality of service (60%), wait times (58%), and expertise and helpfulness (54%).

To discover more findings, download the full report - Customer Service Skimpflation: The Impact on Sales, Retention, and Loyalty today! 

Elevating the Value of Self-Service with Data-Driven Automation


Companies are increasingly adopting and spending on self-service and conversational artificial intelligence to improve Customer Experience (CX). Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) bolster self-service, with data and automation working hand in hand with them. Companies looking to ratchet up the value of their self-service initiatives must begin automating the flow of data collected from customer interactions into their IVAs. This will reduce their development effort and improve investment and business success metrics, such as customer satisfaction.

Conversational AI for Customer Service: 3 Systems You Need for Scaling Your Support Operations


Prioritizing the customer experience is critical in today’s competitive landscape. Customers aren’t afraid to abandon your brand because of a perceived negative interaction, which is why it’s more important than ever to have the tools and technology in place to allow your customer service team to flourish.

The answer? Conversational AI.

What most customer support leaders don’t understand is that conversational AI is more than just a chatbot. Instead, it spans the entire customer support journey and can provide immediate ROI, retain customers, and keep agents happy.

Download this guide now to learn:

  • The state of customer service expectations
  • How conversational AI applies to customer service today
  • The three pillars necessary to enhance the customer experience with conversational AI
  • Use cases for conversational AI in customer service and how to get started

Contact Center Predictions for 2023 and Beyond


The future of the contact center is here. Organizations with a cloud-first, digital-first mindset have leapt ahead, but they must continually adapt and innovate to stay competitive. 

Contact center experts and industry analysts share their predictions from 2023 to 2030 around these hot topics:

  • Agent Experience
  • Work from Anywhere
  • Integrated Communications
  • Customer Engagement
  • AI
  • Metaverse

Get an exclusive look at what’s coming next. Download the Contact Center Predictions report today.

Piloting AI for Customer Support: A Beginner’s Guide to Preparing your Support Team for AI Adoption.


Technology has changed the way we do business. When it comes to AI, most headlines focus on fear. But at Forethought, we believe that technology has the ability to improve lives for the better.

In this free guide, we’ll show you how to measure the AI readiness of your customer support team and how to augment your team with powerful AI software to help solve and triage customer service requests.

Get the guide now to learn:

  • How to prepare your customer service team for AI technology
  • How to get the most out of your AI and customer service software
  • How to test, roll out, and iterate on your customer service process

Using Conversational AI to Solve the Biggest Challenges for SaaS Customer Support Teams


Software products are constantly changing and evolving, and your customer service agents need to keep up with product updates in order to handle customer inquiries. The complexity of customer issues means support agents need elevated acumen and the right systems to enable them to succeed.

So how can you ensure that your customer service team is always equipped with the right knowledge and resources? One way is conversational AI.

Download this guide to learn:

  • The unique challenges your SaaS customer support team faces each day.
  • What is conversational AI and how does it differ from traditional chatbot tools?
  • 3 ways conversational AI can help elevate self-service, empower agents, reduce costs, and drive customer satisfaction.

Automating the Configure-Price-Quote Process to Drive Your Business Forward in CRM


For industries such as manufacturing, heavy equipment, building services, automotive, and utility operations that have complex product and service offerings, the Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) process can be cumbersome. It involves a series of interconnected decisions, each of which often has a direct impact on the business bottom line.

This ebook covers the ways an automated CPQ process brings both functional and business benefits to companies and their customers, highlighting features of modern CPQ software like Experlogix – seamless CRM and ERP integrations, powerful and user-friendly configuration platform, logic-based pricing options, flexible business rule sets, data and AI-driven capabilities, and more.

4 Reasons Why Companies Using Salesforce Should Optimize their Document Processes with Document Automation


To create business-critical documents like proposals, quotes and contracts, companies commonly rely on manual methods requiring them to pull data from Salesforce and copy and paste it into new documents. This ebook covers the four reasons why organizations should replace these time-consuming and error-prone document processes with simplified, optimized, and automated versions from Experlogix Document Automation for Salesforce.

Extreme Digital Experience Makeover: Contact Center Edition


Digital-first customers leave your brand for a competitor if you don’t meet their service expectations. And their journeys often start with a Google search or in other digital channels long before speaking with agents. Can your system keep up? If not, it’s time for a digital experience makeover. 

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • Digital-first customer expectations
  • Powerful competitive differentiators
  • Self-service technology that enhances CX

Plan your digital service makeover today.

Exceed customer expectations with self-service


Data collected by Frost & Sullivan has shown that consumers prefer to use self-service. However, they expect it to be smart self-service no matter what channel they use. Many contact centers are failing to meet their expectations.

This white paper will give you the knowledge to create the most effective CX.

Read the white paper to:

  • Identify channel transfers to avoid
  • Reduce customer friction and effort
  • Provide customers with the best channel choice
  • Create flawless customer journeys
  • Capture, analyze, and share real-time data to improve CX

Deliver frictionless self-service with this white paper.

The ROI of Smart Self-Service: Using Modern Tools to Delight Modern Customers


In the latest Aberdeen research report, “The ROI of Self-Service: Using Modern Tools to Delight Modern Customers,” access key data on the value of evolving your self-service solutions and incorporating strategies such as:

  • Adapting self-service capabilities to better suit customer needs
  • Establishing strong, intelligent digital channels to optimize agent workloads
  • Using AI and analytics to incorporate intelligence into interactions

Access the research to refine your digital strategy.

New Research Report:

Inside the Contact Center--A Study of Customer and Employee Experience Reveals Technical, Operational Challenges and Opportunities Around Cloud Migration, Agent Turnover, Budgeting, and Beyond

Produced by Unisphere Research and CRM Media

It is widely accepted that the experience employees have at work directly affects how well they serve customers. Forty-four percent (44%) of contact center leaders surveyed say providing a better experience for agents is “in need of improvement” or is of “urgent concern” to the business. This indicates that businesses must evaluate their policies and offerings around issues impacting the employee experience  like remote work, training, and, critically, the software and hardware they provide to agents to do their jobs.

Ultimately, Inside the Contact Center: A Study of Customer and Employee Experience underscores that contact center leaders struggle to balance achieving internal KPIs with delivering exceptional customer experiences. When asked to choose one “greatest challenge,” one-third of leaders cite meeting metrics like average handle time (AHT) and first call resolution (FCR) and another one-third cite offering positive experiences and lowering customer effort.

Findings include:

  • A significant portion of contact center technology has not yet been moved to the cloud. More than half (57%) of businesses surveyed are less than halfway there.
  • CX leaders are desperate to add new conversation channel options, like SMS (53%), to their contact centers to reduce handle time and improve experience.
  • Nearly half (48%, 47%, and 46% respectively) say they need artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML), real-time transcription, and self-service bots “urgently” or “yesterday”.
  • 41% of leaders admit that toggling between channels is  the technology issue currently most affecting their contact center and worry that adding more to legacy technology will only exacerbate the issue, so most have done nothing to date.

Download this brand new Research Report and learn the best ways to improve your Employee and Customer Experiences in 2022 and beyond.