Smart Customer Service White Papers

The ROI of Smart Self-Service: Using Modern Tools to Delight Modern Customers


In a world where customer expectations are rapidly increasing, seamless digital experiences are among the top requirements for extraordinary CX. Aberdeen Research explores how businesses are evolving to smart self-service, incorporating artificial intelligence, analytics, and automation to accelerate their digital transformation. Learn Aberdeen’s findings on why digital channels are generating greater ROI while improving CX.

Remote Agents & Digital Transformation eBook

Enghouse Interactive

Remote agents are the new reality. Happier agents mean a better customer experience and improved CSAT/NPS scores. This new normal brings new challenges for contact centers. Find out what you need to do for your organization to excel. This eBook includes checklists for developing agent empathy and business continuity plans.

Forrester Consulting Study: The Total Economic Impact™ Of ServiceNow Field Service Management


ServiceNow commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study to examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying ServiceNow® Field Service Management. Read this study to find out the value this solution can bring to your organization.

Forbes - Field Service On The Edge


By consolidating key field service management components onto one strategic platform, ServiceNow Connected Operations gives organizations near real-time visibility into assets in the field. Learn how making IoT data actionable can enable your business to quickly respond to issues, proactively notify customers, and rapidly remediate problems.

Forbes - Power of the platform: Using IoT data to drive customer satisfaction


There’s untapped value in the massive volumes of underutilized IoT data, particularly when integrated with smart workflows. In this case study, a manufacturing organization taps into seamlessly connected workflows to analyze and act on IoT data in real time. See how this approach delivered ROI in customer service, field engineering and other mission-critical departments.

Forrester Consulting Study: The Total Economic Impact™ Of ServiceNow Field Service Management


ServiceNow commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study to examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying ServiceNow® Field Service Management. Read this study to find out the value this solution can bring to your organization.

Proactively address issues to create superior customer experiences


Proactive customer service reduces contact center volumes and results in a better customer experience. Instead of learning about problems from your customers, you can get ahead of issues. See how five key capabilities can help you intelligently fix problems before customers even know they have them.

CCW Market Study – Future of the Contact Center: A Forecast


Organizations want to make sure their contact centers provide positive experiences to attract, satisfy, and retain customers. Up for debate today are the roles automation technology and human employees will play. Read the 2021 CCW Digital market study to learn about pain points and strategies for success. The study also offers:

  • Inventive best practices
  • Recommended technologies
  • Customer experience case studies

Maximize uptime and streamline maintenance with ServiceNow


With IoT data stuck in silos separate from field service, companies are leaving insights and efficiencies on the table, and getting only a fraction of the potential value from IoT investments. Learn how ServiceNow Connected Operations connects your IoT data to your operations with digital workflows—so you can use field resources more effectively and maximize output from critical infrastructure. 

Aberdeen Report: The Return on Managing Customer Convenience in Modern Service Programs


How effortless customer service enables business benefits

Customer service leaders can no longer rely on efficiency alone for success. In this eye-opening report, Aberdeen concludes that delivering an effortless service experience is the new differentiator—producing up to a 4.1X greater annual increase in retention rates.*

Download this report for expert recommendations in helping achieve higher employee satisfaction, lowering customer effort, and offering better customer service. You’ll find insights that helped companies like yours:

  • Decrease service costs by 13% YOY while increasing up-sell opportunities*
  • Boost customer satisfaction while increasing retention rates
  • Cut nearly $1.4M in service costs annually by minimizing customer effort*

* Source: The Return on Managing Customer Convenience in Modern Service Programs, Omer Minkara, Aberdeen, 2020

Evolving your customer journeys to the next normal


Investing in great outcomes for customers and employees

The road to exceptional customer service has been rerouted. Today’s customers are undergoing a bumpier journey, and they’re asking for help adapting to the unexpected. That means that service teams have to learn to navigate a new reality while still delivering rich and rewarding customer experiences. Download this eBook to discover how to reinvent your customer journey for a new era of service expectations.

Read about:

  • The roadblocks to success
  • Developing a roadmap
  • Why connected collaboration is critical for resolving complex issues
  • The value of preventing and preempting service issues
  • How ServiceNow Customer Service Management can help you achieve your goals

Make Journey Mapping Your Secret to Outstanding Customer Service


Introduction to customer journey maps.

Delivering an exceptional customer experience is priority number one for companies hoping to succeed and grow in today’s competitive environment. More than two-thirds of companies say they are currently competing mostly on the basis of customer experience. And to make that customer experience really shine, it’s critical to look at the customer journey from a customer’s point of view.

So, how can you best assess the quality of your customer experience and identify areas for improvement? Start by understanding their journey.

Customer Operations: 6 best practices for connecting customer service resources


Learn six best practices of customer service and operations leaders for delivering consistent customer experiences even when the unexpected happens. See how to:

  • Break down silos and automate processes across teams
  • Detect and prevent potential issues
  • Identify opportunities for automation and efficiency

Customer Engagement: How to expand capacity for whatever comes next


Learn six best practices used by customer service leaders to instantly handle common customer requests when the unexpected happens. See how to:

  • Increase the use of self-service with automated solutions
  • Help customers complete requests and get answers fast
  • Empower agents to resolve customer issues automatically

Supercharging customer service: Reimagining the operator experience at Grocery Outlet


Read this recap of a recent high-value webinar featuring Grocery Outlet.

This leading retailer needed an advanced service model to keep up with franchise growth—one that tracked service response times against promised SLAs and put information at franchise owners’ fingertips. Quickly scan how ServiceNow® with their partner Acorio solved the customer service challenges by:

  • Redefining customer service to improve the overall independent operator experience
  • Adding workflow tools, root cause analytics, and self-service capabilities
  • Providing relevant information to store operators

Field Service Management Use Cases - Use Case Guide


See how your industry peers are boosting customer satisfaction while improving the employee experience. Check out these use cases for valuable insights on how ServiceNow Field Service Management can help your organization streamline field service operations and proactively deliver service. Empower your technicians to solve issues and complete work on the first visit—maximizing uptime and improving efficiencies.

Customer Workflows Book of Knowledge 2021


Change can happen in an instant, as many leaders learned firsthand in the past year. Read on to learn how organizations like Blackhawk Network, Kiwi Bank, and Teradata upped their game to meet increasing customer expectations in the face of adversity with ServiceNow, as told at Knowledge 2021.

Voice of the Field Service Engineer – Service Council Report


This annual survey strives to uncover the feelings, perspectives, and recommendations of those on the front lines of service delivery. Learn what technicians like and dislike about their job, and get suggestions on how you can improve the efficacy, job satisfaction, and sense of worth for field staff.

Visibility in action: Powering end-to-end insights across customer experience, satisfaction, and cost management.


See everything. Take action on what matters.

Customer expectations are on the rise, and rising. Meeting them requires not only see everything- but taking action. To deliver great experiences, you need to harness the power of the whole organization with powerful tools and technologies to surface what matters and respond.

You need visibility in action.

AI and other intelligent technologies – 3 strategies for transforming customer experience


Power great customer and employee experiences with intelligent technologies.

Learn how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other intelligent technologies can transform your customer and employee experience by increasing satisfaction, improving service processes, and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of issue resolution.

Infographic - A day in the life of a field technician


A recent ServiceNow study sought to better undersand the thoughts, feelings and challenges technicians experience throughout their day. Get a better understanding into the first two phases that can make or break a technician's day.

Future Applications of AR in Field Service - WBR Report


Augmented Reality (AR) is widely used within field service organizations. This report from WBR explores the current and future use cases of AR and analyzes how these tools generate ROI. Learn how you can apply best practices to achieve the strongest possible outcomes for your service organization.

Increase field service safety and reduce costs with augmented reality


Combining augmented reality (AR) with an organization’s field service management solution enables safer and more efficient work. This ebook details six benefits companies can gain by leveraging remote support, including resolving issues faster, increasing productivity, reducing costs, and more.

Verdantix - Smart Innovators: Field Service Management Software


Get an insightful overview of the current field service management software market in this report by Verdantix. It offers an unbiased assessment of 30 vendors in this space, and the four important factors to consider before purchasing field service management software.

Customer Operations for Dummies, ServiceNow Special Edition


You may be surprised what you didn’t know about delivering outstanding customer experiences: that it’s more than engagement. This guide offers an indispensable checklist for powering behind-the-scenes customer operations with digital workflows to create a customer-obsessed organization.

Customer Operations 2021: Success in CX and Digital Transformation Through Service and Back-Office Alignment


This report by Aberdeen reveals the role and impact of customer operations on service and back-office activities—highlighting how leading firms build and manage a top-notch customer operations program that rewards them with loyal clientele, agility, efficiency, and reduced costs.

Customer Operations 2021: Success in CX and Digital Transformation Through Service and Back-Office Alignment, Omer Minkara, Aberdeen, June 2021

Infographic - The field service technician’s wish list


ServiceNow conducted a survey of 989 field service technicians. See the top five most-requested features they requested in a mobile field service management solution. This infographic reveals how you can enable your team to perform work efficiently and safely—completing the job the first time.

Emerging Technologies in Field Service Management - WBR Report


Get insights from 100 field service leaders in this report on emerging technologies in field service. You’ll learn why edge computing is top of mind for organizations looking to transform services, extend maturity in digital transformation, and streamline processes for greater profitability.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs Salesforce: Exploring the Difference


According to analysis by Gartner and Forrester, the two leading CRM platforms are Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365. And, when you look at their features, functionality, and processes, they are very equally matched.

So how do you choose the right CRM solution for your business?

In this eBook, Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs Salesforce, we explore the difference between the two platforms and the organizations behind them, drawing from analyst reports, case studies from enterprises that made the switch, and more.

Find out more about choosing a CRM solution

Beyond the platform you choose, long-term CRM success often has less to do with the technology you use or the money you spend, and more to do with how you think about CRM adoption.

NEW Analyst Research: The ROI of VOC in the Contact Center

NICE Satmetrix

Create Happy Customers, Drive Efficiency & Improve Financial Results

In order to both survive and thrive in the digital economy, leading brands recognize the value of infusing their strategies with Voice of the Customer (VOC) insights within their contact center activities. This quantitative analysis from Aberdeen Strategy & Research reveals the expansive impact that VOC users find to CX, operational efficiency, as well as financial results.

Download the Knowledge Brief to learn how VOC that is operationalized in the contact center has directly impacted business outcomes, including:

  • Financial and operational metrics
  • Buyer and employee engagement
  • Operational efficiencies and revenue

How to Build an Expert Onboarding Strategy - Drive Adoption with the C.A.R.E. Framework


Attracting new users is only half the battle. The other half is keeping them. So you’ll need to deliver an onboarding experience that makes it worth sticking around. The C.A.R.E. framework will walk you through the best ways to do exactly that.

You'll discover:

  • How to convert more free-trial users into paying customers
  • How to keep customers around by continuously showing them product value
  • Why expanding customer product usage means more upsell opportunities (and more money in your pocket)