Smart Customer Service White Papers

5 Best Practices for AI Self-service without Compromise


With over 100 conversational AI deployments and nearly a dozen in the Fortune 500, SmartAction shares their most important insights to self-service that works in this eBook that is packed with real-world customer examples that have made them the top-rated Virtual Customer Assistant solution on Gartner Peer Insights.

  • How to find the perfect fit for conversational AI
  • How to design “lanes” for virtual agents that outperform live agents
  • Real-world examples from 9 leading companies
  • CX functions required to architect and manage self-service applications

Improve Your B2B Customer Support By Taking A Data Driven Approach


In today’s competitive business world, it’s not enough to manage by instinct. Effective leaders need to take a data driven approach to manage their support operations. They must understand what is happening at the customer level and quickly make sound business decisions.

One of the biggest challenges facing customer service managers today is leveraging their support data to improve customer experiences.  For B2B customer support managers, the information is even more important in order to proactively monitor productivity, maximize resources, understand customer sentiment, and improve customer outcomes.

There are several benefits to measuring customer support, including monitoring productivity, assigning resources appropriately, better understanding the customer, and improving the overall customer experience.

Download our white paper to learn:

  • Why customer support metrics are so important
  • Which metrics B2B customer support teams need to focus on
  • How metrics can be leveraged to provide a better experience for your customers

Overcoming the Top 5 Challenges of Omnichannel Analytics

NICE Nexidia

Traditionally, customers had limited ways to contact and interact with an organization. But today, the number of channels available to consumers is rapidly expanding, creating more touchpoints to handle and more disparate data to be connected. NICE Nexidia has field-proven tips on how companies can gain the cross-organization insights needed to deliver value and satisfaction with each omnichannel customer experience. Download this whitepaper to learn about the most effective ways to address the top 5 challenges inherent when implementing omnichannel analytics.

Forrester TEI: Business Value of ServiceNow Customer Service Management


Forrester TEI study is based on four interviews with ServiceNow Customer Service Management customers. It provides a framework to help readers evaluate the potential benefits and costs of investing in the solution.

Make Journey Mapping Your Secret to Outstanding Customer Service


Introduction to customer journey maps.

Delivering an exceptional customer experience is priority number one for companies hoping to succeed and grow in today’s competitive environment. More than two-thirds of companies say they are currently competing mostly on the basis of customer experience. And to make that customer experience really shine, it’s critical to look at the customer journey from a customer’s point of view.

So, how can you best assess the quality of your customer experience and identify areas for improvement? Start by understanding their journey

ABERDEEN STUDY: Four Transformative Best Practices for Future-Ready Customer Service Experiences


How does your customer service program compare?

Recently, Aberdeen Group, the Massachusetts-based market intelligence company, conducted a survey of 445 companies across the world and industries. The objective? To determine the state of service programs. Aberdeen’s research identifies best-in-class organizations that have successfully transformed their service activities to build customer loyalty and maximize efficiency. Read the survey report and learn:

·     What makes an organization best in class?

·     How your service organization measures up

·     Four best practices to transform your service

·     What’s required to implement those practices?

Driving Radical Customer Service Innovation - Move beyond operational demands to deliver proactive strategies that drive business growth


IT is increasingly at the heart of business success—and nowhere is that more true than in customer service. That makes IT a critical partner in transforming the customer experience.

Customers today are demanding service on their own terms and time. To adjust to this new reality, customer service organizations are rethinking their technology, data, and operations.

The Road to Transforming the Customer Service Experience - Investing in great outcomes for employees and customers


Moving beyond CRM to shift your company into high gear

Ask companies about being competitive and all roads lead back to providing an exceptional customer experience. But creating that experience means expanding on the traditional definition of customer service to encompass every aspect of a company’s offerings. If you’re thinking about transforming your organization, this ebook can be your guide.

Ultimate Guide to Digital-First Customer Service


Digital transformation for customer service is here, and it's not going away anytime soon. If brands want to stay competitive today, they need a digital-first customer service strategy that reduces the cost to serve while simultaneously making support easy and effortless for their customers.

Luckily, getting started with digital-first customer service and optimizing existing support organizations for the digital world has never been so...clearly defined, robustly outlined, and acutely actionable as in this guide.

Download right now to get started on your transformational journey as soon as this comprehensive guide hits your inbox.

State of Customer Service Automation 2019 Report


The first and only report of its kind that looks at the impact of customer service bots on standard contact center KPIs such as CSAT, TTR and TTFR. We've analyzed 71 million bot interactions, and the findings are astonishing. The data shows that automation truly improves the customer experience. And that's a great thing, because brands are adopting automation at lightning speed.

What will you learn?

  • Surprising trends across 75 million issues and 71 million bot interactions
  • The impact of customer service bots on standard contact center KPIs
  • The “formula” to achieve the highest CSAT with automation
  • The change in customer sentiment worldwide towards automation

The Ultimate Guide to B2B Customer Support


Business to Business (B2B) customer support has evolved to become the most important aspect of customer experience. No longer seen as the money pit it once was, providing exceptional B2B customer experiences can save money, increase efficiency, and contribute to long term growth. While the importance of customer support is undeniable, many B2B organizations still struggle with understanding how to make it work for them, and what tools can best meet the unique needs of a B2B support environment.

Download this guide to learn about:

  • The differences in B2B customer support vs B2C
  • How to make customer service a profit center
  • How to choose the right support software to enable growth for your business

3 Ways to Deliver Data-Driven, Personalized Support


Delivering a stellar customer service experience is what your customers crave and deserve. Learn how to provide a personalized experience that has the right amount of automation and human interaction to foster repeat business.

After reading this guide you’ll understand:

1) How to truly know your customer
2) How to meet your customers where they are
3) How to use AI and automation intelligently

Download your free guide to data-driven, personalized support.

How to Make Money in the Cloud


You’ve read about it on blogs and tech magazines, and heard about it from podcasts and YouTube videos: If you’re a technology solutions provider, you absolutely need to offer cloud services! This guide will show you how to overcome your FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt), and set your business up to profit on cloud services, despite slim profit margins. It’s time to prove once and for all that the benefits far out way the negatives.