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Hyatt Achieves 125% ROI with Intelligent Virtual Assistant


Providing an excellent experience has always been a priority for Hyatt. However, this is easier said than done when you engage with your customers through millions of calls per year.  

As a leading global hospitality company, Hyatt realized their current automated customer service solution wasn't getting the job done. To provide a better customer experience and improve sales efficiency of live agents, they chose to upgrade to the flexibility and efficiency of an Intelligent Virtual Assistant.

Read this success story to learn how Hyatt was able to streamline routine tasks, provide a more satisfying customer experience, and increase sales.

eBook: Solve Your CRM Data Management Challenges

ZoomInfo eBook

Your account and contact data is the key piece in connecting your sales, marketing, and operations organizations. From account research to cold calling, every sales interaction is driven by the availability and accuracy of information on the accounts you want to sell to and on the contacts you need to sell to within your CRM system. Marketers rely on this information to drive campaigns, route leads appropriately, and measure the success and impact of their efforts.

Read this latest eBook from ZoomInfo and take the next steps in solving your CRM data management challenges.

Propel your customer relationships


X2CRM covers the entire customer journey from marketing to sales, commerce to support.

Built to handle any type of customer interaction and relationship management, either in-person or digitally, X2CRM can optimize your relationships with these eight out-of-the-box management modules.

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