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The Chief Data Officer: Powering business opportunities with data

New research from Experian Data Quality

The chief data officer (CDO) is a critical role for organizations that are creating a strategy to power their business and leverage their data as an asset. 

Experian Data Quality’s latest research report examines the role of the CDO, their objectives, the relationship between the CDO and CIO, and more!

CRM Magazine’s 2017 Buyer’s Guide & Vendor Directory

With over 1,500 CRM vendors listed in this Buyer’s Guide & Vendor Directory, this is the most comprehensive list of CRM solution providers that CRM Magazine has published to date.

Choose from these tags:

AI, Machine LearningData/Infomation ProvidersMarketing
AnalyticseCommerceMarketing Automation
B2BEnterpriseOmni/Multi Channel
Big DataGamificationProfessional Services
Business IntelligenceGoogle AppsSales
Call CenterHelp DeskSelf Service
CloudInternet of ThingsSocial
CRM PlatformIVRSpeech Technology
Customer ExperienceKnowledge ManagementVoice of the Customer
Customer ServiceLead ManagementWebRTC
DataLocalizationWorkforce Optimization

Visit our website for  more in-depth profiles in our Buyer’s Guide that lists their offerings, including all the content our editorial staff has written about them and their solutions, with relevant links, video, case studies, white papers, and indexes to make your research easier and more efficient. Plus, this year we offer a comprehensive directory of every company currently on our radar that touches the CRM space.

Sections of this CRM Buyer’s Guide & Vendor Directory will be updated quarterly.

Visit for more information.

Updated September 1, 2017

Five9 Explains the Customer Journey Map

The race to win new customers is getting harder and targeting buyers is becoming more sophisticated. Learn how Customer Journey Maps are being used to attract, nurture and ultimately win new clients and how the leading developers of customer journey experiences are driving innovation.

Download the eBook to learn about:

  • How you can effectively build a customer journey map
  • Examples of customer journey maps and key components
  • Customer journey application best practices
  • How to identify systemic customer journey issues
Read this eBook to learn more about how customer journey maps can help you to sell more, serve better and efficiently market.

Selling Managed Services 6 Tips To Reinvent Your Sales Pitch

Sponsored By: Connectwise

Small businesses, medical offices,  schools, and retailers are searching for partners that can help them navigate rapidly evolving cloud and mobile technology, monitor compliance issues, and increase efficiency. This is your opportunity to swoop in with your new monthly service offering!

It’s a win-win: you’re solving their challenges and generating recurring revenue for yourself.

Use these strategies and tips to sell the value of managed services to your clients. Download your copy of “Selling Managed Services: 6 Tips to Reinvent Your Sales Pitch” today!

How to avoid sales pitfalls with end-to-end sales acceleration

New eBook from Conga

Sales teams have to balance staying competitive with excellent customer service. This is a tall order when sales people commonly spend more than 5 hours a day doing things other than selling, including a lot of manual, administrative tasks. There are some key areas where pitfalls occur for sales teams, and understanding them and how to solve for them is essential in today’s accelerated sales environment.

Download our eBook to learn:

  • Why sales productivity is so important in today’s landscape
  • What the major sales pitfalls are and how to solve for them
  • Success stories that show you how other companies have successfully navigated problem areas like the ones your sales organization faces
  • How a combination of solutions can help you achieve end-to-end sales acceleration so your business will thrive

Download the eBook to learn why today’s competitive market demands new processes.

Five Imperatives for Engaging Customers Along Their Digital and Physical Journeys

Sponsored By: Redpoint Global

Your company needs to respond with the right messages, offers, and content – in real time – across all channels and touchpoints, all the time. Intelligent orchestration is the connecting point between all consumer interactions, online and off, past and present.

In this eBook, discover:

  • The five steps of intelligent orchestration
  • How to help brands relate to customers in their omnichannel journeys
  • Common challenges and how to solve them

Download this eBook to learn more.

View From the Top

Elan Moriah President, Customer Engagement Solutions, Verint

Today’s customer is smart, engaged, connected and informed. To keep pace with this new breed of customer, organizations must also become smarter and more connected. Download this View From the Top from Elan Moriah, President of Verint's Customer Engagement Solutions.

5 AI Growth Hacks for Sales

New eBook from Everstring

AI is already powering business growth across sales teams in many industries. Yet, some companies are still unsure of how AI can help jumpstart sales cycles and speed up day-to-day sales functions. In this ebook, we will walk through 5 key AI growth hacks that can help your sales team close more deals in less time.

Executive Spotlight

Elan Moriah President, Customer Engagement Solutions, Verint

Backed by the right customer engagement solutions, capabilities, business processes and models, intelligent customer service can be a reality in engaging and empowering employees, and in meeting and exceeding evolving customer expectations.

Discover how CRM automation accelerates results from your sales and marketing

A Soffront White Paper

If you manage sales or marketing for your company, you’ve probably spent more time than you wish solving problems rather than achieving results. Here are some strategies you will learn in this eBook:
  • How to qualify your Leads - learn about their needs and interests
  • How to nurture your Leads - offer education through content
  • How to score and distribute your Leads - signal when leads are ready for sales
  • How to automate your sales process to close more deals in less time
  • How to turn new customers into long-term brand advocates