Smart Customer Service White Papers

2019 Survey Results on Challenges Facing Contact Center IT and Compliance Professionals


With concern about compliance in contact centers steadily on the rise, IT and compliance professionals are playing an increasingly important role in how compliance processes are implemented.  NICE conducted a survey of 300 such professionals in large contact centers (500 to 3,000+ employees) to analyze their challenges and priorities.

Find out if you share the same concerns as the industry and see the 7 key insights on these issues.

A Complete Guide to Pricing IT Services


Have you ever wondered how to determine whether your IT business is truly profitable or if you should be charging more for your IT services? Answers to pricing questions like these start with a thorough understanding of your overhead burden. In this eBook, we show you how to calculate your overhead burden and explain how you can use the result to ensure you’re charging the right price for your IT services.

The Complete Buyer's Guide to Advanced CPQ



Let’s break it down: CPQ streamlines sales, enabling your teams to rapidly and accurately produce highly configured sales quotes, while facilitating a smooth customer experience.


Here, you’ll create a customized product based on your customer’s needs.
Now you’ll determine pricing based on various business considerations.
This is where you’ll present a cost proposal to customers.

Download this eBook and modernize your sales solution with automated software that increases efficiency and adds tangible value from customer inquiry to order fulfillment.

Elevate Your Sales Game: 3 Ways to Drive Peak Sales Performance With CPQ Cloud Solutions


Be Prepared: Sell at the Speed of Now

This is the new sales imperative. Today’s empowered customers have access to virtually endless information, allowing them to quickly engage, everywhere, all the time. Customers are educating themselves throughout the buying process, wherever they find the highest-quality information and have the best browsing experience.

By the time they engage with a sales rep, they’re 57% complete with their purchase decision. On top of rising customer expectations, sales professionals face an increasingly complex and multi-layered quote-to cash process. Different customer segments—large enterprises, government, small, and midsize companies—require different approaches to pricing, configuration, and quoting, as well as purchase order submission, visibility, and invoicing. Adding to the complexity, sales channels have multiplied to include ecommerce, mobile distributors, partners, resellers, and VARs with increasingly complex partner programs. Read now to learn 3 ways to drive revenue with CPQ Cloud.

Best Practices Guide for Migrating Away from Salesforce


With rising costs and daily headaches of managing several different vendor applications to manage sales and sales teams, a number of businesses are looking to switch away from Salesforce but are often concerned that their business may get disrupted and what the migration path may look like.

In this Hitachi Consulting paper, we list some time tested best practices for moving away from Salesforce that resulted in significant cost reduction and increased productivity across sales organizations.

The Future of Customer Experience: 4 Ways Your Business Can Prepare


Next-generation service is personalized, consistent and, most importantly, cutting-edge. How do businesses ready themselves for ever-changing customer expectations, and prepare for future technologies and channels?


  • Change the customer experience game with the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Deliver smarter customer service with artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Help customers more quickly with virtual assistants
  • Prepare to deliver next-gen customer experience with the latest technologies

3 Steps to Building a High-Performance Sales Team



Sales professionals who rely on traditional, time-worn selling methodologies—like selling on features and functions or unstructured cold calling—are having trouble keeping up.

As they compete to meet closed revenue targets and territory penetration objectives, sales leaders need to implement new initiatives and inspire their teams to succeed in today’s customer-driven marketplace.

Download this new white paper and learn how to Maximize Results, Motivate Performance, Mentor Effectively, and increase close rates by as much as 10%-15% by employing integrated sales performance management.

The Next Generation of B2B Purchasing: Millennials, Marketplaces and Digital Buying Preferences


B2B salespeople continue to use traditional methods of selling, such as engaging buyers via phone calls or even face to face. But time has become a constraint for buyers, and new digital purchasing channels have emerged to speed up the buying process. In this report, we explore the B2B buyer demand for those digital channels versus traditional channels.

Field Service in the Cloud: How DISH Network Delivers Tomorrow's Field Service, Today


The field service industry is rapidly changing. With the rise of connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT), field service companies and employees find themselves in a world they do not immediately recognize, but are tasked with adapting to.

In this ebook, we’ll explore the latest research around customer experience (CX) and how it’s changing the customer and employee experience alike in the field service industry.

We’ll also get familiar with some of the technologies that will propel CX into its next evolution as well as get to know some of the companies who are currently leveraging CX brilliantly with the help of top-notch technology to produce a field service experience customers love and their employees benefit from.

Transform Your Business With Smarter CX - The 3 connections service thought leaders are making now


Every day, your customers are interacting with you. They’re using your products and services, in real-world environments, because they want to, or because they need to. They’re praising the benefits, grumbling over complexities, discovering improvements, and sharing these interactions—both negative and positive—with peers, managers, friends, and strangers.

If you’re listening, your customers are sharing these insights with you, too.

How are you responding?

When Marketing, Sales, Commerce, and Service are thoroughly integrated through processes and technology, both the business and its audiences
are rewarded with a more relevant customer experience and greater mutual success.

Download this white paper and become a brand that can blend connected data, intelligence, and experiences, and be able to innovate today,
predict tomorrow, and shape the future.



Today’s customers expect a seamless shopping experience across devices. They’ve grown accustomed to personalization and frictionless checkout.

This puts personalization at the apex of modern digital commerce.

But can legacy platforms compete with the likes of Amazon to deliver experiences customers desire? Modern digital commerce means responding to customer needs in near real time, not days. It means tackling platform initiatives without tapping into IT or development resources. It means endless preconfigured possibilities.

Your Guide to Choosing a Field Service Management Solution: 8 Things You Need to Ask Your Vendor


The process of learning more about something new often begins on a laptop or smartphone — anything with access to a search engine. So, go ahead and plug “field service management software” into a web search, but prepare to be overwhelmed. You’re likely to find a lot of marketing spin and strong opinions.

Some companies will tout capabilities that sound cutting edge, but don’t have practical applications for solving your needs, like automatically routing the right field service staff to the right location at the right time, empowering your staff with mobility and visibility, and ultimately achieving customer satisfaction and measurable ROI.

That’s why we’ve complied a guide to help you get started on your journey to choosing field service management software, including:
- Where to turn for insight and information, including the experts and your peers
- How to begin evaluating your business and staff needs
- Crucial questions to ask your potential field service management software vendors
- And what to expect during the implementation and evaluation phases

CX 2020: The Future of Customer Care

Arise Virtual Solutions

Is Technology the End of Live Agents?

Intuitively it might seem that technical advances, smart technology, and artificial intelligence would mean the eventual end of live customer support. However, the opposite is true. A brand’s customer experience strategy should be focused on the live agent more than ever before. With customers being largely underwhelmed by the levels of service they are receiving, digital advancement handling the “low hanging fruit” of the customer experience, and viral events being more and more impactful, the quality and availability of agents should be key focuses for any organization that wishes to be viewed as customer-centric. 

Arise has concluded, based on IDC research, that there are major gaps between the promise of change offered by emerging technologies and the realities of how they will ultimately impact CX in the coming years; particularly in relation to the nature of live support.

In Brief

This report examines five key predictions about technology’s impact on the future of CX, and how companies can best leverage these trends (many identified by IDC) in the present, while preparing for the future:

  • 10% of Direct Customer Interactions Will Use Natural Language Processing by 2021
  • 50% of Customers Will Experience an AI-Based Customer Support Interaction by 2020
  • 15% of Businesses’ Standard Customer Experience Decisions Will be Handled by Algorithms by 2020
  • Privacy Will be Redefined and Leveraged by Consumers to Obtain VIP Services by 2021
  • Viral Events Will Continue to Shape CX Strategies

Getting Customer Satisfaction Right with AI Speech Analytics


AI-driven Speech Analytics can provide critical customer-engagement insights to help you prioritize, analyze and quantify business challenges. These insights will enable your organization to implement prescriptive, data-driven recommendations to improve customer satisfaction and understand what your customer really wants.

In this white paper, discover how technology advances in Speech and Language Processing can help you hear what your customers are really saying, and transform your contact center to be customer-driven and analytical by nature.

How to Protect and Monitor Salesforce


With Salesforce acting as the central hub of information for many SaaS companies, it’s no surprise that organizations are focused on keeping their Salesforce instance and integrations secure.

There are basic steps all organizations need to take to minimize external threats and breaches caused by employee error or malicious intent.

In this eBook, we’ll cover what basic security measures should be implemented in Salesforce to decrease your organization’s exposure to security risks. Inside we cover:

  • How to make logins more secure
  • How to make integrations more secure
  • How to add friction to employees exporting data
  • Top 5 things to monitor in Salesforce

To Text or To Talk? Understanding Customer Care Preferences for Voice and Digital Channels [e-book]


As customer care channels continue to evolve and expand, there’s been a lot of debate about which channels customers actually prefer to interact with brands. Based on a recent Harris Poll, learn why consumers choose one channel over another, and whether common frustrations with specific channels drive consumers to pick alternatives.

Found In Translation: How AI Technology Helps Make the Most of Your Customer Interactions


Looking to improve customer satisfaction, improve MTTR, and deflect more calls from the call center?

AI techniques like natural language processing (NLP), text analytics, and machine learning can transform the way you support customers and help you meet – and exceed – your KPIs.

  • Improve self-service success rates
  • Empower agents with precisely the right answer or action every time
  • Gain deeper insight into the effectiveness of content, channels, and resources