Smart Customer Service White Papers

Intuit case study

Glance Networks

"Visual engagement" empowers Intuit tax experts to deliver in-app guidance to TurboTax® customers.

Intuit’s SmartLook™ feature, powered by Glance Networks, has delivered a powerful business advantage by literally putting experts and customers on the same page, no matter whether the customer is using the mobile app, browser app, or desktop app. case study

Glance Networks

"Visual engagement" removed friction from’s agent and customer interactions, resulting in shorter service calls, better user training, and happier customers.

Trent Broberg,'s GM and VP of Customer Success said, "we were blown away when we quickly saw a 50% reduction in Average Handle Time. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results, and our customers love it, too."

AI Sentiment Analytics and Its Uses in Today’s Business Analytics Programs

NICE Nexidia

Do you know how your customers feel about your brand? Do you know which contact center employees are creating the positive experiences your customers expect? 

Your contact center interactions and Big Data has the answers, and AI-driven sentiment analytics is the way to uncover any number of insights important to driving your business forward in today’s competitive marketplace. 

Read the latest white paper that defines sentiment analytics, and the many uses to which you can apply it today and into the future to revolutionize how you do business.

The Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report 2019


Your customers are comparing you to the best customer experience they’ve ever had—every time. It’s a powerful truth with far-reaching consequences for your business, no matter what industry you’re in or the size of your business.

With the Zendesk Benchmark, our data index of 45,000 companies using Zendesk, we explored how top companies tackle customer support to identify what separates leaders from everyone else.

Insights include:

  • Customers already expect seamless, fully integrated omnichannel support
  • Viewing support as an open and flexible platform powered by connected customer data frees companies to build better experiences
  • Customers want proactive engagement, but companies aren’t there yet
  • For the best support teams, AI is already driving great customer experiences
  • The right culture, process, and tools are critical ingredients for success

How 8 companies deliver exceptional customer experience at scale


Delivering exceptional customer experience at scale can be a challenge, but with the right tools and process in place, it can be more than a dream state.

Take it from us.

In this downloadable guide, we'll walk you through the use cases of companies all over the world who have achieved support success with Zendesk. Hear from support leaders at Stanley Black and Decker, Uber, Instacart, Airbnb, Mediaocean, and more on:

  • Implementation: Tackling complexity with simple solutions
  • Making the technology work for you via connections and customizations
  • Differentiating your company through customer experience
  • ROI and making sure it pays off

Forrester TEI: Business Value of ServiceNow Customer Service Management


Forrester TEI study is based on four interviews with ServiceNow Customer Service Management customers. It provides a framework to help readers evaluate the potential benefits and costs of investing in the solution.

Make Journey Mapping Your Secret to Outstanding Customer Service


Introduction to customer journey maps.

Delivering an exceptional customer experience is priority number one for companies hoping to succeed and grow in today’s competitive environment. More than two-thirds of companies say they are currently competing mostly on the basis of customer experience. And to make that customer experience really shine, it’s critical to look at the customer journey from a customer’s point of view.

So, how can you best assess the quality of your customer experience and identify areas for improvement? Start by understanding their journey

ABERDEEN STUDY: Four Transformative Best Practices for Future-Ready Customer Service Experiences


How does your customer service program compare?

Recently, Aberdeen Group, the Massachusetts-based market intelligence company, conducted a survey of 445 companies across the world and industries. The objective? To determine the state of service programs. Aberdeen’s research identifies best-in-class organizations that have successfully transformed their service activities to build customer loyalty and maximize efficiency. Read the survey report and learn:

·     What makes an organization best in class?

·     How your service organization measures up

·     Four best practices to transform your service

·     What’s required to implement those practices?

Driving Radical Customer Service Innovation - Move beyond operational demands to deliver proactive strategies that drive business growth


IT is increasingly at the heart of business success—and nowhere is that more true than in customer service. That makes IT a critical partner in transforming the customer experience.

Customers today are demanding service on their own terms and time. To adjust to this new reality, customer service organizations are rethinking their technology, data, and operations.

The Road to Transforming the Customer Service Experience - Investing in great outcomes for employees and customers


Moving beyond CRM to shift your company into high gear

Ask companies about being competitive and all roads lead back to providing an exceptional customer experience. But creating that experience means expanding on the traditional definition of customer service to encompass every aspect of a company’s offerings. If you’re thinking about transforming your organization, this ebook can be your guide.