Smart Customer Service White Papers

5 Key Employee Insights Required to Deliver Superior Customer Experiences


Customer experience is a critical component of any business and the employees behind each engagement often determine the outcome. Creating motivated, customer-centric employees can often be the hardest challenge to overcome because it's heavily reliant on workplace culture and employee sentiment about their role in the organization. Effective business can leverage key employee insights to deliver superior experiences and drive ROI.

Found In Translation: How AI Technology Helps Make the Most of Your Customer Interactions


Looking to improve customer satisfaction, improve MTTR, and deflect more calls from the call center?

AI techniques like natural language processing (NLP), text analytics, and machine learning can transform the way you support customers and help you meet – and exceed – your KPIs.

  • Improve self-service success rates
  • Empower agents with precisely the right answer or action every time
  • Gain deeper insight into the effectiveness of content, channels, and resources

Download the whitepaper to learn more.

4 Steps to Rev Your Contact Center’s Business Intelligence Engine


The modern contact center is the epicenter of customer experience for any customer-focused company. And truly great contact center leaders know the tremendous value their voice-of-the-customer data holds. However, harnessing that data is not always easy.

Download our ebook to learn how to drive customer-centric business strategies in your organization. You’ll learn four steps to turn your data into actionable business insights, drive change in your organization and elevate your role in the contact center.

The Ultimate Guide to As-A-Service


Step-By-Step Advice for Empowering Your Technology Solutions Business

Navigating change is challenging, but it’s a little easier when you have a guide. The new Ultimate Guide to As-a-Service is your trusted source for reaching your definition of success. Gain the knowledge you need to introduce new practice areas, like cloud services; build a marketing strategy that will win you more clients; create tailored service bundles and set up monthly recurring revenue. Ready to confidently take your business to the next level? Download your free copy of the guide today, and start benefiting from more than 30 years of industry expertise.

Are you Ready for Gen Z?


The influence of Gen Z in consumer purchases has been evident for over a decade as this generation increasingly influences consumer purchase volume. Businesses must now turn their attention to creating more and better digital, personalized self-service solutions for these digital natives

Discover more about impact and influence of Gen Z in this intriguing complimentary white paper authored by Sheila McGee-Smith, founder of McGee-Smith Analytics. You’ll find out how contact centers can begin developing the processes and systems that will enable them to support the “gig economy”.   

In addition, you’ll learn more about:

  • How designing customer care for Gen Z creates an environment for a larger audience of the Gen Z “at heart”
  • Experiences and consumer behaviors that define Gen Z
  • Exactly what Gen Z wants from the companies they do business with
  • Why having a seamless customer experience is important for all generations

Optimizing Marketing ROI with Salesforce and Call Analytics


Do you use a CRM like Salesforce to measure how your marketing drives customers and revenue? CRM reports give marketers insights to prove ROI and make smarter optimizations to grow sales. But that data is misleading -- and potentially damaging to your marketing -- if it only includes online conversions.

Consumers call businesses billions of times a day. Passing intelligence on callers into your CRM enables marketers to measure your true ROI, deliver better experiences, and drive significantly more customers from your campaigns. Get this eBook from the call analytics experts at DialogTech to learn more.

Transforming Customer Engagement: How Customer Data Platforms Drive Personalization Across Touchpoints

RedPoint Global

Your goal may be to deliver personalized, relevant experiences, but siloed systems of engagement make it difficult to access what you need to know about customers when you need it. A customer data platform's ability to help you improve and excel in personalization and experience optimization is central to overcoming many of the challenges you face serving today's omnichannel customers. Getting to the level of personalization and relevancy customers expect may be difficult, but it's not impossible.|

Read this eBook to learn about:

  • What is a customer data platform (CDP) and why do you need one?
  • Customer engagement challenges of other Martech professionals.
  • Case study examples of customer data platforms(CDPs) in action.
  • Discover more about customer data platforms and download this eBook today!

Agents or Automation: Here’s What Your Customers Told Us


Customer service has become a key component of the overall customer journey, and more critically, customer lifetime value. Therefore, retailers need to invest in service options to provide choice and convenience to customers.

Radial and CFI Group recently surveyed 500 online shoppers to better understand their experiences throughout the customer service journey. Download the infographic and full report to find out what we learned.

Digital Engagement in the Contact Center: How to drive employee motivation and learning with gamification and feedback.


Getting employees excited about work in contact centers is a difficult task. Engagement however is key to turning the tides on a contact center's performance. A highly engaged workforce means better customer satisfaction, higher productivity and lower attrition rates. Today technology offers us much better tools to motivate, focus and train our employees. In this eBook we will explore how different management approaches and tools are used in leading contact centers to supercharge employee engagement, boost proficiency and impact business results.

Read and learn how gamification, automated data-driven feedback and microlearning can improve performance in your organization.

AI-Powered Search for Customer Support


What if you could empower your support agents with a complete view of the customer’s experience across channels – support tickets, email, chat, social media, etc.? Would they be better equipped to accelerate time to resolution?

Whether it’s through a contact center or self-service web portal, the support function is often where customers engage with your company. And in either context, giving answers quickly increases satisfaction and reduces churn.

Download the 5-Minute Guide to Cognitive Search for Customer Support to learn how cognitive solutions give you the power to deliver outstanding customer experiences.