Smart Customer Service White Papers

Intelligent Self-Service: Improve Customer and Employee Engagement


Customers want the choice of simple and easy self-service to engage with you on their terms. That choice determines your customers’ experiences. Along the customer journey, your customers will engage with you across channels, moment by moment, moving from self-service to assisted service as needs arise. So how, within this dynamic journey, do you modernize both customer and employee engagement so they are both empowered with the simplicity and freedom self-service delivers?  Read on to learn how to truly deliver consistent, personalized engagements.

AI-Powered Search for Customer Support


What if you could empower your support agents with a complete view of the customer’s experience across channels – support tickets, email, chat, social media, etc.? Would they be better equipped to accelerate time to resolution?

Whether it’s through a contact center or self-service web portal, the support function is often where customers engage with your company. And in either context, giving answers quickly increases satisfaction and reduces churn.

Download the 5-Minute Guide to Cognitive Search for Customer Support to learn how cognitive solutions give you the power to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

The Top 3 Ways to Forecast For Your Contact Center


Looking to reduce understaffing, lower customer wait times and optimize the customer experience? Forecasting is your answer. Discover the key to scheduling the right number of the agents at the right time and learn three ways to properly forecast for your contact center. Download our ebook The Top 3 ways to Forecast For Your Contact Center today. It is a must-read for workforce management and contact center executives looking to improve the customer experience.

Supercharge Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Built-In Data Quality

Syncsort Inc.

Improving the quality of your customer experiences requires improving the quality of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM data. To ensure that your CRM is consistently providing high data quality within your CRM, it is essential to put your customer data quality processing on an equal footing with the CRM system itself. A great way to do this is to embed data quality functionality directly within your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system!

Taking Action with Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) in Salesforce


Customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys help companies measure customer happiness and identify opportunities for growth, but that feedback can't reach its full potential without the context of other key customer data. Learn the right way to measure CSAT with Salesforce to turn customer feedback into action.

6 tips for building a thriving help center


Your customers are busy people. They want to help themselves whenever and however is most convenient to them.

They are more technically savvy than ever and have come to prefer the DIY approach to solving their issues and answering their own questions. Years of research by ICMI has confirmed that customers prefer to resolve issues themselves and within their channels of choice. Furthermore, customers only seek direct interactions when they unsuccessfully exhaust their self-service options. This is backed up by data from American Express, which found 48% of consumers prefer to speak with a customer service rep when dealing with complex issues, but only 16% prefer the same contact for simple issues.

The goal of this paper is simple: We want to help you build an all-in-one knowledge base, community, and customer portal. All of which can be accomplished with a help center like Zendesk Guide.

Improving the Customer Experience in a Smartphone-Centric World

UJET, Inc.

Today's customers use their smartphones for everything from taking selfies to buying products and contacting support. From offering multiple support channels to leveraging native smartphone functionalities like Touch ID and Face ID.

This white paper will teach you how to stay ahead of your competition by providing the perfect mobile support experiences that keep your customers coming back.