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Allied Market Research expects the market for IP telephony systems to grow by 13.7 percent per year over the next eight years.
Posted January 12, 2022

IMARC Group sees the worldwide chatbot market growing by around 25 percent per year through 2026. (Featured on
Posted December 31, 2021

Mind Commerce expects strong growth for conversational AI amid changing contact center and customer priorities.
Posted December 15, 2021

ISG reports that companies are using data analytics services and platforms in holistic strategies to help all employees gain insights for business results. (Featured on
Posted December 13, 2021

Gartner predicts that by 2026, 75 percent of customers will call customer service due to loneliness. (Featured on
Posted December 09, 2021

MarketsandMarkets expects the CEM solutions market to grow by more than 12 percent per year through 2026. (Featured on
Posted December 03, 2021

Research finds that artificial intelligence is improving effectiveness and efficiency in both customer-facing and back-office applications. (Featured on
Posted December 01, 2021

The worldwide chatbot market is expected to grow at a 23.5 percent CAGR for the next five years, according to MarketsandMarkets. (Featured on
Posted November 26, 2021

Dash expects global customer experience and engagement software revenue to recover to 2019 levels in 2022 and grow substantially from there. (Featured on
Posted November 16, 2021

Zendesk is acquiring Momentive and its SurveyMonkey platform in a stock transaction worth about $4 billion. (Featured on
Posted October 29, 2021

Customer service and support leaders should rethink their channel strategies to boost customer experience and loyalty, Gartner recommends. (Featured on
Posted October 28, 2021

LivePerson's acquisitions of VoiceBase and Tenfold will yield a unified, integrated voice and conversational AI system.
Posted October 27, 2021

Improving customer experiences is good for companies' bottom line, IDC noted in its most recent report. (Featured on
Posted October 21, 2021

Valuates Reports expects the conversational AI market to grow by a 20 percent CAGR through 2030. (Featured on
Posted October 14, 2021

Genesys has agreed to acquire Pointillist and to enhance its offerings and transform customer and employee experiences across marketing, sales, and service. (Featured on
Posted October 07, 2021

Customer service representatives have a hard job, and they deserve recognition more than one week per year. (Featured on
Posted October 06, 2021

Five9's shareholders fail to approve the $14.7 billion sale to Zoom announced in July. (Featured on
Posted October 01, 2021

Amazon Connect Wisdom, Connect Voice ID, and automated outbound communications for calls, texts, and emails are available to contact centers in the latest Amazon Connect updates.
Posted September 27, 2021

MarketsandMarkets expects the customer communications management market to nearly double in the next five years. (Featured on
Posted September 22, 2021

Genesys' BeyondCX teaches soft skills for delivering meaningful customer experiences. (Featured on
Posted September 21, 2021

Transparency Market Research eyes nearly 20 percent CAGR for contact center solutions through 2030.
Posted September 13, 2021

Our 20th annual awards recognize the vendors, including those in the contact center space, that shined the brightest during the past year.
Posted September 07, 2021

Gartner says customer service to significantly increase investments in chatbots, AI, and analytics. (Featured on
Posted August 25, 2021

The American Customer Satisfaction Index held steady after a long period of decline, but the lack of upward movement is cause for concern. (Featured on
Posted August 20, 2021

Companies look to conversational AI to provide 24/7 support, Dimensional Research reports. (Featured on
Posted August 18, 2021

NICE's Enlighten XO uses advanced artificial intelligence for creating conversational intelligence to power smart self-service across digital channels.
Posted August 18, 2021

Conversocial gives Verint added social and messaging channels and conversational AI capabilities. (Featured on
Posted August 10, 2021

Amazon Transcribe Call Analtics lets companies glean insights from customer conversations with a single API call. (Featured on
Posted August 04, 2021

Qualtrics' acquisition of Clarabridge will enable companies to capture, analyze, and act on all forms of customer and employee feedback. (Featured on
Posted July 29, 2021

Gartner survey reveals rampant agent disengagement, leading to poor customer experiences and economic costs.
Posted July 26, 2021

Talkdesk's new methodology helps organizations pinpoint the most critical CX strategies for their unique business needs.
Posted July 22, 2021

Zoom's communications platform will be augmented with Five9's intelligent cloud contact center software. (Featured on
Posted July 19, 2021

Calabrio Product Marketing Manager Terri Kocon discusses how to deploy next-generation analytics to deliver more actionable insights in the contact center in this clip from her presentation at CX Connect 2021. (Featured on
Posted July 08, 2021

SmartAction's Brian Morin and TechStyle Fashion Group's Aarde Cosseboom discuss service challenges many customer-facing organizations face, and how TechStyle Fashion Group mastered them with intelligent virtual assistants in this clip from their presentation at CX Connect 2021.
Posted July 07, 2021

Bespoken Chief Evangelist Emerson Sklar outlines the essential goals of modern, AI-powered IVR--reduced cost, increased throughput, and improved customer satisfaction--and the challenges organizations face in reaching those goals in this clip from his presentation at CX Connect 2021.
Posted July 06, 2021

First Orion's Sara Hurst and Kent Nicholas explain how to deploy the right KPIs to measure the success of outbound call centers and branded customer communications in this clip from their presentation at CX Connect 2021. (Featured on
Posted July 02, 2021

Calabrio Product Marketing Manager Terri Kocon explains how data gathered through contact center analytics can benefit organizations in areas well beyond the contact center itself in this clip from her presentation at CX Connect 2021.
Posted June 30, 2021

Companies will need agility in technology, staffing, and processes to deal with changes brought on by COVID-19, speakers said on day two of Genesys' xPerience virtual event. (Featured on
Posted June 25, 2021

Amid the pandemic and beyond, empathetic customer experience trumps everything else, Tony Bates, Genesys' CEO, said in his keynote at Genesys Xperience 21 virtual conference Wednesday. (Featured on
Posted June 24, 2021

SmartAction's Brian Morin and TechStyle Fashion Group's Aarde Cosseboom discuss how TechStyle Fashion Group made CX more manageable through conversational AI and sold stakeholders on the solution in this clip from their presentation at CX Connect 2021. (Featured on
Posted June 23, 2021

Replicant Head of Product Meghna Suresh explains how to deploy conversational analytics and more to deliver world-class Voice AI experiences in this clip from her presentation at CX Connect 2021. (Featured on
Posted June 22, 2021

Consumers today will not hesitate to switch companies after a bad experience, so good experiences can be a real differentiator, executives from Kustomer told CX Connect attendees. (Featured on
Posted June 18, 2021

As much as 70 percent of customer data that companies have could be flawed, but there are easy steps to address it, CX Connect keynoters say. (Featured on
Posted June 16, 2021

AI enables contact centers to handle the high volume of interactions and related data at scale, event participants repeated throughout day one of CX Connect. (Featured on
Posted June 16, 2021

Customer experience leaders need to gather the right data to prove the value of CX initiatives, Forrester analyst says during opening keynote on the second day of Forrester's CX North America event. (Featured on
Posted June 08, 2021

"Customer obsession is bigger than you, but it can't be done without you," Forrester CX North America keynoter maintains. (Featured on
Posted June 07, 2021

MarketsandMarkets projects a 22.8 percent compound annual growth rate for voice biometrics over the next five years. (Featured on
Posted June 01, 2021

Companies must be prepared to serve customers who got things done digitally for the past year, speakers asserted on Day 2 of NICE Interactions 2021. (Featured on
Posted May 27, 2021

At its Interactions virtual conference, NICE CEO Barak Eilam said companies would not have fared as well 20 years ago because certain technologies didn't exist. (Featured on
Posted May 26, 2021

Companies will continue to grapple with work-at-home requests, increased call volume, and higher expectations, speakers maintained during the second day of Verint's virtual conference. (Featured on
Posted May 21, 2021