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MarketsandMarkets eyes 21.6 percent annual growth driven by cloud deployments and integration service needs.
Posted March 21, 2023

Global Industry Analysts expects the contact center market to grow from a current value of $461.1 billion.
Posted March 14, 2023

Qualtrics new frontline customer service solutions provide automated coaching and performance analytics.
Posted March 08, 2023

Salesforce adds Einstein GPT to its complete line of CRM products for sales, marketing, customer service, commerce, and IT. (Featured on
Posted March 07, 2023

Gartner says advances in conversational AI, automation, and low-code resources will impact customer service interactions
Posted March 01, 2023

By investing in a connected rep strategy, customer service leaders can reduce their reliance on costly talent strategies, Gartner states in a new report.
Posted February 16, 2023

Emergen Research expects the contact center analytics market to see 19 percent CAGR over the next seven years.
Posted January 30, 2023

The worldwide contact center-as-a-Service market is expected to expand from $4.7 billion today to $15.1 billion by 2028.
Posted January 24, 2023

Industry experts share their thoughts about what lies ahead in the new year. (Featured on
Posted January 18, 2023

Everest Group says growth in customer experience management outsourcing will continue as companies seek to maximize customer retention in face of recessionary climate.
Posted January 11, 2023

Customer data is great, but it needs to be actionable to affect change, Gartner analysts recommend. (Featured on
Posted January 09, 2023

Future Market Insights (FMI) has valued the global bot services market at $1.6 billion today and expects it to reach $18 billion by 2032. (Featured on
Posted December 15, 2022

The low-cost airline is cutting its contact center to cut costs, a move that many see as short-sighted while others see as inevitable.
Posted November 29, 2022

Customer satisfaction and spending see very slight upticks, but companies need to do a lot to keep it going, according to the American Consumer Satisfaction Index.
Posted November 09, 2022

Sixty percent of customer service managers say this will be the toughest winter yet as fears of losing customers grow, research finds.
Posted November 03, 2022

Salesforce Contact Center blends automation, intelligence, and real-time data.
Posted October 26, 2022

FMI expects the worldwide contact center software market to grow at a rate of 10.8 percent for the next seven years and on-premises solutions to continue their dominance.
Posted October 17, 2022

The current contact center agent crisis can be solved with the right technology and customer focus, eGain's CEO suggests.
Posted October 12, 2022

Demonstration experiment seeks to recreate contact center and in-store customer service experiences for the metaverse.
Posted October 05, 2022

Nearly a quarter of finance leaders plan to increase customer service funding despite economic pressures, Gartner found in a new study.
Posted September 28, 2022

Salesforce Genie is a new data platform powering Salesforce's real-time CRM. (Featured on
Posted September 20, 2022

The cloud-based contact center market is expected to be worth $54.6 billion by 2027.
Posted September 12, 2022

CRM magazine reveals its top five picks in 11 categories across customer service, marketing, and sales. (Featured on
Posted September 07, 2022

Technavio expects only 3.96 percent annual growth for the worldwide contact center outsourcing market through 2027.
Posted August 26, 2022

Gartner highlights getting connected, process orchestration, knowledge and insight, and resource management as key technology drivers for customer service.
Posted August 18, 2022's DynamicNLP simplifies the deployment of conversational artificial intelligence. (Featured on
Posted August 10, 2022

MarketsandMarkets has upped its projections for the worldwide contact center software market, which is expected to hit $35.2 billion this year.
Posted July 28, 2022

Gartner sees chatbot investment on the rise, but notes that low ROI and other challenges persist.
Posted July 27, 2022

Vonage brings cloud-based communications and contact center platforms to Ericsson.
Posted July 25, 2022

Microsoft's Digital Contact Center Platform combines technologies from its Dynamics CRM 365, Teams, Power Virtual Agents, Azure, and Nuance Communications lines.
Posted July 19, 2022

Investing in digital, social, and virtual will remain a post-COVID priority. (Featured on
Posted July 05, 2022

Growth in the customer insights and feedback market is being fueled by digital transformation and artificial intelligence adoption, according to Dash Research. (Featured on
Posted June 29, 2022

With the pandemic's effects still lingering, companies have untapped opportunities for differentiation, Verint Engage speakers stress on Day 2. (Featured on
Posted June 15, 2022

Verint execs introduced Verint's One Workforce and Total Quality approaches at its Engage 2022 Conference. (Featured on
Posted June 14, 2022

Customers want digital interactions that are fast and efficient, but data backlogs are preventing companies from delivering, Genesys Xperience speakers warned.
Posted June 10, 2022

Forrester CX North America closing keynote outlines five customer experience truths that stand the test of time. (Featured on
Posted June 09, 2022

Forrester CX North America Day 2 keynoters highlighted the importance of the right people having access to the right data in the right context to best impact customer experience. (Featured on
Posted June 09, 2022

Genesys highlights expanded capabilities and customer successes with a multitude of digital solutions that keep humans in mind, executives said at the company's user conference.
Posted June 09, 2022

The Forrester CX Index showed its largest decline in seven years, but companies can rebound, Forrester analysts reported at the firm's CX North America event. (Featured on
Posted June 07, 2022

When contact centers place a value on self-service and the data that customers provide, service becomes less of a cost center and more of a value-adder, NICE event speakers maintained.
Posted May 26, 2022

Companies need to declare war on the friction that has kept self-service from satisfying customers, speakers urged during day one of NICE's Interactions 2022 event.
Posted May 25, 2022

New capabilities to find and fix process inefficiencies will extend Pega's AI-powered decisioning and workflow automation capabilities. (Featured on
Posted May 24, 2022

Meta announced plans to expand messaging capabilities for businesses looking for simpler connections with customers. (Featured on
Posted May 20, 2022

Pure IP has launched Dynamics Call Connect for adding voice to Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Posted May 20, 2022

Grand View has increased its projections for growth in the cloud contact center market, largely due to COVID's impact on contact centers.
Posted May 03, 2022

Voice biometrics technology has holes but is more efficient than traditional password security. (Featured on
Posted April 18, 2022

NICE and Deutsche Telekom Global Business partner to bring CXone to companies across Europe. (Featured on
Posted April 13, 2022

8x8 and Genesys integrate 8x8 Cloud Unified Communications with Genesys Cloud CX. (Featured on
Posted April 12, 2022

Salesforce has added AI-powered conversation mining and new integrations to its Service Cloud platform.
Posted April 06, 2022

Metashift enables companies to deliver immersive customer service and user support, get feedback, and provide blockchain verification with in-world support for mobile and virtual and augmented reality experiences.
Posted April 01, 2022