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Revenue for the North American contact center solutions market indicates a growing preference for hosted services, but while companies are investing in the cloud, they are still relying on on-premises tools, which suggests there is ample room for growth among vendors, Frost & Sullivan finds.
Posted December 16, 2015

Marchex, a mobile advertising analytics company, today launched a major security enhancement to Marchex Call Analytics that enables companies to automatically redact credit card numbers from recorded phone calls in real time.
Posted December 15, 2015

Pages has long been a powerful resource for marketers maintaining a Facebook brand presence, but the social network is launching new capabilities to enhance the platform's customer service features. With better engagement tracking and an emphasis on faster response times, Facebook is enabling brands to deliver an improved social customer service experience in real time.
Posted December 11, 2015

Zendesk today released Advanced Voice, an enhanced version of its phone support offering, embedded directly into its cloud-based contact center software. With it, companies can set up Zendesk phone support in minutes without purchasing extra equipment and can make or take calls from the same multichannel environment in which they manage all other support channels.
Posted December 10, 2015

Thanks to social media, customer reviews, and other tools that give consumers the power to shape brand dialogues, companies have had to improve how they deliver service. Increasingly, expectations for customer service are extending beyond traditional call center and support experiences to include in-store support, delivery, and product consultation. According to a recent report from Constellation Research, five trends are shifting power to retail consumers. These trends have key implications for brands.
Posted December 04, 2015

Marlin Equity Partners, a global investment firm, has acquired LiveOps Cloud Platform, a provider of cloud-based contact center technology. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.
Posted December 01, 2015

Social customer service provider Sentiment is teaming up with systems integration company IP Integration to help inject social solutions into existing contact centers. As contact center providers rush to offer social tools, Sentiment and IP Integration are working to ensure that social solutions are no longer considered an afterthought.
Posted November 20, 2015

Avaya and Plantronics have started a co-development initiative to simplify communications in contact center and unified communications environments. The first initiative under this expanded relationship is focused on ensuring compatibility and tight integration between Plantronics headsets and Avaya's Chrome-based contact center apps, including Avaya Agent for Chrome and Customer Engagement OnAvaya-Google Cloud Platform.
Posted November 18, 2015

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday right around the corner, companies expect more transactions to occur through mobile devices. Last year, mobile commerce accounted for 22.56 percent of online sales in November and December, and 27.91 percent of Black Friday sales, according to the 2014 IBM Experience One U.S. Retail Online Holiday Shopping Recap Report. This year, the number will likely surpass 30 percent, and as mobile secures its position as a key channel for online retail, retailers should consider stepping up their mobile customer support.
Posted November 13, 2015

Just two weeks after its annual OpenWorld user conference in San Francisco, Oracle has announced further enhancements to its cloud product set. Today, the company introduced Oracle Knowledge Advanced Cloud, a solution that helps facilitate customer service interactions by granting customers and contact center agents improved access to instructional materials.(Featured on
Posted November 11, 2015

TouchCommerce, a provider of omnichannel customer engagement solutions, today launched TouchSocial, which enables companies to embed shortlinks into social media posts so that customers can initiate personalized live chat sessions with product or customer service specialists.
Posted November 10, 2015

Support ticket volume has increased in 63 percent of all support organizations, according to a new report by HDI, a membership association and certification body for the technical support industry. This is largely due to an increase in the number of new applications, systems, equipment, infrastructures, and devices that customers are using and a growth in the number of customers at many companies.
Posted November 06, 2015

To the surprise of many, the company that all-but demolished the brick-and-mortar book business debuted its first brick-and-mortar book store earlier this week. With the opening of Amazon Books in Seattle, the e-commerce behemoth is redefining the in-store experience, and it's all about personalized service. On the surface, the store is a condensed, limited version of the online business; digging deeper into its shelves, however, reveals a much more nuanced business model.
Posted November 06, 2015

Enghouse Interactive, a developer of contact center software, yesterday unveiled the latest versions of its five key business communications and customer interaction technologies, integegrating all of them into a unified product suite. These releases include new version of Enghouse Interactive's Contact Center: Enterprise (CCE); Communications Center (EICC); Contact Center: Service Provider (CCSP); Communications Portal (CP); and Quality Management Suite (QMS).
Posted November 05, 2015

At its G-Force summit in Miami this week, Genesys debuted AppFoundry, an app marketplace where developers can design, innovate, and collaborate on customer service solutions. With wide-reaching integrations for on-premise and software-as-a-service solutions spanning from CRM and database applications to sales and e-commerce tools, the marketplace promises to extend Genesys's offerings while maintaining the vendor's commitment to the customer service space.
Posted October 30, 2015

Metrics are the lifeblood of every contact center's performance, yet many of them aren't measuring the right performance indicators, the ICMI determined in a recent study. The findings, announced at the ICMI Contact Center Conference earlier this week, revealed that as contact centers evolve to be increasingly multichannel hubs, companies are struggling to maintain consistency across channels and customer touch points.
Posted October 23, 2015

The company is expanding its technology into the B2B space.
Posted October 15, 2015

Opus Research's Intelligent Assistants Conference highlights the growth of virtual assistants in customer apps.
Posted October 14, 2015

The brand now offers workshops and presentations on customer service for non-competing companies.
Posted October 09, 2015

Satisfaction Prediction uses machine learning to identify which customer interactions are at risk of turning bad in real time.
Posted October 07, 2015

Author Marsha Collier hosts discussions about the latest trends in customer support and experience.
Posted October 02, 2015

Zappix now allows companies to provide visual IVR mobile smartphone solutions for iPhone, Android, and the Web in multiple languages. (Featured on
Posted September 28, 2015

A Q&A with Aircall founder Olivier Pailhes, whose solution enables the mobile customer service agent.
Posted September 25, 2015

The two software giants plan to deliver even deeper integrations in 2016. (Featured on
Posted September 18, 2015

Apps that provide support are becoming essential across industries.
Posted September 18, 2015

New capabilities include resolution management, geotagging for Instagram support, and CROWDS communities.
Posted September 11, 2015

TouchCommerce now enables in-app mobile chat and many other integrations.
Posted September 10, 2015

A personality match promises a better customer service experience.
Posted September 04, 2015

A new user interface and app aim to smooth customer service operations. (Featured on
Posted September 02, 2015

Global hotel chains are experimenting with customer support via text messaging
Posted August 28, 2015

Company debuts customer support videos for its Beats by Dre products.
Posted August 21, 2015

Adding channels and technologies shouldn't be done in silos, speakers say.
Posted August 20, 2015

Conference attendees are reminded that the key to happy customers is happy and informed employees.
Posted August 19, 2015

Speakers urge attendees to stop thinking operationally and start looking at service from the customers' perspective.
Posted August 18, 2015

Microsoft's DNN technology brings greater speech recognition accuracy to the [24]7 Customer Engagement Platform. (Featured on
Posted August 14, 2015

The Seattle Seahawks cornerback answers customer service calls on Nike's Gear Up Day.
Posted July 31, 2015

What brands can learn from United's social customer service hits and misses.
Posted July 24, 2015

The new app promises to boost efficiency for customer service reps.
Posted July 17, 2015

The editors of and Speech Technology magazine are deeply saddened to announce the death of our coworker and friend Michele Masterson.
Posted July 13, 2015

In two decades, Amazon has entirely transformed consumer expectations.
Posted July 10, 2015

Separate but specialized support teams are replacing traditional outsourcing.
Posted July 02, 2015

In a crowded market, the vendor attempts to differentiate itself with speed and solid caller ID functionality.
Posted June 26, 2015

While customers are increasingly contacting customer service in multiple channels, many companies remain unsure of implementation, especially when it comes to the social media channel.
Posted June 25, 2015

How can you drive customer engagement? Take a page from Marriott's playbook and recognize that human capital may be your best resource.
Posted June 18, 2015

The conference's keynote speaker says that creativity, risk-taking, and emotional engagement can be as powerful as analytics.
Posted June 11, 2015

PureCloud Engage is designed to help contact centers accelerate business impact, deliver consistent outcomes, and improve the customer and agent experience.
Posted June 09, 2015

The social network expands Messenger's customer service features with a time-saving tool.
Posted June 05, 2015

New suite enables broadcasters to comply with FCC regulations at scale.
Posted June 04, 2015

Using speech analytics to create personality models, agents are better matched with callers, yielding stronger engagements.
Posted June 02, 2015

Latest Temkin Group Customer Service report reveals a service decline in 13 industries
Posted May 29, 2015