Conversable Adds Capabilities to Simplify Bot Deployment Across Channels

Conversable today launched a number of new capabilities aimed at simplifying the process of deploying bots across voice and messaging channels. The new capabilities include expanded voice features, Bot Kits, an Outbound Center, and a Deployment Center.

"The new capabilities are really in response to customers' needs of being able to stand up bots more quickly and easily and also to compete on every channel, including voice. Brands need to reach their customers where they are and in convenient ways that meet customers' evolving expectations. Bots and conversational intelligence allow us to do that at scale," says Ben Lamm, CEO and co-founder of Conversable. "With the new expanded platform, brands can begin deploying bots much more quickly and efficiently, and they also now have the capabilities to engage with their customers through voice and text across nearly every available channel."

The expanded voice features are, specifically, upgrades to Conversable's Interactive Conversation Editor, which allows companies to create conversational flows. The expanded voice features introduce a number of new abilities, including if-then statements, setting variables, multiple error responses, keyword shortcuts, the ability to generate QR codes to promote bots, and bot password protection.

With the Bot Kits, companies have access to pre-developed bots for messaging and voice. More specifically, companies simply provide the content they wish to be used for interactions and can deploy customized chatbots in a matter of days. "We are making our Bot Kits to be the most user-friendly way to give brands an award-winning conversational intelligence platform without the need for a cohort of engineers," Lamm says.

According to Lamm, the Outbound Center "is where a brand can manage all of their outgoing messaging." He adds that this allows "for both one-off campaigns or topics that a user can subscribe to," and that companies "can easily manage lists, send campaign messages, and review users' responseS through analytics."

The Deployment Center allows companies to modify their bots in test environments that keep backups without affecting their live bots. "Since modifying and testing bots is sometimes a laborious process, we've safeguarded the work so you can start right where you left off and continually develop and improve bots," Lamm says.