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Call centers are struggling to accommodate the digital shift while providing excellent service. Omnichannel communication is what they need to succeed.
Posted April 12, 2021

The five technologies companies should be using to improve support interactions for both customers and agents.
Posted April 05, 2021

Chatbots might be the answer to deliver on conversational AI's promise of automating customer interactions and increased expectations.
Posted March 29, 2021

To stay ahead in this challenging market, contact centers are turning to speech analytics technology to analyze customer interactions and ensure compliance at every step of the customer journey. (Featured on
Posted March 23, 2021

Companies were forced to the cloud by the COVID-19 pandemic, but will cloud migrations continue when things get back to normal?
Posted March 16, 2021

How to implement automated speech recognition technology quickly and effectively in your contact center. (Featured on
Posted March 09, 2021

Companies need to rethink operations amid the ongoing work-from home frenzy.
Posted March 01, 2021

Businesses today must accelerate their digital transformations if they plan to survive.
Posted February 23, 2021

Companies should invest in cloud technologies and more agent training to deal with the remote work model that will continue after the pandemic.
Posted February 16, 2021

Voice technology is one of the pillars that will advance insurance companies amid the pandemic and beyond.
Posted February 08, 2021

People will remain at the heart of customer service interactions because chatbots just don't have the heart.
Posted January 25, 2021

Customer-centric companies go above and beyond to deliver positive customer experiences, but putting employees first is as important as putting customers first.
Posted January 18, 2021

B2B support teams will need to implement these four best practices in 2021.
Posted January 11, 2021

Fraud isn't going anywhere, so here are a few steps contact centers must take to prepare for the changing fraud landscape of 2021.
Posted January 04, 2021

Intelligent assistants can perform the routine, letting managers work to make agents better.
Posted December 28, 2020

When looking to bring on a workforce management system, find a partner who will help you build your business over the long run.
Posted December 22, 2020

CX leaders should prioritize listening to customers and making sure their team is responsive on social media and traditional channels.
Posted December 14, 2020

Artificial intelligence can provide contact centers with staffing forecasts amid a sea of uncertainty.
Posted December 07, 2020

Contact centers need omnichannel, multiskill, feature-rich workforce management solutions to survive in the modern world.
Posted November 30, 2020

Customer success teams need to keep their eye on the ball and shouldn't get too wrapped up in other tasks.
Posted November 23, 2020

Knowledge management gives agents more time to talk to more customers, reducing wait times and increasing the number of interactions they can process.
Posted November 16, 2020

COVID forced companies to reevaluate customer service processes overnight - serving as a "reset" button and accelerating the transition to self-service and omnichannel strategies.
Posted November 10, 2020

The customer service industry shifted to remote operations due to the pandemic and found benefits beyond safety that make the flexibility to work from anywhere the long-term choice.
Posted November 02, 2020

Customers today expect self-service options, and a customer portal is the key for retaining them.
Posted October 26, 2020

As companies continue to get comfortable in work-from-home envrionments, more businesses are realizing the benefits of moving to all-remote contact centers.
Posted October 19, 2020

Flexible options, including split shifts, will help contact centers hire and retain good customer service agents.
Posted October 12, 2020

Make sure agents have the tools, training, and insights needed to serve customers during the tough times.
Posted October 05, 2020

Think about skill sets when moving employees to an overburdened contact center.
Posted September 28, 2020

Make sure you--and your customers--know what your service desk provides.
Posted September 22, 2020

Contact center customers might not see behind the curtain, but managing your workforce is still critical to customer success.
Posted September 15, 2020

AI is having a positive impact on customers, agents, and field service technicians during the pandemic, and this is just the beginning.
Posted September 08, 2020

In times of growing uncertainty, complexity and change, an agile approach to customer service can help organizations create and maintain extraordinary employee and customer experiences
Posted August 31, 2020

Automated chatbots are taking pressure off agents to answer common requests.
Posted August 24, 2020

Here's how 800 numbers can support every customer, every time, anytime and anywhere.
Posted August 18, 2020

How digital transformation can supercharge customer service and profitability.
Posted August 10, 2020

When it comes to customer service, artificial intelligence is just as its name suggests: artificial.
Posted August 03, 2020

Customers expect to be able to reach companies 24/7 however they want, and automation lets them do just that.
Posted July 28, 2020

Companies must pay close attention to evolving consumer trends towards augmented reality, social media, digital self-service, and sustainability to provide the best customer experiences possible.
Posted July 21, 2020

Customer success requires listening and turning that data into actionable insights.
Posted July 14, 2020

Don't just reopen your contact center; take the opportunities presented by COVID-19 to evolve it.
Posted July 07, 2020

IVAs have been proven effective at offloading call volume and servicing low-level customer needs with ease.
Posted June 29, 2020

Lessons from the coronavirus pandemic teach us that businesses need to be prepared to challenge the unexpected.
Posted June 22, 2020

The next generation of customer communications is flexible, proactive, and able to scale rapidly.
Posted June 15, 2020

Organizations that adopted cloud technologies will be better positioned to adjust to the new normal, not to mention any future events that might call for unprecedented flexibility.
Posted June 08, 2020

Whether your team is working from home or in the office, supporting a service-driven call center has unique challenges to leaders and employees alike.
Posted June 02, 2020

Automation can be a catalyst for enhanced operations and happier agents as the industry moves toward remote workforces.
Posted May 26, 2020

The layout of retail store operations can optimize the customer experience and maximize revenue, and if adapted by call centers, can increase customer satisfaction and sales.
Posted May 18, 2020

As more companies appoint a chief customer officer (CCO), success is not a given; several factors can significantly make or break the success of the CCO.
Posted May 11, 2020

Soliciting ideas from your customers doesn't have to be all that difficult.
Posted May 04, 2020

Conversational AI can be a game-changer in the new normal that COVID-19 has created.
Posted April 27, 2020