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Customer service centers have a significant business opportunity to tap into insights in voice data, yet most organizations are not equipped to do so properly.
Posted June 10, 2019

Video can streamline customer support interactions when issues get complicated or highly technical.
Posted June 03, 2019

Modernizing your service organization requires a data-driven mindset.
Posted May 28, 2019

Cloud-based communications are undergoing constant changes, especially in this emerging anything-as-a-service age. Communications service providers are working to reposition themselves by offering cloud-based innovations of their own.
Posted May 20, 2019

Creating a top-notch contact center staff requires the right set of skills and technologies.
Posted May 13, 2019

AI needs to be something that agents accept, not something they fear will replace them.
Posted May 06, 2019

Keep the human touch when implementing intelligent automation in your contact center.
Posted April 29, 2019

Here are three ways that employee monitoring can improve customer service and ensure data privacy.
Posted April 22, 2019

Motivated contact center agents improve customer and company outcomes, and gamification is a great motivator.
Posted April 15, 2019

The #1 priority for companies that want to create excellent conversational experiences is to empower not just the consumer but the support agent as well.
Posted April 08, 2019

The ideal CX department needs people with backgrounds in analytics, stortytelling, and innovation.
Posted April 01, 2019

Companies need to be transparent about how and why they are using bots to keep customers from being put off.
Posted March 25, 2019

Here are seven qualities that are key to improving agent experiences with the software and equipment they use every day.
Posted March 18, 2019

Machine learning can create an entirely new intelligent customer experience.
Posted March 11, 2019

To improve customer experience, contact center dashboards should provide at-a-glance functionality for key metrics without forcing users to sort through mountains of data.
Posted March 05, 2019

Contact centers deploying artificial intelligence-driven speech-to-text (STT) solutions and multichannel data analytics can greatly improve the customer experience.
Posted February 25, 2019

Making solutions easier to use should be more important than making solutions that delight customers.
Posted February 19, 2019

Call centers have been improved so much that they are now the key element to good customer service.
Posted February 15, 2019

Artificial intelligence will improve customer service by empowering humans, not replacing them.
Posted February 11, 2019

Growing companies can really benefit from outsourcing some customer service functions, but it should be done as a partnership.
Posted February 04, 2019

Online communities can have real benefits for companies, provided that they invest in the knowledge management that powers them.
Posted January 28, 2019

The humble headset is undergoing a radical transformation - from mere communications device to powerful source of data with the potential to transform the workplace.
Posted January 21, 2019

Test voice offerings before setting them live to ensure that they deliver the experiences customers expect.
Posted January 14, 2019

Telling stories about your business and listening to your customers' stories could be the key to more successful negotiations.
Posted January 07, 2019

Omnichannel doesn't just mean being present on more than one channel and allowing users to interact however they want.
Posted January 02, 2019

As Generation Z joins the contact center workforce, they require differrent levels of professional interaction.
Posted December 17, 2018

Guidance is the key to Uber's and Lyft's successes, and it can work for contact centers too.
Posted December 10, 2018

A smart, multilayered approach to fraud prevention and identity verification is key.
Posted December 03, 2018

Contact center operations have evolved tremendously over the past decade. Does a move to the cloud make sense for your business?
Posted November 27, 2018

The quality of your company's customer service depends on your agents. Hire and develop the best customer service team members with these four steps.
Posted November 20, 2018

If chatbots are to become trusted assistants on the front lines of customer service, some of them will need to go back to school.
Posted November 15, 2018

There's a lot of insight that can be pulled from customer communications, and bots can help make sense of it all.
Posted November 12, 2018

To get what we want, we must ask thoughtful questions that interrogate the data further.
Posted November 08, 2018

Emotional intelligence lets live operators show customers they care.
Posted November 06, 2018

Be creative when trying to find the best available customer service agents.
Posted October 29, 2018

Addressing Minimum Wage in Customer Service
Posted October 25, 2018

To resolve service tickets more quickly, focus on where your help desk most needs help.
Posted October 22, 2018

The gig economy is coming to contact centers, and the business benefits could be significant.
Posted October 18, 2018

New research reveals how generations feel about important customer service issues facing businesses today, and what you can do to manage their expectations.
Posted October 15, 2018

Revamping customer service with a customer focus is the key to continued business.
Posted October 09, 2018

How to improve your scripts and connect with callers.
Posted October 02, 2018

Today's bots are better equipped to handle customer queries directly or pass the right information on to agents.
Posted September 25, 2018

Knowing which questions to ask and identifying your objectives makes it easier to get the results you want.
Posted September 18, 2018

The customer communications management space is transforming (and growing) thanks to emerging tech and changing customer preferences.
Posted September 10, 2018

Offering multiple channels is important, but you need to adopt a complete omnichannel strategy to make them work.
Posted September 04, 2018

In today's subscription economy, companies with proactive support will win out.
Posted August 27, 2018

Net Promoter Score is one of the more common ways to track customer experience performance. It's simple and easy to understand — but it's also fatally flawed because it presents an incomplete picture.
Posted August 21, 2018

Localized routing of customer service queries can create more personalized and meaningful customer experiences.
Posted August 13, 2018

Action leadership is the missing middle between just thinking about customer experience and leading on performance.
Posted August 06, 2018

Driven by data and insights from customer service professionals, here are some simple steps to creating a customer-based business.
Posted July 31, 2018