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Companies can address the looming AX crisis by reimagining knowledge management with an omnichannel knowledge hub.
Posted November 28, 2022

AI can re-humanize contact center agents to connect with human consumers in ways computer algorithms never could.
Posted November 21, 2022

Employee engagement is very important to the success of any business because happy people do the best work.
Posted November 15, 2022

Solutions and technologies available to contact centers can help their agents find the work-life-balance that quiet quitters seek out. (Featured on
Posted November 10, 2022

It's time to put your automation strategy in the hands of the people who know your customers best and restructure your CX organization.
Posted November 08, 2022

The new staffing requires dismantling data silos and empowering the human-bot workforce.
Posted November 01, 2022

Technology enables crystal-clear connections and empowers remote call-center agents.
Posted October 25, 2022

The promise of chatbots remains unfulfilled because most of them still don't work.
Posted October 17, 2022

There is no technology today as practical or transformational to the service industry as computer vision AI.
Posted October 10, 2022

Companies and agents have more tools than ever to serve customers, but they can't work in isolation.
Posted October 03, 2022

With visual support tech and augmented reality tools, businesses can provide a human connection, resolve issues faster, and reach more customers.
Posted September 26, 2022

Voice AI removes monotonous tasks from agents' workloads, helping boost retention rates.
Posted September 20, 2022

Gig CX can help companies cut costs, retain employees, and increase customer satisfaction, all of which are crucial during times of economic uncertainty.
Posted September 13, 2022

To improve customer service/support, more cross-team collaboration is needed.
Posted September 06, 2022

To meet today's customer expectations, businesses must adapt voice of customer (VoC) methodologies, embracing technology and improving the customer experience.
Posted August 30, 2022

By leveraging AI and machine learning, call centers and other businesses can create easy-to-digest analytical summaries from conversations or groups of conversations that can tell where conversations are going well and where they could be improved. (Featured on
Posted August 26, 2022

Customers want to connect with companies the same way they message with friends and family, pushing organizations to integrate private and social messaging into their customer service channel mix.
Posted August 22, 2022

Making improvements to knowledge distribution and engagement can have a significant impact on customer service operational efficiency and the employee experience.
Posted August 15, 2022

The right customer data from support and service operations can make the difference to the company bottom line.
Posted August 09, 2022

Audio is central to CX, especially in an increasingly virtual world. The lack of investment in audio technology is having a major impact on call center success and the well-being of agents.
Posted August 01, 2022

Companies that decouple runtime and design data are more agile and better able to meet changing customer expectations.
Posted July 25, 2022

Access to contextual customer data provides the basis for reducing customer effort and increasing satisfaction and trust.
Posted July 19, 2022

Data integration across customer support, customer success, and engineering helps everyone keep customers happy.
Posted July 12, 2022

Democratization of behavioral science and advanced analytics means anyone can use technologies to improve customer experiences.
Posted July 05, 2022

Minimizing agent effort could be the key to improving agent and customer experiences. Here are a few simple, practical steps CX leaders can take to achieve this.
Posted June 28, 2022

In an increasingly digitized world where customer expectations are at an all-time high, companies must embrace and invest in technology to strike the balance between keeping their support teams efficient and their customers happy.
Posted June 20, 2022

Effective allies to marginalized groups among contact center employees have a huge impact on morale and organizational success.
Posted June 14, 2022

The following four web portal capabilities are essential for providing high-level customer support.
Posted June 07, 2022

When it comes to good contact center interactions, automation alone is not good enough.
Posted June 01, 2022

Here's why the customer service function is vital to keeping customers for retailers.
Posted May 24, 2022

Digital transformation is revolutionizing customer service, leading to great customer and employee experiences.
Posted May 17, 2022

Efficiency is the new standard in corporate contact centers. Gone are the days of the "Dilbert workforce."
Posted May 09, 2022

Here are five ways to keep B2B customer service issues from escalating so that you can keep customers happy and protect your revenue.
Posted May 03, 2022

Modern artificial intelligence has the potential to improve contact centers on so many levels.
Posted April 25, 2022

Don't guess what customers want and expect. Ask them, and then take action on the feedback they provide.
Posted April 19, 2022

Automation-enabled chatbots can help organizations deliver the superior level of service customers expect in our digital era.
Posted April 12, 2022

Case management is the key to providing better customer experiences and ensures that opportunities and feedback are not missed.
Posted April 04, 2022

How to find the right balance of technology and human agents to provide quality customer service at a higher rate
Posted March 31, 2022

It is possible to deliver an omnichannel customer experience leveraging personalization and the right data.
Posted March 29, 2022

Companies looking to up-level their customer experiences are turning to AI-based automation, which is expected to save businesses up to $8 billion per year.
Posted March 25, 2022

Chatbots can improve customer service while managing operating costs.
Posted March 21, 2022

As boomers retire, their contact center employers will need to figure out new ways to share the knowledge they acquired over their careers.
Posted March 18, 2022

Customers who contact customer support are showing a growing desire for empathy. Here's how to give it to them.
Posted March 11, 2022

GigCX in some respects is better at customer service than traditional company agents in a contact center.
Posted March 08, 2022

Here are some things to consider when looking to bring on a third-party to manage your unified communications infrastructure.
Posted March 04, 2022

Tips to help you determine which channels your customers want to use for service requests.
Posted February 28, 2022

When renovating your customer experiences, hiring a customer experience-as-a-service contractor might be the way to go.
Posted February 25, 2022

Introducing artificial intelligence into the customer service process can lead to greater customer satisfaction, higher staff retention, and accelerated business growth.
Posted February 22, 2022

For telecommunications providers, incorporating remote visual assistance software can eliminate delays, enable fixes, and provide customers with an exceptional service experience.
Posted February 17, 2022

Looking at your company goals, metrics, automation, and people can help ensure the true benefits of artificial intelligence in the contact center.
Posted February 15, 2022