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Contact service professionals can provide important insights into customer's emotional reactions to product purchases. Is your company prepared for the future of "emotionomics?"
Posted October 01, 2013

Finding balance between compliance and customer satisfaction has been an increasing challenge for companies. Here are some suggestions to address consumer expectations and demands while complying with regulations.
Posted September 20, 2013

Communications is critical to successful customer service. Learn how to master the message and drive better customer interactions.
Posted June 13, 2013

Companies would do well not to ignore their employees. By establishing a voice of the employee program, the enterprise can uncover valuable insight into customer behavior.
Posted June 13, 2013

Virtual assistants may differ in their capabilities, but their intent is to help manage data and applications on personal devices. They need to be multichannel and project business rules consistently across those channels.
Posted June 05, 2013

The explosive growth in VoC programs has great potential for both organizations and consumers, but there is an inherent responsibility on both sides.
Posted May 17, 2013