Smart Customer Service White Papers

Expose Fraudsters or be Exposed

Sponsored By: NICE

Contact centers are under attack,and fraudsters target the weakest link: the agents. It’s time to act: don’t wait to be attacked. Be proactive.   Utilize the latest technology to outsmart fraudsters:Voice Biometrics, InteractionAnalytics, and Machine Learning Expose and stop unknown fraudsters that already penetrated defenses.

Download this Best Practices special section on Real Time Authentication (RTA) and get expert recommendations on the best Proactive Fraud Prevention. 

The IVR in the New Age of Voice

Sponsored By: Concentrix and Verint

The traditional heavy lifter of customer communications has been the technology known as interactive voice response (IVR), which allows computers to interact with customers through the use of voice and touch tones.

In many ways, IVRs have been overwhelmed by the proliferation of new channels that have come online—like chat, SMS, and co-browsing—but many experts feel that IVRs are about to make a major resurgence as the customer’s channel of choice.

Download this month’s installment of CRM Magazine’s Best Practices series and learn what role IVRs will serve in the future of customer support.

Workforce Optimization: The Workhorse of Contact Center Management

Sponsored By: NICE and Verint

Workforce optimization (WFO) solutions and procedures are the backbone of running an efficient call center. WFO applications handle everything from call recording to workforce management, performance management, quality monitoring, surveying, speech analytics, and even coaching and e-learning. The technology brings together and reports on many different functions within the enterprise—from the call center to the back office.

Join us in this installment and download this Best Practices so you can better optimize your workforce with expert advice.

Customer Experience Transformation in 2019

Sponsored By: NICE inContact, Neustar, Confirmit and TTEC

Investment in advanced analytic tools that drive customer experience transformation has taken off. According to Gartner, 50% of agent interactions are influenced by real-time analytics. As analytic tools mature and get better at making highly personalized predictions and recommendations, customer experiences will be truly transformed with far more productive agents and intelligent bots.

Download this Best Practices special section and get expert recommendations for transforming customer experiences using technology to provide qualitatively better CX.

Is Your Contact Center Interrogating Your Customers?

Sponsored By: Neustar

The worst way to start a customer contact is to waste time by forcing a caller to identify themselves with personal information when there is a much easier and efficient way to handle their authentication.

Download this Free White Paper and learn how to:

  • Accurately and safely identify customers without the usual friction.
  • Eliminate both ‘false positives’ and ‘social engineering’ from the authentication process.
  • Dramatically lower contact center costs and improve customer experiences.

So don’t start every customer contact with an unnecessary interrogation. Download this white paper and learn how.

Conversational AI for Better Customer Experiences

Sponsored By: Concentrix and Verint

Thinking about the possibilities of tapping into the potential of conversational AI as a customer support tool?

Then DOWNLOAD this special report from CRM magazine and learn where to start your journey from the experts leading the way with these game changing technologies.

You will receive two recommendations to consider as you build your business case and plan your next big customer experience project.

  • Conversational AI: Four Steps To An Exceptional Customer Experience from Concentrix
  • How to Get Started with Conversational AI from Verint

Conversational AI is poised to revolutionize how organizations will provide exceptional support to their customers in the very near future. Make sure you are prepared with the right questions to ask as you formulate your strategy.

Measuring CX with Voice of the Customer and Journey Analytics

Sponsored By: NICE nexidia

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure,” goes the oft quoted saying by Peter Drucker.

Delivering excellent Customer Experiences is the competitive differentiator between brands and delivering that primary goal is dependent on listening to customers and understanding their intentions.

DOWNLOAD this white paper and learn how to efficiently stay on course to achieve exemplary Customer Experience targets with the combination of Voice of the Customer data and Journey Analytics.

Your brand depends on it!

CRM Megatrends to Watch in 2019: Predictions from the Top Leaders Driving Change

Sponsored By: NICE Nexidia, Attivio, W-Systems, ZoomInfo, Neustar and Verint

This "Megatrends" installment offers six predictions from thought leaders and solution providers who share their inside vision of what trends will drive customer-focused technologies and strategies in 2019.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation, and a renewed role for CRM are the big trends this year.

Download and receive these white papers:

  • Success Starts In The Contact Center: AI And Data Analysis Drive Enterprises To New Heights In 2019 from NICE Nexidia
  • Intelligent Answers & Insights Become The Focus Of Customer Support from Attivio
  • CRM2: Mastering Data Interactions For Maximum Relationship Insight from W-Systems
  • The Progression Of The Crm: Why Your Data Quality Needs To Catch Up from ZoomInfo
  • When Customers Stop Answering Their Phones from Neustar
  • The Hybrid Workforce Owns The Future Of Engagement from Verint

Do these prognostications fit with your personal intuition about what 2019 has in store for the digital transformation of sales, marketing, and especially customer service?

AI-Powered Sales Teams

Sponsored By: Aviso

With a high degree of accuracy, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can focus in on the opportunities with the highest probability to close, and focus sales’ efforts on working those deals first.

Instead of having sales reps spinning their wheels chasing deals that are relative long shots, AI can help them put their time and energy to far better use closing deals it has deemed most likely to turn into revenue.

DOWNLOAD this Best Practices Instalment from Aviso, and learn about:

  • AI-powered Opportunity Insights— Trade Intelligence for Intuition
  • AI-powered WinScores— Stack the Odds in Your Favor
  • AI-powered Forecasting— See What Others Don’t
  • AI-powered Opportunity Maps— Your Entire Pipeline At-a-glance

 With salespeople increasing their close ratios, quota attainment becomes a far more likely outcome.

Learn how your sales team can close more deals with AI.

Call Centers to Customer Engagement Centers -- Make the Transition Now

Sponsored By: Attivio and Verint

Download this month’s Best Practices guide, and learn how AI-powered search capabilities can help call centers transform themselves into customer engagement centers.

In this one click download you will receive:

  • Delivering A Winning Experience In The “Age Of The Customer” AI-driven search can get you there - Attivio
  • Amp Up Your Contact Center With Workforce Engagement - Verint

Give your agents instant access to the information they need, and free them from repetitive tasks to focus on the rewarding work of creating a positive experience for customers

Choosing the Right Marketing Technology Stack

Sponsored By: Neustar and X2CRM

Marketers face enormous challenges maintaining accurate and up-to-date customer databases and building deep integrations between their marketing automation platforms and CRM systems.

Download this concise primer on creating the right technology stack and you will learn:

  • How Omnichannel Retailers Can Become Data-Driven, Omnichannel Marketers - Neustar
  • 10 Tips on Marketing Automation Best Practices - X2Engine

This installment of CRM Magazine’s Best Practices Series is an excellent primer for marketers seeking to create or improve their digital marketing systems.

Highly Effective Customer Experience Strategies

Sponsored By: NICE InContact and Confirmit

Setting goals, using an incremental approach, investing in the right technology, and actually acting on voice-of-the-customer insights are at the heart of any successful customer experience (CX) strategy.

Download this instalment on creating Customer Experience strategies and you will learn:

  • CX Strategies To Win In The Experience Economy - NICE inContact
  • Highly Effective CX Strategies: Ask Less, Act More - Confirmit

No doubt you are already pursuing at least some of these strategies, but striving for continuous CX improvement is a process of refinement.

2018 Contact Center Innovations

Sponsored By: Neustar, NICE and Cyara

The contact center has undergone numerous innovations in the past several years as technologies have advanced and customer expectations have rose to ever greater heights.

Download this 2018 Contact Center Innovations guide, and learn about the latest advancements in contact center technologies, processes, and strategies.

Included in this special guide:

  • Transforming the Contact Center to Reach More Customers How to Optimize Your Dialing Operations While Combating Call Blocking (Neustar)

  •  We’ve Got You Covered Achieve Advanced Omnichannel Quality Monitoring While Protecting Your Recording Investment! (NICE inContact)

  • Cyara Assures CX Innovation and Delivers Customer Smiles at Scale (Cyara)

Make sure your contact center evolves with the latest industry best practices and innovations.