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2022 Contact Center Innovations—Successful Case Study Snapshots

Sponsored By: Verint, UJET and NICE

The past three years have challenged contact centers like no other period in history, and contact center leadership has responded in remarkably resilient and creative ways.

In this 2022 Innovation Recap you will receive:

  • 2022 — A Year for Innovation in Contact Centers (Verint)
  • The True Cost of Contact Center Downtime (UJET)
  • Transforming Brand Understanding and Digital CX (NICE)

Download and learn what ingenuity spurred in an otherwise tough period of change.

How Does Call Center AI Affect Customer Satisfaction?

Sponsored By: UJET

How is call center AI used?

Many brands are incorporating call center AI from the very beginning of the customer journey.

How does call center AI affect customer satisfaction?

  • Decreases customer hold times
  • Improves first-call resolution
  • Predicts customer sentiment and intent
  • Even improves call quality

Download this white paper and learn how call center AI gives you a competitive edge!

The Management of Customer Experiences

Sponsored By: Concentrix and Kustomer

Download this month’s Best Practice’s instalment on the management of customer experience and you will receive:

  • CX Program Success: Understanding the Real Role Of VoC Software (Concentrix) 
  • Customer Expectations Are Shifting: How to Deliver Exceptional Experiences to The Modern Consumer (Kustomer)

Customer Experience is the differentiator in today’s competitive landscape. The following recommendations can help you stay on target and take the most effective actions.

Work Smarter, Not Harder, With Workforce Optimization

Sponsored By: NICE

Work smarter, not harder—when wasn’t that relevant advice?

This month’s Best Practices installment from CRM Magazinediscusses how to do more with less people. The great resignation of 2021-22 has accelerated the adoption of AI technologies that will help solve today’s challenges … today!

DOWNLOAD Work Smarter, Not Harder in Workforce Optimization, And find out how your smaller workforce can deliver better CX. 

AI & Bots in Customer Care

Sponsored By: Verint, Talkdesk and UJET

This installment of CRM’s Best Practices series is chock full of great information for anyone to build a business case for using AI and bots in customer care.

It’s no secret that the past few years have caused an uptick in the acceptance of well-fielded AI-powered bots, especially among the 25-and-younger demographic.

  • Better Experience, Better Bots, And Better Customer Care - Verint
  • Designing Customer Conversations: Best Practices – Talkdesk
  • How To Use Ai To Create An Out-Of-This-World Customer Connection - UJET

Verint, Talkdesk, and UJET offer the most important Best Practices you need to consider, plus links to primary research that serve as hard evidence for their conclusions.

If you are building a business case for your future CX strategy, this special section is a great place to start.

Creating an Omnichannel Strategy for Seamless Customer Journeys

Sponsored By: UJET and Aircall

This month’s Best Practices guide offers two concise road maps to keep you on track while creating seamless customer journeys.

Thinking of adding artificial intelligence capabilities to your contact center?

Have you considered focusing on customer engagement as a strategy to improve the overall customer experience?

This month's guide features:

  • 3 Keys to Effectively Using Ai In Your Omnichannel Contact Center - UJET
  • How To Increase Customer Engagement by Creating an Omnichannel Experience - Aircall

Omnichannel customer service strategies are table stakes in today’s competitive landscape. 

DOWNLOAD these Best Practices and stay focused on the biggest paybacks. 

Making an Impact with Real-Time Coaching

Sponsored By: Verint

Don’t just track metrics, do something!

What if you didn’t wait until after an interaction was over to coach your agents?

Real-time coaching is a radical new approach to making your contact center analytics more actionable and to act on agent behaviors.

Learn how realtime coaching solutions can leverage rich contact center analytics to drive actionable intelligence at the point of service.

DOWNLOAD for more information on this innovative training solution. 

Inner Circle Guide to Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions

Sponsored By: UJET

Are you considering a cloud vs. on-premise contact center solution or an incremental inclusion of cloud technologies to augment your customer premise equipment (CPE) infrastructure?

DOWNLOAD this month’s Best Practices to help you determine where you can gain the benefits of a cloud solution without major disruption of existing legacy systems, or when you should consider moving exclusively to a cloud-based solution.

Learn what issues and best practices should be weighed as you evaluate how to move to a cloud solution in this clear, concise, primer on cloud versus on-premise contact center benefits.

Happier Agents Create Happier Customers

Sponsored By: Verint

Learn how to help your organization maximize both agent and customer engagement.

DOWNLOAD this Best Practices instalment to CRM Magazine and learn what you can to retain your best agents and build a positive culture that customers can feel.

Check out these actionable suggestions.

Welcome to the Customer Experience Center!

Sponsored By: UJET and Concentrix

The challenges we faced pre-pandemic are still pressing, but the events of the past two-plus years have added fresh obstacles.

DOWNLOAD this installment of CRM Magazine’s Best Practices series and you receive these two recommendations to transform your call center into a
Customer Experience Center!

  • PREPARING FOR THE PERFECT CONTACT CENTER STORM: 6 Steps to Reduce Supply Chain & Labor Shortage Impacts on CX - UJET
  • RECOMMENDATION METRICS: Which One Would You Recommend? - Concentrix

This post-pandemic period is a great time to hit the reset button and take a look at your contact center to prepare for the next decade.

The Power of Personalization in Customer Experience

Sponsored By: NICE CXone, UJET and Verint

Now is your chance to leverage the Great Reset among customers who have accelerated their adoption of digital customer service with a personalization strategy that will capture their attention.

Solving transactional issues quickly are table stakes but maximizing customer engagement with personalized touchpoints is a worthy long-term strategy.

Download this CRM Magazine Best Practices instalment and you will receive these three expert contributions:

  • When Self-Help Is The Best Help - NICE CXone
  • Designing Omnichannel Customer Experience That Actually Works - UJET
  • AI FOR CX: Thinking Beyond Efficiency and Scalability - Verint

The events of the past few years have accelerated a fundamental shift in consumer adoption of digital customer service and service organizations need to take full advantage of this rare shift in digital momentum.

AI-Powered Self-Service: The Next Step in Empowering Your Customers

Sponsored By: NICE, eGain and Forethought

DOWNLOAD this installment in CRM magazine’s Best Practices Series and find three action plans to help you make the inevitable shift to AI-powered self-service.

  • Eight Steps to Smart Self-Service: A Blueprint for Empowering Customers - NICE
  • Customer Self-Service: How to Take It to The Next Level - eGain
  • Ticket Deflection: The Key to Happy Support Teams - Forethought

It’s clear that self-service will merge with artificial intelligence in the not-too-distant future.

Learn what key steps you should consider now to set on a path for future success.

Digital Transformation of the Contact Center

Sponsored By: Concentrix, UJET, Verint, eGain and NICE

Download this month’s Best Practices installment which features five concrete recommendations to drive success by digitally transforming your contact center. You'll learn what a well-run, AI-infused, digital contact center looks like, the first thing you should implement with your mobile engagement strategy, how Conversational AI augmented with a knowledge hub in necessary for real digital transformation and why to start the Customer Journey at the first digital entry points.

One quick download, you get:

  • Digital Economy: The Biggest Disruptor to CX by Concentrix
  • Mobile Engagement: The Gateway to Happier Customers & Better Business Results by UJET
  • Inside The Digital Contact Center by Verint
  • The Transformational Value Of Conversational AI For Customer Service by eGain
  • Reimagining Customer Experience Beyond the Contact Center by NICE

If you are planning the digital transformation of your contact center, DOWNLOAD this Best Practices white paper and fine tune your strategy.