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Smart Customer Service Engages Customers

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Download this latest installment of CRM Magazine’s Best Practices Series and you will receive recommendations for delivering smart customer service from the perspective of your customers—service that values customers’ time, allows them to control the experience, and ultimately provides them with a smooth and positive interaction with your brand.

View these topics in a single download:

  • Intelligently Engage With Your Customers by Genesys
  • Using Omnichannel To Optimize The Customer Journey by inContact
  • Messaging: The Next Generation by Sparkcentral

Smart customer service can work for you.

Empowering sales teams to accelerate contracts

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Every day, all over the world, businesses of every type are using contracts to lock in business. But the sales process that often gets bogged down in the “last mile” of the agreement, and that is where mistakes can be made and deals can be lost or delayed.

DOWNLOAD this FREE White Paper and find out you can empower your sales team with a simple solution to pain points in the sales cycle caused by the contract process.


And accelerate your contract process and close more business today.

Omnichannel Drives Superior Customer Experiences (and Journeys)

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Today’s customer wants to communicate with you across multiple touchpoints and channels.

To do this successfully, it’s crucial to implement an all-in-one approach to your customer’s journey.

Download this white paper and consider:

  • What Does Your Customer’s Journey Look Like?
  • Which Customer Segments Can You Identify?
  • The Experience Design Process
  • Actionable Steps to Improve The Customer Experience

Follow these steps and gain the competitive advantages for delivering exceptional Customer Experiences.

Driving Intelligent Customer Service with Knowledge Management

Sponsored By: Verint

Delivering effective customer service can be a balancing act. While service speed is important, it’s not the only critical factor, since fast answers can be detrimental if they’re incorrect.

What’s the single most important too that can help your organization?

Knowledge Management

In this White Paper you will learn how a Knowledge Management solution can help you deliver across these important metrics:


Download this free white paper and learn how your knowledge management strategy can help you reap the benefits of intelligent customer service.

Designing an Intelligent Contact Center for Competitive Advantage

Sponsored By: Verint®, Confirmit and inContact

Do you want to know the secrets for creating an intelligent Contact Center that keeps evolving as you grow?

DOWNLOAD this latest installment of CRM Magazine’s Best Practices Series and you will hear from the following Contact Center experts with their best tips for delivering better Customer Experiences.

  • Designing an Intelligent Contact Center: Enable, Engage, Evolve by Verint®
  • CX: The Last Sustainable Source of Competitive Advantage in the Contact Center by Confirmit
  • Designing an Intelligent Contact Center by inContact

If you are involved you your company’s Contact Center or Customer Experience initiatives, DOWNLOAD this concise Best Practices Guide today.

IVR in an Omnichannel World

Sponsored By: Nuance

When it comes to customer service in the digital age, people only want to talk to someone as a last resort. The worst thing you can do is frustrate your callers. Fortunately, there’s a far better way.

Download This White Paper and Learn These


1) Recognize callers faster with voice biometrics

2) Don’t sound like a robot, become more conversational

3) Personalize the experience by drawing from readily available information

4) Proactively anticipate customer needs

5) Create consistency across every channel

Next steps?

DOWNLOAD the full length guide for more in-depth insights into:

  • Why it’s important to make your IVR part of your omni-channel strategy
  • 5 ways to modernize your IVR
  • Creating an actionable roadmap to help you get there

Watch the video, and see a modern IVR in action.

Analytics: Data-Driven Relationships for Better Customer Experiences

Sponsored By: Convergys, Sisense and TrustSphere

2017 is the year that customer experience analytics jumps into the mainstream propelled by its promise of success.

When it comes to data, one thing is certain: It’s far easier to collect than to analyze.

This Best Practices installment offers three very important guides for success: How to build a Customer Experience Analytics Framework, How to Budget for a Business Intelligence initiative, and, How to Use Relationship Analytics to Improve Sales Effectiveness.

Download and you will receive:

  • 5 Tips for Creating A CX Analytics Framework: Making Sense of an Evolving Industry from Convergys

  • How to Build Business Intelligence Software into Your 2017 Budget from Sisense

  • Using Applied Relationship Analytics to Improve Sales Effectiveness from TrustSphere

Make sure your CX programs are guided by CX Analytics in 2017!

2017 MEGATRENDS: CRM Predictions from Top Industry Experts

Sponsored By: Convergys, ServiceNow, Verint, Conga, Infor, Pegasystems and Bigtincan

Check out this year’s predictions from industry experts about what to look for in 2017.

If our predictors are correct, it seems that 2017 will be a year deeper data-based insights, better digital experiences with human options for more complex interactions, and friction-free customer journeys—in other words, evolution versus revolution.

Do you agree?

DOWNLOAD this preview to the year ahead and understand the visions of what leading companies are betting on in 2017:

  • From Big Data to Smart Data in 2017 from Convergys
  • A Quick Guide to Modernizing Customer Service from ServiceNow
  • Customer Service in 2017 Yes, it’s going digital—but with a few interesting twists from Verint ®
  • Four CRM Life Hacks to Create a Painless Customer Journey from Conga
  • Driving Campaigns with Data Science from Infor
  • Turning Customer Engagement on Its Head from Pegasystems
  • Bigtincan Is Revolutionizing The Sales Enablement Space! from Bigtincan

Driving New Marketing Opportunities with Marketing Data Lakes

Sponsored By: Informatica

How a New Generation of Marketing Analytics (and a Big Data mindset) Changes Everything

Ever struggle with these questions?

-Which of my marketing channels drives the most revenue?

-How can I increase returns?

-Where should I spend next year’s marketing budget?

Learn how Data Lakes answers these and other most perplexing questions.

From Contact Center to Customer Engagement Center

Sponsored By: Genesys, Avaya, Verint, and Aspect

This is a big topic, so it’s fitting that four of the biggest names in customer engagement have offered their insights on how to make the transition from Contact Center to Customer Engagement Center.

DOWNLOAD this single, complete guide and you will receive:

  • The Key to Omnichannel Customer Engagement Success? An Integrated Platform for Voice and Digital Channels from Genesys

  • From Contact Center to Customer Engagement Center from Avaya

  • Increasing Engagement with Knowledge Management from Verint®

  • 7 Capabilities for a Superior Customer Engagement Center from Aspect

Be the driving force in your organization to make the progression to customer engagement center, the next level in customer service.

Roundtable Webinar Date for this topic: February 10, 2017

The Fundamentals of Effective Customer Experience

Sponsored By: Jacada, Avaya, Confirmit, inMoment and BoldChat

Learn how your company can deliver great customer experiences by keeping a close eye on customer journeys, listening to what customers have to say, and interacting with customers consistently and effectively, no matter which channel they choose.

To achieve these great experiences, your employees need to have the right tools.

DOWNLOAD this comprehensive guide to Customer Experience Management and you will receive these FIVE unique perspectives from industry leaders.

  • How You Listen Matters from InMoment
  • Customer Engagement Takes The Spotlight from Avaya
  • The Fundamentals Of Delivering Superior Customer Experience In The Digital Age from Jacada
  • Customer Experience: Proving Effectiveness & Hitting The Bottom Line from Confirmit
  • Deliver Stellar Customer Experiences With Live Chat from Boldchat

Why Your Company Needs Marketing Automation: It's All About Efficiency

Sponsored By: Marketo and Real Magnet

In 2016, marketing automation applications have finally reached the status of breakout trend gained broad acceptance as a must-have solution.

If you need to build a business case to secure a budget from your executive board to integrate your marketing efforts with a marketing automation platform, you need to download these two business cases:

  • 10 Reasons to Consider Marketing Automation by Marketo
  • Six Reasons Why You Need Marketing Automation by Real Magnet

Marketing automation is all about improving operational efficiencies that drive revenue and these case studies will help you create a rational proposal to join the world of marketing automation.

Connecting With Customers Through SOCIAL MEDIA

Sponsored By: Sparkcentral and Freshdesk

Social media has turned customer service delivery on its head over the past decade or so.

Your customers live on Social Networks, and they are inseparable from their mobile devices.

Download the following Best Practices instalment from CRM magazine and you’ll receive these two primers on delivering effective customer service through social channels.

  • Delivering Effortless Customer Experiences with Social Media by Sparkcentral
  • Social Networks Are Evolving Into a Platform of Convenience by Freshdesk

 Learn how to integrate customer service into your social networks.

CRM FOR CIOs: What Every CIO Needs to Know

Sponsored By: Informatica Corporation

Salesforce Integration for Dummies

The must-read plan for integrating Salesforce effectively.

Salesforce is tracking more than your sales pipeline. It’s being adopted by services, by marketing, and beyond. To play a pivotal role in shaping your Salesforce integration strategy and tame data complexity, you’ll want a plan.

“Salesforce Integration For Dummies” offers step-by-step guidance that’ll help you:

  • Get more out of Salesforce: Integrate information from legacy ERP, other cloud apps (and other systems) into Salesforce to create a 360-degree, customer-centric view.

  • Deal with data complexity: Increasing complexity can snowball and affect successful Salesforce adoption and expansion. We’ll show you the art of navigating Salesforce’s lifecycle.

  • Know what’s needed for optimal Salesforce integration: Identify your integration points, assess your data quality, and create a master data management strategy – all parts of a Salesforce integration plan.

Get your free download of “Salesforce Integration For Dummies.”

Transforming Customer Support With Knowledge Management

Sponsored By: Verint, eGain and RightAnswers

The reason customers are contacting you is that they need answers. All customer support starts with that simple truth.

Effective knowledge management (KM) is crucial to providing customers with the information they need, in a quick, concise, and consistent way across all communications channels.

DOWNLOAD this special supplement to CRM magazine and learn why effective KM has to be a core strategy that is continually refined to satisfy customers, empower employees, and deliver value that directly affects the bottom line.

  • Knowledge Management: An Essential Component of Any Customer Service Strategy by Verint®
  •  The Transformational Value of Knowledge Management for Customer Service and Support by eGain
  •  A Customer Service Approach for the Long Haul by RightAnswers

Find out what effective KM can do for your customer support—and ultimately drive better outcomes for your organization.

Key Contact Center Innovations of 2016

Sponsored By: Transera, a BroadSoft company, USAN, Interactions, Convergys, Aspect, and Avaya

This month’s installment in CRM magazine’s Best Practices Series offers a snapshot of the state of the contact center today, and a glimpse of where it is headed in the very near future.

DOWNLOAD this special supplement to CRM magazine’s and you will receive these six examples of contact center innovations by the leading innovators in the industry.

  • Transform Salesforce Into A Complete Contact Center Solution by Transera, A BroadSoft company
  • Customer Engagement: Omnichannel And Secure by USAN
  • Satisfaction With Customer Service: It’s Personal by Interactions
  • Cross-Channel Orchestration: Helping Agents Connect The Dots by Convergys
  • 3 Cutting-Edge Contact Center Innovations You’re Probably Not Using (But Should Be!) by Aspect
  • Critical Innovations Driving Future Experiences by Avaya

In this one complete supplement you’ll find a mix of concrete innovations that have come to the forefront in 2016, as well as a peek into the future as emerging technologies make innovation possible.

Round Table Webinar on this same topic is on October, 26, 2016