Smart Customer Service White Papers

7 Steps to Greater Employee Accountability and Autonomy in a Remote World


Agents prefer remote and hybrid work, but overseeing offsite teams significantly complicates workforce management.

How can you mitigate the gaps between remote and onsite agent performance?

It’s a win/win – you just need a new model.

DOWNLOAD this 7-step approach to managing an offsite or hybrid workforce and learn how to create a model that fosters an engaged workforce while lowering real estate costs, decreasing labor expenses, and increasing employee retention.

Deliver More Human Interactions: Pairing Customer Feedback Strategies With Messaging


Can you think of a time when unforeseen outcomes or unintended consumer behavior were enabled by technology?

Here’s a counterintuitive example that you should consider.

“47 percent of consumers aged 18 to 24 chose agent-assisted channels, despite chatbots and advanced conversational AI taking over the CX industry.”

DOWNLOAD this whitepaper and learn how you can maximize your CX efforts where it actually matters, not where you thought it should matter.

A Clear Path to Smarter CX Begins with AI-Driven Analytics

Sponsored by: NICE

Learn how AI-powered CX can deliver value for customers, agents, and your overall business health with interaction analytics.

Unlock insights by analyzing 100% of interactions across all channels.

  • Eliminate blind spots with unstructured  feedback
  • Analyze interactions at scale and uncover novel insights
  • Use embedded AI to automate complex decision-making

Understand your customer data at scale.

Digital-First Service Success

Sponsored By: NICE

Customers want fast, convenient digital-first resolutions, which requires effectively harnessing AI and analytics to meet their expectations.

DOWNLOAD this white paper and discover why learning from conversational data is crucial for serving digital-first customers.

More than 80% of customers try self-service first – make sure to serve them in their channel of choice.

Customer Technology Megatrends--What to Watch for in 2023

Sponsored By: Verint

The past couple of years has brought us the Great Resignation, increased customer interactions, and a workforce who will work from home regularly.

Find out how these three outside forces have driven the top customer megatrends you should be on the lookout for in 2023.

DOWNLOAD this whitepaper and learn how human agents and AI-powered bots will work together to support digital-first engagement and can improve experiences for both customers and employees.