Smart Customer Service White Papers

Using Customer Insights to Drive Digital Transformation

Sponsored By: Verint

Digital transformation has acceleration tremendously due to the global pandemic, which has drastically shifted consumer behavior.

But not all digital transformation efforts succeed, but you can make sure your’s does.

DOWNLOAD this white paper from Verint and learn how you can keep your digital transformation initiative on track and producing the results that make a difference to your customers and your bottom line.

Learn 3 ways to keep your digital transformation initiative from failing.

Workforce Optimization for More Productive Agents and More Satisfied Customers

Sponsored By: NICE and Calabrio

The experience of the past year has highlighted workforce optimization (WFO) as a critical component of managing contact center agents comprehensively, regardless of location.

WFO solutions encompass many different technologies and applications and enable excellent customer service by supporting agents as front line brand ambassadors. Call recording, quality monitoring, workforce management, coaching and e-learning, performance management, and even speech analytics fall under the WFO umbrella. From the call center to the back office, WFO is a crucial component to any customer-focused enterprise.

Download this month’s Best Practices installment and learn how WFO solutions enable contact centers to run efficiently and increase customer satisfaction.

Customer Journey Analytics to Improve CX at Scale

Sponsored By: Confirmit, a Forsta Company

Understanding those customer journeys is an extremely important part of any Customer Experience (CX) strategy.

Download this Customer Journey mapping guide and learn the benefits of Journey maps as a diagnostic tool to provide an objective view of the experience being currently delivered to customers.

Learn Forsta’s four phase approach to creating a comprehensive customer journey mapping program.

Supercharging Your Contact Center with Artificial Intelligence

Sponsored By: NICE CXone, Replicant, Five9, NICE, Verint and Kustomer

This month’s Best Practices instalment from CRM Magazine on AI in the contact center is clearly a case of technology that seems to have anticipated its own need and arrived on the scene in the nick of time. AI-powered technologies assisted customers, agents and call centers when businesses need them the most during the pandemic as they scrambled to meet demand.

DOWNLOAD and find out why AI as a ‘must have’ contact center technology and the emergence of a digital workforce of AI powered IVAs to serve customers and employees alike.

Not sure how to proceed? We have a clear and concise 8 step method for deploying a chatbot or virtual agent that everyone should review before they start their journey and frequently throughout rollout.

In this download, you will receive:

  • Best Practices for Implementing A Chatbot Or Virtual Agent by NICE CXone
  • How Voice AI Can Take Your Contact Center To The Next Level by Replicant
  • AI And the Future Of Work In The Contact Center by Five9
  • Leading Businesses Are Using AI to Drive Extraordinary Contact Center Experiences by NICE
  • From Novelty To Necessity: Ai In The Post-Pandemic Contact Center by Verint
  • How to Use AI for Intelligent Customer Service by Kustomer

With $2 billion spent on conversational AI in the past year, and that number expected to double in the next year, I’d recommend downloading this Best Practices pdf and keeping it handy.

Contact Center Innovations: Successful Case Study Snapshots

Sponsored By: Replicant and Concentrix

The proof is in the pudding, as the old saying goes.

DOWNLOAD this month’s installment of CRM magazine’s Best Practices series, and learn how Voice AI and Voice-of-the-Customer solutions have helped real-world organizations and what ROI and CX benefits they have accrued because of these implementations.

You will receive these case studies:

  • How Enterprises Are Leveraging Voice Ai to Cut Call Center Costs By 50% - Replicant
  • CX Program Success: Understanding the Real Role of VoC Software – Concentrix

Case studies, success stories, and real-world results are invaluable for any organization to have the information they need to make the best buying decision possible.

Delivering Better Customer Experiences with Knowledge Automation

Sponsored By: Verint

Learn the crucial role Knowledge Management plays in the technological revolution driven by artificial intelligence.

DOWNLOAD this white paper and learn how KM enables AI by providing a consistent, curated source of knowledge that can be harnessed within other applications, such as conversational AI and agent-assist technologies.

AI is no longer a buzzword; it is being used to solve practical business challenges where the relevance of KM in an AI world has never been greater.

Conversational AI: The Future of Customer Service?

Sponsored By: Replicant and Five9

Natural Language Processing allows you to leverage a “Digital Workforce.”

Download this white paper and gain insights into how to leverage Conversational AI in your contact center to drive better, more efficient experiences for customers and agents alike.

Gain these benefits for your organization:
• Higher automation rates that translate to cost savings
• Higher efficacy and lower customer effort
• Improved customer retention and more revenue
• Higher employee satisfaction

Next Step? Learn how today’s application development tools and speech services allow businesses to deploy Conversational AI swiftly and successfully, without breaking the bank.


Sponsored By: Confirmit, NICE and Verint

A customer-first organization is one that consciously shifts its perspective to view itself from its customers’ point-of-view. The ultimate goal is to influence business outcomes that increase the organization’s profitability and shareholder value.

In this month’s Best Practices installment from CRM Magazine, you will learn how to navigate the path from the C-level strategy to improving shareholder value.

You will receive these expert recommendations from Confirmit, NICE and Verint.

  • Customer First? It’s About Understanding People
  • The Customer First Organization: Mastering the Art of Workforce Augmentation With Intelligent Automation
  • A Simple Strategy for Customer-First Success

DOWNLOAD this special report and learn what our contributors have to offer in your journey from strategy to tactics to your organization’s ultimate goal.

Experience Quality: A Game-Changer for Boosting B2C Satisfaction

Sponsored By: Verint

Overcome CX and Organizational Challenges with Experience Quality

The job of improving B2C satisfaction is not going to get easier. The volume of data is increasing, journeys are changing, and channels are expanding.

DOWNLOAD this white paper from Verint and find out how your existing CX data sets can be integrating with the correct framework and so executives can visualize it in an easy-to digest dashboard and operationalize the information to improve your companies CX performance.

DOWNLOAD now, to find out how to consolidate and visualize your CX Data for fast, smart decisions.

Understanding the Customer Experience in a Digital Age

Sponsored By: Confirmit

Smartphones have clearly propelled us towards a digital-first future as the gateway to almost everything else – messaging through apps, shopping, social media, phone, and video calls.

But how can your company stay responsive and better understand customers who increasingly connect through digital channels?

DOWNLOAD this white paper from Confirmit and learn how to listen to your customers at critical points in the customer journey with feedback that will keep your Customer Experience efforts on track.

Learn how a well-deployed voice-of-the-customer program can provide your stakeholders what they need to make better decisions.