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A customer-first organization is one that consciously shifts its perspective to view itself from its customers’ point-of-view. The ultimate goal is to influence business outcomes that increase the organization’s profitability and shareholder value.

In this month’s Best Practices installment from CRM Magazine, you will learn how to navigate the path from the C-level strategy to improving shareholder value.

You will receive these expert recommendations from Confirmit, NICE and Verint.

  • Customer First? It’s About Understanding People
  • The Customer First Organization: Mastering the Art of Workforce Augmentation With Intelligent Automation
  • A Simple Strategy for Customer-First Success

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Experience Quality: A Game-Changer for Boosting B2C Satisfaction

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Overcome CX and Organizational Challenges with Experience Quality

The job of improving B2C satisfaction is not going to get easier. The volume of data is increasing, journeys are changing, and channels are expanding.

DOWNLOAD this white paper from Verint and find out how your existing CX data sets can be integrating with the correct framework and so executives can visualize it in an easy-to digest dashboard and operationalize the information to improve your companies CX performance.

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Understanding the Customer Experience in a Digital Age

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Smartphones have clearly propelled us towards a digital-first future as the gateway to almost everything else – messaging through apps, shopping, social media, phone, and video calls.

But how can your company stay responsive and better understand customers who increasingly connect through digital channels?

DOWNLOAD this white paper from Confirmit and learn how to listen to your customers at critical points in the customer journey with feedback that will keep your Customer Experience efforts on track.

Learn how a well-deployed voice-of-the-customer program can provide your stakeholders what they need to make better decisions. 

The Emerging Convergence of Employee and Customer Experience: practice and technology in four areas shaping the future of the contact center

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The link between customer experience (CX) and business success has long been known, but there is also a strong relation between employee satisfaction and concrete business results.

DOWNLOAD this white paper from NICE and learn out how to increase your CX by increasing your own employees’ satisfaction by providing them with the tools and processes that will enable them to do their jobs better.

This white paper covers:

• Agents, Technology and Customer Experience
• Analytics and Machine Learning
• Scheduling and Forecasting
• Performance and Visibility

Recognizing and acting on the connection between employee satisfaction and better customer experience is crucial to creating systematic framework for better CX at a fundamental level.

Megatrends in Customer Experience: Near-Term Adjustments and Long-Term Structural Changes

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If there has been a bright spot in the COVID-19 crisis, now entering its second year, it is the role technology has played in serving customers despite extraordinary circumstances.

What started as a scramble to enable business continuity for employees and customers alike has grown into an effort to adapt to the long-term realities that organizations now face.

But what still needs to be done in 2021 to deal with the new normal?

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  • How Covid-19 Has Reshaped Inbound Authentication Neustar
  • Top Digital Engagement Trends In 2021 Khoros
  • 3 Ways to Embrace the Evolving World of Remote Work Calabrio
  • Shaping the Future of Work In 2021 And Beyond Verint

2021 will be a seminal year for Customer Experience. DOWNLOAD these expert insights for the trends that will matter in post COVID corporate America.

Creating a Customer Engagement Center

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Why were some customer service organizations quickly able transition to the new (ab)normal this year?

Learn how organizations were able to transition to the unanticipated business conditions of 2020 quickly and even seamlessly. 

DOWNLOAD this special supplement to CRM Magazine and you will receive these two white papers which will help your organization reach the next level of creating a Creating a Customer Engagement Center:

• The New Digital Customer Engagement for The New (Ab)Normal by eGain

• 3 Customer Experience Trends Transforming Contact Centers by Conduent

Find out how forward-looking businesses were able to accommodate customers even in the midst of a pandemic.

Smarter than the IVR: The Genius of IVAs

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Personal voice assistants like Siri have profoundly shaped consumer expectations around self-service. Unfortunately, consumer expectations generally outpace reality when it comes to Enterprise level consumer self-service.

Customers expect your organization to offer an experience across channels, where they can ask their questions organically and get fast, accurate responses.

Thankfully, Interactive Virtual Assistants (IVAs) combine automation with personalization, and give consumers an experience that feels convenient without feeling solely transactional.

Learn how IVAs can improve your Customer Experiences, and align with your business goals to simplify, modernize, and automate customer engagement.

Smart Insight: Moving Beyond the Survey

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Think about Voice of the Customer survey’s from the customer’s perspective.

Rather than defaulting to the “let’s do a survey” approach, we would suggest asking three questions that will help you to determine if (and what) more survey data is needed.

1.      What do I really need to know?

2.      What is the most credible source for the data I need? How do I even find it?

3.      What information am I still missing?

Connect what you have, collect what you really need, focus on the connections you are building and you will be well placed to start managing – and improving – the customer experience.

Download this Best Practices White Paper from Confirmit and find out how to conduct your voice of the customer program from the customer’s point of view and get better insights.

Data Quality: The Key Ingredient in a Data-Driven Customer Strategy

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Data by itself is useless. Without gleaning actual insights from data that can be acted upon to solve a business issue, collecting vast amounts of it will only obscure patterns and prevent any understanding of what it all means.

Luckily, there has been an explosion of business intelligence (BI) and customer analytics tools in the past several years to help make sense of all that information. Ultimately, these tools enable users to make better, data-backed decisions, and they are becoming easier to use thanks to enhancements like natural language processing, search, and conversational analytics.

In 2021, augmented analytics will be a dominant driver behind new purchases of analytics and business intelligence, data science and machine earning platforms, and embedded analytics. BI and customer analytics tools are about to deliver on the promise of allowing everyone—organizations of all sizes and line-of-business users who aren’t data scientists—to reap the benefits of data-backed decision making. Download this Best Practices installment and better understand what to consider with your BI and customer analytics initiatives.