Smart Customer Service White Papers

Data Quality: The Key Ingredient in a Data-Driven Customer Strategy

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Data by itself is useless. Without gleaning actual insights from data that can be acted upon to solve a business issue, collecting vast amounts of it will only obscure patterns and prevent any understanding of what it all means.

Luckily, there has been an explosion of business intelligence (BI) and customer analytics tools in the past several years to help make sense of all that information. Ultimately, these tools enable users to make better, data-backed decisions, and they are becoming easier to use thanks to enhancements like natural language processing, search, and conversational analytics.

In 2020, augmented analytics will be a dominant driver behind new purchases of analytics and business intelligence, data science and machine earning platforms, and embedded analytics. BI and customer analytics tools are about to deliver on the promise of allowing everyone—organizations of all sizes and line-of-business users who aren’t data scientists—to reap the benefits of data-backed decision making. Download this Best Practices installment and better understand what to consider with your BI and customer analytics initiatives.

AI and the Contact Center: What You Need to Know

Sponsored By: CallMiner, eGain and Vonage

The contact center is where artificial intelligence will have perhaps the greatest impact on organizations in the next decade. It will reshape traditional IVRs with natural language processing, machine learning, and robotic process automation. It will capture data from customer interactions to provide better future recommendations and outcomes. And it will speed up all of these processes for customers and make agents more effective and even improve their engagement, as they are relieved of mind-numbing repetitive tasks and have access to more accurate problem-solving tools.

Download this installment of our Best Practices series and learn how AI solutions will help your organization improve customer service, predict customer needs and behavior, and increase operational efficiencies.

Four Ways to Modernize the Customer Service Experience

Sponsored By: Verint

One of the biggest challenges in customer service is staying up-to-date with customer preferences for how they want to be served.
With consumers relying more and more on self-service, it's important to optimize those experiences while continuing to deliver high-quality service in agent-assisted interactions, too.

DOWNLOAD this Best Practices installment and find out how to modernize your outdated applications and processes to meet the needs of today's customers.

LEARN the four key technologies to consider as you look to modernize your customer service and support experience.

Why Is Customer Experience So Darn Important? And How to Improve Your CX Efforts

Sponsored By: Neustar and NICE

DOWNLOAD this month’s Best Practices installment features submissions from Neustar and NICE that do an excellent job of detailing the obstacles that impede the delivery of a high-quality customer experience (CX). Thankfully, they also offer the concise steps needed to take your CX to the next level.

In this special abstract, you will receive:

  • Six Steps To Combat Robocalls And Improve The Customer Experience(Neustar)
  • How To Improve Your CX Efforts With Quality Management Powered By AI Analytics (NICE)

If you are grappling with improving the effectiveness of you Customer Experience efforts or reclaiming voice as an outbound channel, you should DOWNOAD this pdf now and start building a business case for implementing these strategies and solutions in your own organization.

Businesses Need to Embrace New Insights

Sponsored By: Confirmit

Download this roadmap for using Business Intelligence and Customer Analytics to gain insights which will help you make the critical decisions that drive growth and profitability, even in the current Covid climate.

There is no better time to reevaluate business processes and strategies than in times of great change.

Learn how you can advance your understanding of the critical factors affecting your business and get real insights for data based decision making.

Conversational AI Use Cases in Customer Service

Sponsored By: Inference Solutions, Verint and eGain

Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers a seminal advancement in the way we interact with computers. Forget the menus, touchscreens, or mouse-clicks: Customers can now just use their voice to engage with a computer, an action that requires no learning curve. Plus, the value of these conversational AI applications will improve with use as they learn on the job.  

Clearly, Conversational AI is set to join the ranks of extremely important technology building blocks that will change the way we do business and the expectations we have as consumers.

DOWNLOAD this special Best Practices section from CRM Magazine and you will receive:

  • Conversational AI Success Stories You Can’t Afford To Ignore - Inference Solutions
  • Conversational AI Comes of Age - Verint
  • The Transformational Value of Conversational AI for Customer Service - eGain

The return-on-investment numbers for Conversational AI look hugely promising and real-world use cases show strong ROI, and where to begin for quick wins. 

Smart Customer Support Transformation

Sponsored By: NICE Nexidia and Neustar

Check out his month’s Best Practices topic on Smart Customer Support transformation and has two contributed submissions that address major contact center pain points with truly smart applications of technology.

First, learn how to supercharge your call routing with personalized call routing that connects customers with the best available agent that fits that customer’s communication profile and predicted needs.

Next, if your outbound calling efforts have lost its effectiveness, find out how to overcome this issue by helping your customers have confidence that the caller ID information they see displayed is really who you are with  call authentication tools to ensure consumers are confident the caller ID is accurate and not being spoofed by scammers.

In this month’s Best Practices series you will receive:

  • Smart Customer Service Transformation Begins With Smarter Connections NICE Nexidia
  • 3 Steps To Improve Customer Contact Rates And Protect Your Brand By Optimizing Outbound Calls Neustar

DOWNLOAD NOW and receive both Best Practices which have helped many organizations serve their customers with intelligent tools that have proven marketplace success.

How Do You Measure Customer Experience?

Sponsored By: CallMiner, Confirmit and Verint

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure” is an often-cited aphorism attributed to Peter Drucker, and it certainly remains true when attempting to systematically improve customer experiences.

DOWNLOAD this month’s installment of CRM magazine’s Best Practices series, and learn from three spot-on contributions from industry experts focusing on the measurement of customer experience and voice-of-the-customer programs.

This download contains:

  • Measuring Voice of The Customer: Data-Driven Strategies To Unlock Customer Experience Insights by Callminer 
  • Measuring Customer Experience: Think Beyond the Numbers by Confirmit
  • Measuring The Customer Experience: Collect Everywhere And Share Across The Business by Verint

This month’s topic will help you determine the best way to measure your CX initiatives and make continual improvements to your programs over time to stay on track.

If this is a topic that resonates with you, join us on a roundtable webcast on August 12, 2020!

Creating a Great Omnichannel Experience for Great Customer Experiences

Sponsored By: Kitewheel and eGain

DOWNLOAD this installment of CRM’s Best Practices series, and learn how to create great omnichannel customer experiences that will distinguish your organization and help you achieve competitive advantage.

Learn how to frame the solutions that will serve as a solid foundation for the kind of continuous improvement that will scale as your business grows, prospers, and experiences changing market conditions.

In this download, you will receive:

  • The Road To Realtime Omni-Channel Engagement & Revenue Quick Wins for Brands (and their Agencies) by Kitewheel

  • What Makes Omnichannel Customer Service A Success by eGain

 This installment offers great information to consider as your organization plans its omnichannel strategy.

Customer Authentication, Identity Resolution, and Voice Biometrics

Sponsored By: Neustar and Verint

Why spend the first segment of every phone contact putting your customers through an interrogation to prove who they are?

When it comes to discussing high value or complex issues, resolving problems, or conveying sensitive information, a phone call is still the top choice for consumers.

And what about the huge issue that has plagued legitimate outbound callers over the past several years—namely, that people have stopped answering their phones?

DOWNLOAD this instalment of CRM Magazine’s Best Practices and find out how your company can help your customers identify your company when the roles are reversed and you need to contact them.

You will receive:

  • When Customers Stop Answering Their PHONES by Neustar 
  • Getting Started With Voice Biometrics by Verint

You don’t need to cede the voice channel for outbound customer communications, but you do need to actively contribute to your own identity resolution.

Find out how you can maintain security and increase trust with the information in this Best Practices installment.