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Happier Agents Create Happier Customers

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Learn how to help your organization maximize both agent and customer engagement.

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Welcome to the Customer Experience Center!

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The challenges we faced pre-pandemic are still pressing, but the events of the past two-plus years have added fresh obstacles.

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  • PREPARING FOR THE PERFECT CONTACT CENTER STORM: 6 Steps to Reduce Supply Chain & Labor Shortage Impacts on CX - UJET
  • RECOMMENDATION METRICS: Which One Would You Recommend? - Concentrix

This post-pandemic period is a great time to hit the reset button and take a look at your contact center to prepare for the next decade.

The Power of Personalization in Customer Experience

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Now is your chance to leverage the Great Reset among customers who have accelerated their adoption of digital customer service with a personalization strategy that will capture their attention.

Solving transactional issues quickly are table stakes but maximizing customer engagement with personalized touchpoints is a worthy long-term strategy.

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  • When Self-Help Is The Best Help - NICE CXone
  • Designing Omnichannel Customer Experience That Actually Works - UJET
  • AI FOR CX: Thinking Beyond Efficiency and Scalability - Verint

The events of the past few years have accelerated a fundamental shift in consumer adoption of digital customer service and service organizations need to take full advantage of this rare shift in digital momentum.

AI-Powered Self-Service: The Next Step in Empowering Your Customers

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  • Eight Steps to Smart Self-Service: A Blueprint for Empowering Customers - NICE
  • Customer Self-Service: How to Take It to The Next Level - eGain
  • Ticket Deflection: The Key to Happy Support Teams - Forethought

It’s clear that self-service will merge with artificial intelligence in the not-too-distant future.

Learn what key steps you should consider now to set on a path for future success.

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

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Great Resignation or Great Reset? Both, but the implications of the great reset have fundamentally altered the trajectory of business practices moving forward forever.

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  • Transform Your Contact Center Into An Employer Of Choice: How To Attract, Equip And Retain Top Talent (UJET)
  • How Contact Centers Help Build Customer Lifetime Value (NICE CXone)

Imagine if your brand could attract, train, and retain first-class customer advocates? What are the best ways to build customer lifetime value?

Digital Transformation of the Contact Center

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Download this month’s Best Practices installment which features five concrete recommendations to drive success by digitally transforming your contact center. You'll learn what a well-run, AI-infused, digital contact center looks like, the first thing you should implement with your mobile engagement strategy, how Conversational AI augmented with a knowledge hub in necessary for real digital transformation and why to start the Customer Journey at the first digital entry points.

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  • Digital Economy: The Biggest Disruptor to CX by Concentrix
  • Mobile Engagement: The Gateway to Happier Customers & Better Business Results by UJET
  • Inside The Digital Contact Center by Verint
  • The Transformational Value Of Conversational AI For Customer Service by eGain
  • Reimagining Customer Experience Beyond the Contact Center by NICE

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Speech Analytics in the Contact Center

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Speech analytics can glean critical insights from the torrent of unstructured voice data flowing through a contact center. Analysis of voice data has been the missing piece for monitoring what is happening in the contact center in real-time. There can be no digital transformation of the contact center without speech analytics.

It is no wonder that speech analytics is one of the fastest-growing call center technology segments. Speech analytics can analyze 100% of customer interactions to detect trends and emotions that might signal a problem. It can also empower agents in real-time and guide them to provide better service by improving their effectiveness and consistency.

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Identity Verification in a Scary World

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One of the most insidious crimes targeting individuals and institutions is identity theft and fraud. Its total cost to consumers was $56 billion in 2020 alone. Fraudsters have become very sophisticated at targeting call centers and online accounts, especially when security hasn’t kept pace with creative hackers.

Most customers are willing to submit to security questions because they know that these inconveniences are put in place to protect them. But is there a better way to ensure that security without undue friction to the customer?

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Megatrends in Customer Technology: Expert Predictions for 2022 and Beyond

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In the 25 years since the launch of CRM magazine in 1997, an entire ecosystem of customer technologies has completely transformed the way organizations deliver customer support and market and sell their products and services.

Advances in broadband, Wi-Fi, smartphones, social networks, and ecommerce and rapidly changing customer expectations have radically altered the way we live and do business.

In this month’s Best Practices topic, we asked our contributors to peer into the future and share their predictions for which trends will yield the most significant opportunities or challenges in the near and long term.

This glimpse into the future is always fun and fascinating. Download this Best Practices installment and read expert predictions and learn how to make sense of it all.

How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

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Delivering exceptional customer experiences (CX) is the goal of C-suite decision makers and CX professionals everywhere. But how should companies approach this lofty goal and reap the benefits of more loyal customers, higher profit margins, and increased shareholder value?

Download this month’s Best Practices Series and build a business case for your CX programs so you can deliver exceptional experiences that ensure your competitive edge.