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CRM Megatrends to Watch in 2020: A Preview of Forces Driving Customer Technologies in 2020

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Authentication, automation, and agent analytics all improve the performance of the contact center and increase the probability of better customer experiences and higher employee engagement.

This year’s installment of Megatrends to Watch in 2020 are all contact center-centric. Download this month’s Best Practices and you ill receive:

  • Rising Consumer Expectations Will Revolutionize Authentication In 2020 (Neustar)
  • Automation Everywhere (Verint)
  • 7 Important Call Center Skills Every Agent Should Have (CallMiner)

Find out what our experts predict as the trends driving Customer Experience in 2020!

Make your CRM work for your humans. With Troops.

Sponsored By: Troops

You need to make strategic decisions, drive the sales process, collaborate on big deals, and keep everyone informed so you can deliver for your customers and win. But you can’t do that if the data you need isn’t in your CRM. The solution isn’t pestering your reps. Your CRM has data. Your people have intelligence. Connect them—with Troops.

2020 Contact Center Innovations

Sponsored By: NICE inContact, Verint, TTEC, eGain and Inference Solutions

What were the breakout trends in the contact center in 2019 and what can we look forward to in 2020?

This Best Practices Guide will uncover which trends firmly took hold this year and which trends are poised to play a bigger role next year.

DOWNLOAD this report and you will receive:

  • Amplifying B2B Inside Sales Success with AI from NICE inContact
  • Rethinking Workforce Management: Six Game-Changing Innovations from Verint
  • 7 Ways to Modernize Voice for Today’s Digital Customer from TTEC
  • Make Next-Gen Agents Successful in The Digital Era from eGain
  • Intelligent Virtual Agents: A Smart Investment for Innovation In 2020 from Inference Solutions

If your company is interested in finding out about the most cutting edge Contact Center solutions from 2019, and what lies ahead for 2020, this report is a must-read.

Conversational AI for Better Customer Experiences

Sponsored By: SmartAction, Gridspace and Inference Solutions

Conversational AI is the breakthrough technology of the year for driving better customer experiences.

Download the following installment from CRM Magazine’s Best Practices series, and learn how to successfully implement your conversational AI initiatives with these recommendations from our contributing experts.

In in this download, you will receive all three of these white papers:

  • 4 BEST PRACTICES FOR AI SELF-SERVICE WITHOUT COMPROMISE Automate More Without Sacrificing an Ounce of Customer Experience - SmartAction
  • CONVERSATIONAL AI GOES MAINSTREAM How businesses of all sizes are rapidly, and affordably, adopting natural language for customer self-service - Inference Solutions

Conversational AI is one of the biggest breakthrough technologies of 2019, and one that is forecast to grow significantly in the years to come.

Customer Support Transformation: The Leading Trends in Customer Support and Engagement

Sponsored By: Zendesk and TTEC

DOWNLOAD this Best Practices installment and learn valuable insights into implementing an entire world-class customer service solution and how to balance artificial intelligence and automation with human agents for maximum results.

Successful support transformation requires meticulous planning at every phase and the flexibility to adapt to unforeseen issues that may arise.

Learn -

  • 4 Strategies for Implementing a World-Class Customer Service Solution - Zendesk
  • 3 Ways to Combine AI and Automation with Humans for Cutting-Edge Customer Care - TTEC

If transforming your organization’s customer support is important to you, you need to consider these crucial expert recommendations.

Voice of the Customer: Step Away From The Survey

Sponsored By: Confirmit

Successful companies need to become trusted partners for their customers. Be clear with your customers about what you are asking them about and why. And, tell them what you did with the feedback they provided.

Before you send out that next survey, you need to:

  • Connect what you have
  • Collect only what you really need
  • And, make the right connections so you can make decisions that drive real business outcomes.

DOWNLOAD this white paper and learn the 3 questions you need to know before you send a customer survey:

1) What Do I Need To Know?

2) Where Can I Find The Data I Need?

3) Now Can I Send A Survey?

Learn the rules of thumb you need to consider before bothering your customers with information you already have, or ask them more questions that you’ll never act upon.

Level-Up Your CX with Real-Time VOC Analytics

Sponsored By: TTEC

Discover your Customer’s Voice.

Even a successful VOC program must evolve to keep up with customer demands and expectations. Listening closely for impactful insights from your customers means utilizing the right technology, analytics, and practices to garner meaningful results.

Here are four ways to accelerate and enhance the VOC analytics process:

  • Collect customer feedback from wider and more diverse VOC data source
  • Capture deeper insights with more powerful analytics and tools
  • Use a comprehensive framework to proactively surface and distribute insights
  • Continuously act and implement VOC analytics insights

DOWNLOAD this white paper from and begin delivering more impactful customer experiences.

    Make Your Automation More Intelligent: The State of AI in Marketing

    Sponsored By: CallTrackingMetrics

    Marketing automation tools have truly empowered marketers and business owners alike to get in front of customers in ways they previously weren’t able to. In fact, a 2019 survey reported that 75% of marketers now employ at least one type of marketing automation tool.

    Download this Automated Intelligence white paper, and learn how:

    1. Automating your emails, phone outreach, and more grants you and your team the opportunity to save time and resources while also engaging your customers in their moment of interest.
    2. To Make your marketing automation efforts more effective using automated intelligence
    3. AI can help you can identify the criteria or data points that you’ll use to qualify or segment customers within your database.

    Explore real use cases for automated intelligence.

    Leading Self-Service Customer Support Trends in 2019

    Sponsored By: eGain, Verint and TTEC

    In the following special installment of CRM magazine’s Best Practices series, you will find recommendations from three of the world’s leading self-service, chatbot, and intelligent virtual assistant solution providers.

    DOWNLOAD this one complete pdf and you will receive:

    • I’LL DO IT MYSELF! How Self-Service Customer Support Is Leading the Way With IVAs (Verint)

    Learn Best Practices tips from the experts!

    The Essential Guide to Creating Efficient Customer Journeys

    Sponsored By: NICE Nexidia and TTEC

    Customer journey mapping and subsequent customer journey analysis are essential to creating customer paths that allow flexibility for exceptions but efficiency for the masses. Both of these critical exercises are essential for business leaders to experience their products or services through the eyes of their actual customers and make the necessary changes that reduce any friction or cause any unnoticed issues that affect the entire customer experience. This is quite challenging for complex journeys.

    Join us in this installment of our Best Practices Series and guide our readers toward creating customer journeys that yield the best results for their businesses.

    AI and the Contact Center: Radical Revolution or Methodical Evolution?

    Sponsored By: Concentrix, Verint and TTEC

    According to Gartner, “By 2019, artificial intelligence platform services will cannibalize revenues for 30% of market-leading companies servicing contact centers.” AI will affect technologies in every corner of the contact center—speech recognition, workforce optimization, knowledge management, predictive analytics, and all manner of customer-facing and agent-assisting technologies. Now is the time to start developing a long-term, cross-organizational AI road map, no matter what corner of the organization you are in.

    Download this month’s Best Practices guide and get expert recommendations for delivering AI solutions in your contact center.

    The IVR in the New Age of Voice

    Sponsored By: Concentrix and Verint

    The traditional heavy lifter of customer communications has been the technology known as interactive voice response (IVR), which allows computers to interact with customers through the use of voice and touch tones.

    In many ways, IVRs have been overwhelmed by the proliferation of new channels that have come online—like chat, SMS, and co-browsing—but many experts feel that IVRs are about to make a major resurgence as the customer’s channel of choice.

    Download this month’s installment of CRM Magazine’s Best Practices series and learn what role IVRs will serve in the future of customer support.