Social Customer Service

To say that United Airlines has been in hot water recently is an understatement. Now, United Airlines has rolled out 10 new customer service policies in response to some of the recent incidents, but one customer service expert argues they're simply not enough.
Posted April 28, 2017

Vee24's Version 10 platform release offers chatbots, intelligent routing, metrics, and analytics.
Posted April 28, 2017

Chatbots are promising, but many of them simply don't add business value from a customer service perspective—yet. With the introduction today of the Pega Intelligence Virtual Assistant, Pegasystems is setting out to accelerate the process by offering artificial intelligence extenders for platforms including Facebook, Slack, and others.
Posted April 18, 2017

Just a few months after revamping its Direct Messages, Twitter added a new feature to the offering: the location request feature, enabling businesses to ask customers they're conversing with to share their location via direct message.
Posted April 07, 2017

A new agent interface and Skylight feature facilitates interactions between agents and customers.
Posted March 22, 2017

The acquisition of HipMob furthers Conversocial's shift toward the convergence of social, messaging, web chat, and in-app messaging.
Posted March 22, 2017

8 mistakes companies make when dealing with customers on social media.
Posted March 03, 2017

There's a science behind human connection and the emotional aspects of customer interaction, but not all engagements are appropriate for humans versus machines.
Posted February 21, 2017

Aspect Software has launched its new cloud-based customer engagement center, Via, available immediately in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Via will be available to customers in Europe in the second quarter. Aspect first previewed the Via product last May.
Posted February 01, 2017

A comprehensive industry solution lets retail banks collect and act on customer feedback. (Featured on
Posted January 17, 2017

Conversocial CROWDS enables businesses to integrate brand ambassadors into wider customer service efforts through peer-to-peer resolution,
Posted December 07, 2016

Social media is an important aspect of marketing and communication for many organizations, but it is also becoming a necessary channel for providing top-tier customer service. To support customers' desire to take to social media when they need help, Verint Systems has enahnced its Social Engagement solution.
Posted December 06, 2016

Twitter today introduced two new features to help companies create better conversational experiences with customers via Direct Messages on the social media site.
Posted November 01, 2016

Context is just as important as content when keeping track of what customers have to say on social media.
Posted September 13, 2016

Using social media as a customer service tool, companies can expect huge revenue increases.
Posted September 02, 2016

inContact, a provider of cloud contact center and workforce optimization software, has partnered with HelpSocial, providers of an integration platform for customer care and social media, to bring social media customer care abilities to contact center agents using inContact's Open Cloud Platform.
Posted August 11, 2016

Acquiring Airwoot will expands Freshdesk's capabilities in social customer service.
Posted April 13, 2016

The launch of Channel API includes initial integration partnerships with social monitoring and analytics solutions providers Synthesio and Brandwatch.
Posted April 05, 2016

With the right metrics, social customer service teams can provide better service.
Posted March 29, 2016

Effective social customer support requires personalization, dedicated resources, and an investment in agent performance improvements.
Posted March 15, 2016

Social customer service platform providers partner on a solution that combines online forums with peer-to-peer resolution across social channels. (Featured on
Posted March 14, 2016

Microsoft today announced that the spring wave of Dynamics CRM 2016 will be available to online customers in the second quarter of this year. The new release will bring a number of changes, including the addition of field service capabilities and portal solutions.
Posted March 02, 2016

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has named Interactive Intelligence Group, a provider of cloud services for customer engagement, collaboration, and communications, as an Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN).
Posted March 01, 2016

In the world of social media, companies need to respond to customers, and they can't afford to wait.
Posted February 26, 2016

Directly's certified experts enables companies to send a high volume of customer questions to their expert users for fast resolution.
Posted February 24, 2016, a provider of machine learning applications to help enterprises provide better customer experiences, today launched Wise Auto Response, an intelligent auto reply functionality for customer support organizations. Using machine learning to understand the intent of incoming tickets and determine the best available response, Wise Auto Response automatically selects and applies the appropriate reply to address customer issues without involving agents.
Posted January 27, 2016

Companies must equip their contact centers to handle digital and omnichannel customer inquiries and provide a means for self-service support.
Posted January 22, 2016

New management tools, workflow enhancements, and a community-as-a-service deployment model round out the enhancements to Telligent Community. (Featured on
Posted January 20, 2016

Consumer trends give small and midsized businesses new tools to drive better customer service.
Posted December 16, 2015

The rise in digital channels requires contact centers to address new metrics for agent performance.
Posted December 04, 2015

With contact center metrics, it's time to look beyond the phone call and into the digital customer experience.
Posted December 01, 2015

Bright Pattern updated its call center software that extends Zendesk's cloud-based customer service platform with omnichannel cloud contact center capabilities.
Posted November 18, 2015

Social media offers organizations a world of customer insights and performance improvement opportunities. However, a misguided strategy is enough to turn it all into failure.
Posted November 06, 2015

Social media is really here as a customer contact channel. Here's what the new service world is going to look like.
Posted October 23, 2015

Posted October 19, 2015

Satisfaction Prediction uses machine learning to identify which customer interactions are at risk of turning bad in real time.
Posted October 07, 2015

Posted September 23, 2015

Posted September 11, 2015

Bright Pattern has added the WeChat messenger to its omnichannel call center platform.
Posted September 09, 2015

Vocalcom Social Care integrates with Twitter's new data products for customer care.
Posted September 03, 2015

The integrated technology platform connects customers' digital journeys to the contact center.
Posted August 21, 2015

Partnership complements 3CLogic's contact center solution with social media software to support multichannel customer service.
Posted June 18, 2015

MiContact Center Solidus offers improved multichannel customer experience from single agent desktop, announces partnership with Teleopti.
Posted June 17, 2015

Solutions drives personalized interactions that improve customer engagement and patient health outcomes.
Posted May 28, 2015

Aer Lingus and other clients use solution to expand social customer engagement.
Posted May 20, 2015

Organization to hire thousands of agents, create customer-centric culture.
Posted May 07, 2015

Growing demand tied to increase in mobility and customer self-service.
Posted May 04, 2015

Capabilities feature real-time monitoring of key metrics, including chat volume, visitor experience, and agent performance.
Posted April 16, 2015

Contact centers aren't prepared to handle growing cross-channel demand.
Posted April 10, 2015

With its sixth acquisition, enterprise social technology company accelerates its social consolidation strategy to help brands improve customer experience.
Posted April 09, 2015