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When it comes to call center agent interactions, sounding like a real person instead of a robot is a sure win with customers.
Posted May 22, 2014

Contact centers are hot to try new technologies, but can they get C-level executives to bite?
Posted May 14, 2014

The 'build it and they will come' rule has been thrown out of the playbook. Follow your customers and find your fit in the multichannel world.
Posted May 08, 2014

Biometrics solution authenticates callers through a multilayered process.
Posted May 02, 2014

Are you wearing blinders when it comes to your company's contact center? These call center mistakes can dent your bottom line but the right adjustments, agents, managers and technology can contribute to a happy return.
Posted April 30, 2014

While demand for workforce management systems continues to increase, its growth is solid but not spectacular. Can cloud and mobile solutions save the day?
Posted April 23, 2014

Features include deeper integration with, white labeling, and custom integration of APIs.
Posted April 15, 2014

Do you think your contact center is safe from lawsuits? Think again. The rise in mobile channels is increasing legal woes for the contact center.
Posted April 09, 2014

Do you have a strategy to handle your mobile customers—or are you thinking about implementing one? Here are some tips to point you in the right direction.
Posted April 02, 2014

Artificial intelligence fuels a sophisticated omnichannel platform.
Posted March 25, 2014

While management focuses on satisfying customers, it starts with your front line. Are you making it easy for your agents to wow your customers?
Posted March 18, 2014

The move is the latest in a flurry of acquisitions to boost Mitel's contact center presence by adding voice recording.
Posted March 07, 2014

In a Q&A, IDC analyst Melissa O'Brien talks about the adoption surge in the cloud contact center services market.
Posted March 03, 2014

Virtual assistant technology brings Salesforce technology to consumers' level.
Posted February 25, 2014

From contact center solutions to social media to building communities, here are some actionable steps to take to instill confidence in your company.
Posted February 20, 2014

When it comes to contact center failures, technology may be the least of your problems.
Posted February 12, 2014

Good customer service means going beyond gathering consumer information. What you do with that information can impact your bottom line.
Posted February 05, 2014

Smaller Avaya clients can now access features such as inbound and outbound multichannel customer interactions.
Posted January 28, 2014

Does loyalty still exist? Do customers care more about the experience they receive rather than the product? Here are some thoughts about winning karmic service points.
Posted January 21, 2014

Solution offers smoother customer service for citizen and government interactions.
Posted January 16, 2014

The deal expands Verint's cross-selling opportunities within the customer service market.
Posted January 06, 2014

Jetstar launches virtual assistant using Nuance's Nina customer service platform.
Posted December 19, 2013

The solutions include technologies from Angel, Utopy, and Soundbite Communications, such as call recording, screen capture, and analytics.
Posted November 19, 2013

Increased migration from premises-based solutions to the cloud represents a huge opportunity for vendors, but are they getting it right?
Posted November 13, 2013

Every company dreads the angry customer. Here are some ways to alleviate their pain—and yours.
Posted November 05, 2013

When one channel fails, the onus of delivering a good customer experience can fall on call centers, but can they deliver?
Posted October 29, 2013

Once you've gotten reluctant customers to call into the contact center, how do you convince them to stay with the company?
Posted October 22, 2013

The acquisition of the outbound solution provider gives Nuance a leg up in the inbound/outbound call center solutions arena.
Posted October 11, 2013

Using both traditional and new methods of collecting customer feedback, the newly combined company aims to take a large stake in the multibillion-dollar customer experience management and voice of the customer markets.
Posted October 08, 2013

Social media is here to stay. Here's one way to leverage it to your advantage and turn customers into brand advocates and positive reviews into sales.
Posted October 01, 2013

Frustrated with trying to understand a customer rep in a foreign country? Overloaded with seasonal demand? Companies like XACT Telesolutions are helping to solve these problems and others.
Posted September 24, 2013

Technology is a must for any business, but don't lose sight of the human element, namely your customers. At this year's KANA Connect user conference, Jim McCann spoke about the importance of engaging customers by listening to what they are thinking and reaching them where they are.
Posted September 18, 2013

By matching accountability with feedback, companies can now proactively engage customers and circumvent negative experiences.
Posted September 11, 2013

Q&A with Omer Minkara, Aberdeen Group: More and more companies are realizing that customers are in the driver's seat when it comes to shaping a company's reputation.
Posted September 03, 2013

Verint bets that by engaging your front-line employees, you'll also engage your customers, create better care, improve satisfaction and loyalty, and realize higher profits.
Posted August 27, 2013

When it comes to social media, some companies "get it" and have grabbed opportunities to be early adopters and have a presence on the front lines. However, many businesses have yet to get on board and be a part of customer conversations. If your company is the latter, it's time to have a conversation with your CEO.
Posted August 22, 2013

Social customer care is no longer controlled by brands, but by customers who are increasingly vocal about their experiences in the social media. If you haven't implemented social care, now is the time to do so. That was the message from Patricia Graca, director of support, social media, at Hewlett-Packard, who kicked off the second day of the Customer Service Experience conference.
Posted August 21, 2013

Good or bad, some experiences stay in consumers' minds for years. The difference between the two lies in the hands of your employees.
Posted August 20, 2013

Voxeo, now an Aspect company, has signed an agreement with managed networked IT services provider BT. Using Voxeo solutions, BT will provide low-cost, low-risk, cloud IVR, and automated self-service solutions to its customers.
Posted August 13, 2013

Global customer service technology provider Jacada has released Visual IVR Plus, a solution aimed at reducing caller frustration and in-bound call time by offering users a menu-driven interface across mobile and Web channels.
Posted August 06, 2013

Q&A: Scott Buchanan, head of solutions marketing at NICE, knows companies are investing a lot of money and energy into performance management solutions. However, he maintains that they may be forgetting about one of their most valuable assets: employees on the front line.
Posted July 30, 2013

A new virtual agent provides real-time voice of the customer data analysis gathered from omnichannel environments. The solution also automatically structures information and allows organizational departments to identify and compare customer trends.
Posted July 23, 2013

Aspect Software has bought Voxeo for $150 million in a deal that is expected to enhance Aspect's cloud, hybrid, and premises-based deployments while adding interactive voice response and multichannel self-service capabilities to the company's solution portfolio. The move could also propel Aspect to to go up against the lmuch larger competitors like Genesys, Cisco Systems, and Avaya.
Posted July 11, 2013

Clarabridge has integrated Brandwatch into its Clarabridge Social platform providing access to social data. For clients, this means a single hub to listen, understand and act on all customer feedback across social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
Posted July 09, 2013

Kana's updated solution offers midmarket companies the same cloud-based customer services solutions as their enterprise counterparts. Some of the solution's features include a specially designed user interface, advanced analytics and 30 languages.
Posted July 01, 2013

Calabrio Desktop Analytics captures screen strokes and windows activity allowing companies to know exactly what's happening at the agent's desktop. The module also complements speech analytics on company's workforce optimization suite.
Posted June 25, 2013

The new solution helps companies who may be challenged with detecting and analyzing customer complaints and compliance violations. When not addressed, these can result in costly, large-scale remediation and significant regulatory fines.
Posted June 17, 2013

Gamification technology is a new concept in workforce optimization (WFO), but more and more companies are taking notice. By rewarding performance through gamification, companies can help employees sharpen their skills and provide better customer service.
Posted June 10, 2013

Descriptions of CCOs can be murky, and companies may not realize their potential value in their organizations. The founder of The Chief Customer Council explains what a CCO is and why your business should have one.
Posted June 07, 2013

A recent Forrester survey found that decision makers are targeting analytics and multichannel delivery as top priorities in spending over the next 24 months. Data from the report also shows that traditional and mobile Web concerns are prioritized more often than mobile applications.
Posted May 30, 2013