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Large enterprises are poised to increase spending on customer experience solutions such as text analytics. Expenditures are also expected to rise for CEM initiatives for Web and mobile offerings.
Posted May 07, 2013

Customer service has evolved from the days of customers simply calling into a customer service or contact center to speak to a live agent. For starters, the phone is no longer the only customer service domain. New customer service technologies include chatbots, click to call (CTC) social media, and mobile devices, and savvy organizations are leveraging these technologies for better customer service experiences.
Posted April 30, 2013

Big Blue sees opportunities in the growing field of customer experience. The company has dedicated a team of researchers to meet challenges faced by clients to implement new solutions such as smarter commerce, big data, analytics, and mobile products.
Posted April 30, 2013

Although the contact center has changed over the years, the quest remains the same: satisfying customer needs as expeditiously as possible while keeping costs down. Here are some developments in the area that can help reduce call center imperatives such as reducing average handle times and boosting first call resolution.
Posted April 30, 2013

Don't bother calling Square.The rapidly growing mobile credit-card processing company has joined an increasing number of Silicon Valley-area tech firms, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and crowdsourced question-and-answer site Quora, in eliminating the phone as a customer support channel. But is abandoning the telephone for low-cost online channels the right move for your organization?
Posted April 15, 2013

Interpersonal skills of employees can make or break the customer experience. The emotional aspect of customer service is critical, as one in three global respondents surveyed preferred being treated well over having their issues immediately resolved, according to a recent study.
Posted April 01, 2013

An average of only 30 percent of customers globally report having positive customer experiences with their insurers. As a result, insurers look to mobile and social media to strengthen customer experiences.
Posted March 18, 2013