Orbita Launches Prototyping for Voice and Chatbot Application Development

Orbita, a platform provider for voice and chatbot applications, has launched Orbita Prototype, a tool that enables designers to develop a "rough draft" conversational dialogue and then make it available to key stakeholders for testing, measurement, and iteration.

Orbita Prototype enables rapid creation and fine-tuning of conversational dialogues without coding.

"Very few, if any, out-of-the-box tools exist for voice UX designers to quickly create conversational dialogues, let alone efficiently iterate on them with real-time review and revision by product owners, testers and end-users," said Orbita CEO Bill Rogers in a statement. "With Orbita Prototype, teams can quickly identify and address areas of friction within the UX.

"Orbita Prototype changes the landscape by bridging gaps between all involved in the process of bringing a voice experience to fruition," Rogers explained. "Using Orbita Prototype's web-based interface, team members can make real-time adjustments to baseline dialogues, test these adjustments with integrated play-back features, and measure the impact of these changes. Precious time is saved."

With Orbita Prototype, product owners can get answers to questions like "What will a user say in response to a prompt?" "Will the bot's response make sense?" or "Is the dialogue too long?" The tool provides quantifiable answers to inform decision-making.

Orbita Prototype brings a functionality to Orbita Voice, a platform for designing, building, managing, and optimizing artificial intelligence-driven voice and chatbot applications across omnichannel environments, including voice assistant devices from Amazon and Google as well as custom-built devices and web- and mobile-based chatbots. Orbita-powered voice solutions allow companies to improve consumer engagement, optimize call center operations, automate in-facility operations, enhance remote patient monitoring, virtualize clinical trials, improve sales efficiency, and more.