Customer Service Platform Dixa Raises $14 Million in Funding

Based in Denmark, customer service provider Dixa is setting out to build a "customer friendship-based" service platform that brings the same level of communication that consumers use to interact with each other to brand interactions. The company has raised $14 million in Series A funding, with investments from Project A Ventures and SEED Capital.

Though the company competes with other customer service providers such as Zendesk, Freshdesk, Salesforce Service Cloud, and others, what makes it unique is that it relies on a smart routing system designed to be “channel neutral,” and works across phone, chat, e-mail, and Facebook Messenger interactions. When a service request comes in, the routing system works to distribute them to the appropriate representatives within an organization.

Dixa’s cofounder and CEO, Mads Fosselius, described toTechCrunch the company's approach to customer service:

“We don’t believe in tickets and siloed ‘silver bullet’ customer support solutions doing one thing or one channel very well. The world of customer support is moving towards conversational customer engagement or ‘customer friendship,’ as we like to call it, where the strong bond and relation between brands and customers are the centerpiece.”

Dixa’s mission is to use an algorithm to route service requests by not only taking a single, current interaction into account, but also considering past conversations, orders, reviews, and sentiment. Plus, the algorithm also considers the channel used, web page visited, the preferred device, and even the specific skills and availability of certain agents. All of these pieces of data make the ultimate interaction more personal and effective, which Fosselius hopes will fix the biggest challenge in customer service today:

“The problem for customer-facing support teams today is that tickets shared in boxes and legacy call center solutions limit a brand’s ability to connect to their customers where they want to and add extra administrative burdens that ultimately harms the customer experience.” 

As Dixa continues to grow, the company is seeking to attract “customer-centric” brands with up to 500 customer-facing agents. Its current customer base includes brands like Bosch, Interflora, Trustpilot, Danish brand Hay, and Too Good to Go.

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