Verint Launches New Automated Verification Features

Verint today launched the new Automated Verification, a robotic process automation solution that monitors the health of communications systems, using intelligent automation to eliminate common contact center inefficiencies that put a strain on IT resources.

The updated solution has three key features: an automated system check, an efficient operations check, and a real-time policy check:

  • The automated system check runs at the beginning of each day, automatically identifying the products and versions across the telephony system and applying tests to ensure that when a call comes in, it travels across applications and is recorded properly. Then it surfaces any changes and delivers alerts on software issues to a system dashboard.
  • The efficient operations check provides audio quality testing in a “walk-the-floor” manner, automatically testing each line to ensure that call recordings are clear and high-quality.
  • The real-time policy check ensures that all calls that are supposed to be recorded are being recorded, and compares the recordings to the relevant recording policy with the goal of immediately reporting anomalies to ensure compliance.

“Contact centers have thousands of seats across the world, different centers with lots of moving parts; it’s amazing how messy it all is," says Kelly Koelliker, director of solutions marketing at Verint. “Even in one center they might have lots of different systems from different vendors and they’re all on different versions and things are constantly changing. Every single day people are either leaving or joining the company, changing their role, changing their name, and all of these complexities are represented in the technology because you have to then have all these rules in place for who has permission to answer different types of calls, what are the recording rules for what types of calls have to be recorded. There ends up being this whole convoluted infrastructure that’s very hard to manage. What Automated Verification does is automate all of that, to make sure everything is set up as it should be.”

She adds that Automated Verification also helps solve the problems it identifies. “When a problem is found, another challenge that happens is you then have multiple things that could have caused that problem, what’s the root cause,” she says. “Automated Verification automates all of that root cause analysis and serves as a virtual expert in the room who understands how all the different systems are supposed to work and can analyze all the configurations and behaviors and say, ‘This is the part that’s not working.’”

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