Expert Advice

With the right tools, agents can be just as effective as technologies coming into use in the contact center.
Posted May 19, 2017

The tendency is to look at speech analytics as a quick fix, but it should be part of a larger process that takes time and effort to perfect.
Posted May 12, 2017

Consumers have clear channel preferences when it comes to specific issues with companies.
Posted May 05, 2017

Best-in-class firms using social media to service customers derive some very impressive results.
Posted April 28, 2017

Digital transformation is driving the business interaction environment, but customers want to dictate the communication terms.
Posted April 21, 2017

Companies need more skillful, empowered agents to provide the concierge-level service that customers expect.
Posted April 14, 2017

As customer service technologies evolve, applications can better surface answers to questions, provide better next-best actions, and remove burdensome tasks from agent workloads.
Posted April 07, 2017

No other word destroys loyalty and retention faster than "no," so figure out how to turn any situation into a positive.
Posted March 31, 2017

Controllers are more suited to today's call center needs, but empathizers get more of the jobs.
Posted March 24, 2017

Effectively guiding contact center agent engagement requires the right leadership and technologies.
Posted March 17, 2017

New developments and improved functionality make virtual assistants a technology to continue watching.
Posted March 10, 2017

8 mistakes companies make when dealing with customers on social media.
Posted March 03, 2017

As onshoring returns, contact center operators will need to be creative in their site selection to offset higher wages.
Posted February 24, 2017

Digital customer experiences require a different approach that blends channels across the digital and physical worlds.
Posted February 17, 2017

The right governance can drive much better customer service experiences.
Posted February 10, 2017

4 tips to help you get the most in your technology-buying decisions.
Posted February 03, 2017

2017 is expected to be a better year for customers as companies prioritize better service.
Posted January 27, 2017

How best-in-class firms differ from others and how you can turn your company into one.
Posted January 20, 2017

Automation will play a greater role in shaping customer experiences, but don't completely overlook the human element.
Posted January 13, 2017

The contact center is part of any company's life blood, not a cost to be reduced.
Posted January 06, 2017

Quality assurance programs must be improved if customer experiences have any chance of getting better.
Posted December 23, 2016

Respected and engaged employees provide better service to customers.
Posted December 16, 2016

Consumers are hard-wired to hate down time, but poor digital experiences persist despite the scientific imperative.
Posted December 09, 2016

Mobile offers a lot of big-time benefits to customer service, but CX leaders will need to build the business case.
Posted December 02, 2016

Customer communities, knowledge bases, self-service options, and analytics are all smart investments right now.
Posted November 18, 2016

Using video in the contact center extends the sense of connection between customers and agents.
Posted November 11, 2016

Engaged contact center agents are a sure-fire way to keep costs under control.
Posted November 04, 2016

Service training is good for specific situations, but education goes far beyond.
Posted October 21, 2016

Your contact center is the company's promise-keeper, so it needs to be given priority.
Posted October 14, 2016

Better customer engagement with contact center agents leads to increased loyalty and retention.
Posted September 30, 2016

Best practices only work if they work for your particular organization.
Posted September 23, 2016

End users should review their contracts when their contact center system vendors are acquired.
Posted September 16, 2016

Tips for creating an engaged workforce that will ultimately lead to happier customers.
Posted September 09, 2016

Using social media as a customer service tool, companies can expect huge revenue increases.
Posted September 02, 2016

Using low-cost channels doesn't mean service should be unrewarding.
Posted August 26, 2016

More mature organizations are making salespeople out of their customer service agents.
Posted August 19, 2016

Speech analytics, when combined with other analytics types, can provide real benefits in real time.
Posted August 12, 2016

Don't assume that all promoters will automatically start spreading positive word of mouth.
Posted August 05, 2016

England's decision shows that governments still have a lot of work to do when it comes to CRM.
Posted July 22, 2016

Is it time to admit that marketing is going to be the major player in making contact center strategy over the next 10 years? It is, and it's already happening.
Posted July 15, 2016

Tips for avoiding the pitfalls of symptom-based management.
Posted July 01, 2016

Musical tastes aside, companies' on-hold choices say a lot about their attention to demographic details.
Posted June 24, 2016

Mass personalization at scale is possible with the Internet of Things.
Posted June 17, 2016

Here's a list of what you should...and shouldn' to get and keep my business.
Posted June 10, 2016

Customer effort scores can be used to improve customer service, but only if used properly.
Posted May 27, 2016

Knowledge management helps contact center agents find information quicker, speeding customer responsiveness.
Posted May 13, 2016

Increasing demand from customers means that companies can't operate the way they did years ago.
Posted May 06, 2016

Manage people, processes, technology, and strategies to mitigate agent attrition.
Posted April 29, 2016

It's time to look at more than just price when comparing cloud and on-premises platforms.
Posted April 22, 2016

Engaging customer service employees requires a clear vision that is communicated to everyone.
Posted April 15, 2016