Enacomm Partners with BLM Technologies

Enacomm has partnered with BLM Technologies to make its intelligent interactions solutions available to BLM's financial institution customers.

The Enacomm solutions involved include the following:

  • Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA), which leverages artificial intelligence-based conversational banking;
  • Fraud Control Module for combatting omnichannel attacks; and
  • ENACOMM Financial Suite (EFS), which includes a hosted, dynamic intelligent interactive voice response system, voice biometrics, CRM system, and more.

"BLM Technologies is dedicated to our customers, many of whom have trusted us for decades, by offering services and solutions that help them with the biggest business challenges," said John Tauer, vice president of sales at BLM Technologies, in a statement. "Working alongside Enacomm will help us stay true to our commitment with customer self-service solutions that will empower our financial services industry customers to gain competitive edge."

"BLM Technologies is trusted by numerous top-tier financial institutions thanks to their long track record of delivering innovative and complete solutions that position customers for success in a digitally demanding world," said Enacomm CEO Michael Boukadakis in a statement. "We're thrilled to partner with BLM Technologies and together help more banks, credit unions, credit card, and payment companies conquer the latest challenges ushered in by COVID-19."