Glia Launches Glia Virtual Assistants for Digital Banking

Glia, a provider of digital customer service solutions, has launched Glia Virtual Assistants (GVAs) to help companies provide customer experiences that blend virtual and human guidance.

Built on conversational artificial intelligence solutions from Glia's recent Finn AI acquisition, GVAs are optimized for banks and credit unions.

Glia's first virtual assistants, developed specifically for digital banking, are integrated with online banking platforms . Equipped to handle more than 800 digital banking scenarios right out of the box, GVAs continue to learn, adapt, and improve over time, trained on collective and anonymized engagements across Glia's GVA client base.

"Glia Virtual Assistants are that rare win-win-win solution, improving efficiency, delivering after-hours support, and also enhancing the customer experience. By automating handling of routine service inquiries, live representatives can focus on resolving more complex issues. This reduces costs, accelerates resolution times, and boosts customer and employee satisfaction," said Dan Michaeli, CEO and co-founder of Glia, in a statement.

Banks and credit unions that have already deployed GVAs have seen the following results, according to Glia:

  • more than 50 percent containment of customer engagement on average, with some realizing 90 percent or more;
  • 80 percent reduction in average wait time and average handle time; and
  • 24/7/365 service capability for after-hours and holiday coverage.

"The proliferation of chatbots and AI technology in general is creating complexity for financial institutions, especially for those developing their own automated solutions. Glia aims to cut through the chaos with virtual assistants that streamline deployment and accelerate time-to-value on our Digital Customer Service platform. Better yet, we continue to enhance the benefit of our GVAs by leveraging our time-tested library of AI-powered responses to help clients meet existing and emerging needs," said Justin DiPietro, chief strategy officer and co-founder of Glia, in a statement.