Talkdesk Autopilot is a generative AI customer service experience with self-service use cases for banks and retailers.
Posted March 06, 2024

Wish merchants across the U.S. and Europe can access eDesk's integrative customer support system. (Featured on
Posted October 07, 2022

PCI Pal's Pay By Bank is an open banking solution for contact centers to accept payments.
Posted September 21, 2022

Talkdesk Retail Experience Cloud is a customer service platform purpose built to unify the retail customer journey.
Posted June 07, 2022

The eDesk-Aircall partnership centralizes email, chat, social, and phone communications for ecommerce retailers
Posted September 15, 2021

Semafone SecureWeb+ secures payments on third-party merchant websites and CRM systems without compromising PCI DSS compliance. (Featured on
Posted July 15, 2021

Talkdesk launches industry-specific contact center solutions for healthcare and financial services at its Opentalk event.
Posted June 16, 2021

Talkdesk Flexible Shopping helps retailers and manufacturers ready their contact centers for new ways of shopping. (Featured on
Posted May 14, 2021

Rainier enables contact centers to become PCI-DSS-compliant overnight while keeping telephony systems on premises.
Posted May 14, 2020

Semafone extends PCI DSS certification to provide security for omnichannel payments.
Posted March 20, 2020

PCI Pal Digital offers security for payments across digital engagement channels, including webchat, social media, email, and SMS. (Featured on
Posted January 28, 2020

PCI Pal Agent Assist and IVR Payments achieve Cisco-compatible certification to provide integrated solutions that protect sensitive cardholder data in contact centers.
Posted January 22, 2020

Remote employees make up a significant chunk of Everlane's customer service team, yet the 67 workers in this group say the company doesn't value them or treat them fairly
Posted December 23, 2019

Kustomer has secured a slate of highly recognizable brands as customers in the past few years, including Sweetgreen, ThirdLove, Ring, Glossier, Rent the Runway, Away, Glovo, and UNTUCKit. Now, the company has secured another $60 million in funding, bringing its total to nearly $174 million.
Posted December 06, 2019

According to one study, the market size is projected to grow from $2.6 billion in 2019 to $9.4 billion by 2024, a rate of 29.7 percent. A separate study found that the market is expected to grow 24 percent during 2018-2022.
Posted November 22, 2019

Insights from 75 million issues & 71 million bot interactions reveal how automation trends are driving customer service forward. Download this report to learn about the impact of customer service bots on standard contact center KPIs.
Posted October 01, 2019

Semafone Cardprotect Voice+ now offers a secure voice capture component for payment transactions.
Posted September 30, 2019

The company is now in hot water after customers—including some high-profile ones—began complaining that their orders were late, missing, or not filled correctly.
Posted September 27, 2019

The fast food giant has signed a deal to acquire the Israeli-founded customer service automation start-up Apprente, which offers AI and voice-based conversational technology developed especially for use in loud environments.
Posted September 13, 2019

Despite the many changes currently influencing the food service industry, the overall customer satisfaction score inched down only slightly to 78.9, dropping by less than 1 percent.
Posted June 28, 2019

Last weekend was a tough one for Target, as its registers crashed nationwide. Nevertheless, the retailer handled the crisis effectively, demonstrating three lessons in crisis management.
Posted June 21, 2019

A customer-focused culture also requires collaboration and a special focus on contact center employees, speakers say.
Posted May 15, 2019

There are already plenty of tasks that Alexa can do for users, but now there's one more—Alexa device owners can now use an audio command to contact the customer service department of Amazon's e-book company, Audible.
Posted April 29, 2019

In the America's Best Customer Service 2019 report compiled by Newsweek and Statista, Chick-fil-A beat out runner-up Sonic and Arby's, which came up third.
Posted February 01, 2019

Ozonetel has launched KooKoo Interactive Assistant, an omnichannel widget to run voice calls and chat sessions in parallel. (Featured on
Posted December 11, 2018

The new partnership brings Zappix's Visual IVR technology to more retail segments.
Posted October 24, 2018

Plum Voice is now listed in Visa's Global Registry of Service Providers
Posted July 25, 2018

Delta Air Lines and Sears aren't too happy with their customer service provider right now—due to [24]'s security breach last fall, hundreds of thousands of users' data may have been compromised, and the vendor hasn't confirmed or denied whether other companies have been affected as well.
Posted April 06, 2018

L.L. Bean sent many of its customers into a frenzy last week, when the company announced that it was changing its lifelong guarantee policy, which allowed customers to bring back items whenever they wanted, with no expiration date on returns.
Posted February 16, 2018

New Security Suite integrates facial and behavioral biometrics with voice biometrics solutions, to secure customer service interactions across channels.
Posted May 24, 2017

Emerging connected consumer trends show the increasing importance of post-purchase customer support, especially after the holidays.
Posted January 26, 2016

NICE's customer engagement solutions improves overall efficiency and customer experience.
Posted June 03, 2015

LinkedIn and Kohl's improve cross-channel engagement effectiveness.
Posted April 06, 2015

Getting feedback puts you in your customer's shoes and provides opportunities to create better relationships.
Posted March 13, 2015

Solution provides customer service representatives with immediate access to customer shopping carts to make changes in real-time.
Posted January 28, 2015

European electronics and telecommunications retailer offers live chat via desktop, tablet and mobile.
Posted January 22, 2015

Vasili Triant says, keep it simple and stop overthinking customer service.
Posted December 04, 2014

Here's how to get customers to complete their purchases in-store.
Posted December 02, 2014

A multichannel strategy trumps low prices and promotions to snag this elusive audience.
Posted November 13, 2014

After offending customers, the nation's largest retailer fails to issue a direct apology and scrubs its social media sites of negative feedback.
Posted October 27, 2014

Study find that retailers are not keeping pace with growing use of mobile apps by consumers.
Posted October 08, 2014

If you aren't paying attention to the complex patterns of nontraditional interactions, it could cost you.
Posted September 08, 2014

Contact centers that listen closely and respond to what customers have shared will have an edge over those that turn a deaf ear.
Posted September 03, 2014

Mobile devices are changing the paradigm of how to think about the customer experience.
Posted August 20, 2014

Offering helps companies expand multichannel commerce efforts in the cloud.
Posted August 01, 2014

When it comes to retail, the Web is the most preferred channel, video is the least popular.
Posted May 23, 2014

Comcast and other ISP/TV providers get low marks in providing customer satisfaction.
Posted May 21, 2014

Adopting a multichannel strategy is a must to engage younger shoppers.
Posted April 16, 2014

Report also finds that chat is a preferred customer service tool.
Posted February 13, 2014

Integrated text analytics technology examines sentiment and actionable concepts behind customer reviews.
Posted January 30, 2014