Semafone Adds Features to Cardprotect Voice+

Semafone, a provider of data security and multichannel compliance solutions for contact centers, has added a range of features to the Cardprotect Voice+ telephone payments solution.

One of the new features is Live Voice Capture, which allows agents to place calls into secure voice capture mode for customers to read out their payment card details over the phone. The agent cannot hear the details being shared but can monitor customer progress and follow each step of the process. Once the payment data is captured, the agent can take control of the call to complete the transaction and collect additional information if required.

"Semafone is continually evolving and setting the standard for best practices in payment security," said Gary Barnett, CEO of Semafone, in a statement. "With the latest release of our flagship platform, Cardprotect Voice+, we are helping organizations keep PCI DSS compliance and user experience top of mind. This new version significantly improves the way contact centers can securely serve every customer, without adversely impacting agent call handling times, and delivers accessibility and inclusivity without compromise."

Semafone also enhanced the Voice+ Platform with additional integrations with contact center technology and customizable analytics capabilities.

"Existing customers are already realizing the benefits of being fully protected by our award-winning solution," Barnett said. "The upgrades in Cardprotect Voice+ not only enable customers to now deploy swiftly, but they come at a time when organizations across all industries face increasingly complex business and data security challenges. Companies must make data security, compliance, and the delivery of a frictionless customer experience a key priority, and we're here to empower them to do so."