Celerant Launches Live Ecommerce Cart Tracking to Bolster Customer Service, Sales

Celerant Technology, an integrated retail technology software provider, announced the availability of a new module for ecommerce users called Conversion Center. This functionality gives retailers the ability to immediately respond to abandoned shopping carts and recover customers quickly with incentives or other service recovery options. Celerant Conversion Center also provides real-time visibility into shopping carts, giving retailers the ability to instantly correct customer orders and shipping options for an enhanced customer service experience.

According to data from 29 studies aggregated by the Baymard Institute, more than 68 percent of all ecommerce shopping carts are abandoned before the transaction is completed. “Cart abandonment is akin to brick and mortar customers that have items in hand and are ready to check out, but something happens and they walk out of the store without purchasing them,” said Ian Goldman, CEO, Celerant Technology, in a statement. “They represent tremendous losses because all of the work of attracting them to your site and selecting merchandise has already been done---simply letting them go is not an option for modern retailers.”

Celerant Conversion Center logs customer information in a marketing automation database as soon as an email address is entered during the checkout process, and a timer begins at the same time. Retailers set their own rules for how and when customers who do not convert within a specified timeframe are contacted and are able to make offers like discount codes, free shipping, or shopping assistance from a representative to help close the sale.

Live cart tracking functionality provides customer service representatives with immediate access to customer shopping carts to make changes in real-time. “If you can imagine a professional shopping assistant standing over a customer’s shoulder providing step-by-step guidance throughout the checkout process, that’s the level of service our cart tracking provides,” Goldman said. “Empowered to help customers place the correct merchandise in their carts, remove incorrect items, and even apply discounts or incentives on the fly, retailers using Conversion Center are able to provide unprecedented levels of service and enhance the shopping experience in a remarkable way.”