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Addressing Minimum Wage in Customer Service
Posted October 25, 2018

To resolve service tickets more quickly, focus on where your help desk most needs help.
Posted October 22, 2018

The gig economy is coming to contact centers, and the business benefits could be significant.
Posted October 18, 2018

New research reveals how generations feel about important customer service issues facing businesses today, and what you can do to manage their expectations.
Posted October 15, 2018

Revamping customer service with a customer focus is the key to continued business.
Posted October 09, 2018

How to improve your scripts and connect with callers.
Posted October 02, 2018

Today's bots are better equipped to handle customer queries directly or pass the right information on to agents.
Posted September 25, 2018

Knowing which questions to ask and identifying your objectives makes it easier to get the results you want.
Posted September 18, 2018

The customer communications management space is transforming (and growing) thanks to emerging tech and changing customer preferences.
Posted September 10, 2018

Offering multiple channels is important, but you need to adopt a complete omnichannel strategy to make them work.
Posted September 04, 2018

In today's subscription economy, companies with proactive support will win out.
Posted August 27, 2018

Net Promoter Score is one of the more common ways to track customer experience performance. It's simple and easy to understand — but it's also fatally flawed because it presents an incomplete picture.
Posted August 21, 2018

Localized routing of customer service queries can create more personalized and meaningful customer experiences.
Posted August 13, 2018

Action leadership is the missing middle between just thinking about customer experience and leading on performance.
Posted August 06, 2018

Driven by data and insights from customer service professionals, here are some simple steps to creating a customer-based business.
Posted July 31, 2018

Companies can't afford to limit customers any more in this age of digital empowerment.
Posted July 24, 2018

The best virtual assistants solve problems without getting in the way.
Posted July 17, 2018

Digital transformation is the best way to truly enhance customer engagement while safeguarding the bottom line.
Posted July 09, 2018

Artificial intelligence today can do much more than save contact centers money.
Posted July 05, 2018

Strategic leadership can help company employees see the value, not the threat, of technology.
Posted June 25, 2018

Emotional connections between companies and customers begin in the contact center, and you can foster the positive relationships that equal customer satisfaction, loyalty, and profit.
Posted June 18, 2018

B2B and B2C support teams have different customers and different software needs.
Posted June 11, 2018

By doing so, you'll act as more of a gatekeeper than a writer, editor, and publisher.
Posted June 05, 2018

Best practices for using conversational messaging in customer service.
Posted May 29, 2018

Customers make emotional connections with brands, and companies need to address those sentiments to build loyalty.
Posted May 22, 2018

Businesses can better support customers through faster resolution times.
Posted May 14, 2018

Communications Platform as a Service will give companies and consumers better ways to interact right within apps.
Posted May 07, 2018

After years of periodically ramping up and then stalling, the RCS project has received a new jolt of confidence thanks to Google's recent doubling-down on the technology.
Posted April 30, 2018

Companies need to learn from Facebook and look beyond the chatbot.
Posted April 23, 2018

Tips of the trade to help companies improve their interactions with customers.
Posted April 16, 2018

Chatbots can't quite mirror pure human interactions, but the time will come.
Posted April 10, 2018

Omnichannel contact center platforms are the key to keeping Millennial contact center agents happy and engaged.
Posted April 04, 2018

When you can interface with a vacuum cleaner more easily than you can with a major financial institution, something is clearly wrong with digital customer service.
Posted April 02, 2018

Chatbots, combined with robotic process automation, can support more complex customer requests more quickly.
Posted March 26, 2018

To improve customer service interactions, apply the Peak-End Rule.
Posted March 21, 2018

Advice for meeting the expectations of an on-demand economy.
Posted March 19, 2018

It's time contact centers got omnichannel and used analytics to keep track of all the ways customers can communicate with them.
Posted March 14, 2018

Incentives work when they balance metrics, human behavior, and desired outcomes.
Posted March 12, 2018

Virtual assistants should be knowledgeable as well as polite and conversational.
Posted March 08, 2018

Agent training should involve real-world customer support scenarios.
Posted March 05, 2018

Word clouds are great starting points when analyzing contact center interactions, but now we need to dig deeper.
Posted March 01, 2018

Being able to proactively surface only the information the customer really wants at a particular moment without the customer even having to ask is the next frontier of customer service.
Posted February 27, 2018

To keep business booming, you'll need to effectively get the right information and service to customers.
Posted February 22, 2018

Aligning employees experience critical to supercharging your CX Efforts
Posted February 20, 2018

Hint: Because Apple CEO Tim Cook says so.
Posted February 15, 2018

Tips for taking a fresh approach to customer support in the new year.
Posted February 13, 2018

Connected and proactive customer service programs mean fewer escalations and simpler customer journeys.
Posted February 08, 2018

Customers using low-cost self-service channels are often happier than those who pick up the phone.
Posted February 06, 2018

Authentication doesn't have to be as complicated as companies have made it out to be in the past.
Posted February 01, 2018

Bots can't do customer service alone, at least not yet.
Posted January 29, 2018