A Comprehensive Guide to Call Center Dialer Software

Dialers automate the dialing of phone numbers, and, when the call is answered, they hand off the call to a live agent or recorded message. Whether you operate a massive customer service operation with multiple call centers and thousands of reps or a customer service workforce of one, call center dialer software can give you a real advantage.

There are several types of dialer automation software. The one that is most well-known is the power dialer, which calls phone numbers from a list quickly one after the other. When a number is busy, not answered, or disconnected, it instantly moves to the next one without any input from the agent. The main benefits of the power dialer is that calls are more likely to convert leads. These systems can also provide a screen with information about the caller.

Predictive dialers can call phone lists on different lines at the same time while reps wait to speak. The best predictive dialers can determine whether the phone is answered by a person or an answering machine. They can make more calls than power dialers, and other benefits include higher call connect ratios, less agent idle time, the ability to manage multiple campaigns, and increased agent productivity.

Dialers make sure that only answered calls are routed to the reps, detecting busy signals, voicemail, and non-serviceable numbers and skipping over them. This allows agents to make more calls per hour, eventually resulting in better customer communications.

Dialer systems implemented for sales bring agility to outbound calling procedures and offer reps an instant preview of contact details before dialing the number.

Dialers are also often supplemented with call recordings to help managers screen reps'performance. Dashboards help track key contact center metrics into call center operations and individual reps' activities on a daily basis for higher operational efficiency.

Call center dialer software is essential today. Predictive dialers, power dialers, preview dialers, and progressive dialers are all suitable for call center usage.

Abdul Rehman is chief marketing officer at call center software company Dialer360.