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Contact center managers can tune in to honest signals from customers and agents to improve operations and engagements.
Posted April 27, 2016

Businesses and other organizations are increasingly upgrading their IVRs to conversational solutions to meet growing consumer demand for self-service options.
Posted April 19, 2016

The right knowledge, powered by artificial intelligence, can have a positive effect on all of the top contact center metrics.
Posted April 12, 2016

In this do-it-yourself-world, make it easy for customers to find the information they want or need on their own with FAQs.
Posted April 05, 2016

With the right metrics, social customer service teams can provide better service.
Posted March 29, 2016

Proactive messaging that is highly personal can deliver relevant information in a timely manner and via the mode preferred by each customer.
Posted March 22, 2016

Effective social customer support requires personalization, dedicated resources, and an investment in agent performance improvements.
Posted March 15, 2016

Software is starting to eat the world, and the translation arena is reaping the benefits.
Posted March 08, 2016

Three proven strategies to ensure high-quality data in your service center and empower agents to surprise and engage customers.
Posted March 01, 2016

Comcast is making a lot of the right moves to upgrade its customer service, and ultimately, repair a badly damaged reputation.
Posted February 23, 2016

The time for new metrics has come as contact centers move to omnichannel interactions.
Posted February 16, 2016

Customer success and support professionals can improve the customer journey, helping collect, navigate, and share vital customer data from multiple applications across their organizations.
Posted February 09, 2016

Customers value good service, and studies prove they will spend money at your competitors if they don't get it with you.
Posted February 03, 2016

Emerging connected consumer trends show the increasing importance of post-purchase customer support, especially after the holidays.
Posted January 26, 2016

Traditional contact centers need to give way to omnichannel engagement centers.
Posted January 19, 2016

Many retailers view customer care as only a cost, but if it's combined with customer experience, big data, and predictive analytics, customer care can actually generate revenue.
Posted January 12, 2016

Adaptive workforce optimization can match the right contact center agents with the right callers for better customer service relationships.
Posted December 23, 2015

Consumer trends give small and midsized businesses new tools to drive better customer service.
Posted December 16, 2015

Tips for optimizing your contact center and responding to unexpected call volume spikes.
Posted December 09, 2015

With contact center metrics, it's time to look beyond the phone call and into the digital customer experience.
Posted December 01, 2015

Call analytics can help identify problems faster so management can address them faster.
Posted November 19, 2015

Providing the right customer service experience starts with hiring and involves training and listening to and acting on customer feedback.
Posted November 12, 2015

Existing recording and analytics systems and processes can be used to boost agent performance.
Posted November 05, 2015

Four tips to turn customer service interactions into opportunities to build your brand and create loyal customers.
Posted October 29, 2015

Marty McFly's 2015 wasn't too far off, at least not in the customer service aspects.
Posted October 22, 2015

Don't make customers leave the mobile app to get support.
Posted October 15, 2015

Empower employees, but encourage them with rewards, other activities, and levity to break up their day.
Posted October 08, 2015

Tips for overcoming the problems of managing call center staff.
Posted September 30, 2015

Call recording coupled with speech analytics can reveal which agents are performing up to speed and which ones need help and which issues are coming up repeatedly.
Posted September 24, 2015

Machine learning expands the role of customer service, driving proactive conversations that bring new value to marketing, sales, product development and the executive team.
Posted September 15, 2015

Augmenting customer service with machine learning helps agents work faster and smarter, increasing productivity and capacity while retaining a high level of customer satisfaction.
Posted September 08, 2015

Contact center managers want to deflect customers from reaching live agents, and customers want effective call resolution. Artificial intelligence can serve both.
Posted August 28, 2015

In the contact center environment, it's crucial that agents are given the tools to provide exceptional customer service. Here are some suggestions on how to carry that out.
Posted April 29, 2015

Evaluating a new cloud-based contact center platform partner? Make sure you include these items on your checklist.
Posted April 22, 2015

Incorporating video into your contact center environment makes for a more personalized customer experience and, in turn, stronger loyalty.
Posted April 13, 2015

Your customer service tools may be up to date, but if they're not monitored, a seamless customer experience will elude you.
Posted April 06, 2015

There are myriad benefits in offering customer service over video.
Posted March 31, 2015

Getting feedback puts you in your customer's shoes and provides opportunities to create better relationships.
Posted March 13, 2015

Scores that measure customer health and effort, combined with journey mapping, create a clear view of the customer relationship life cycle.
Posted March 09, 2015

Are you making customer service too difficult? Interactive voice response systems can be retooled to meet changing caller expectations.
Posted March 02, 2015

Four survey topics and mistakes every business must be aware of.
Posted February 23, 2015

An increase in remote workers, advances in voice biometrics, and better call routing systems are just some of the changes that the call center may see in the future.
Posted February 11, 2015

How to create a less-effort customer experience, regardless of the initial channel of contact.
Posted February 04, 2015

If you want loyal customers, get to know them—and use what you know.
Posted January 21, 2015

Thanks to data, design, and smart apps, this will be a defining year for digital customer engagement.
Posted December 19, 2014

Used with metrics that monitor performance quality, churn can provide insight into every aspect of an organization.
Posted December 09, 2014

Here's how to get customers to complete their purchases in-store.
Posted December 02, 2014

Lessons learned from Amazon's service failure: Taking responsibility and acting swiftly to correct mistakes can not only restore customer loyalty, but further it too.
Posted November 25, 2014

It's critical for call centers to be 100 percent compliant with the changing TCPA regulations, regardless of ambiguous rules.
Posted November 25, 2014

A multichannel strategy trumps low prices and promotions to snag this elusive audience.
Posted November 13, 2014