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The following four web portal capabilities are essential for providing high-level customer support.
Posted June 07, 2022

When it comes to good contact center interactions, automation alone is not good enough.
Posted June 01, 2022

Here's why the customer service function is vital to keeping customers for retailers.
Posted May 24, 2022

Digital transformation is revolutionizing customer service, leading to great customer and employee experiences.
Posted May 17, 2022

Efficiency is the new standard in corporate contact centers. Gone are the days of the "Dilbert workforce."
Posted May 09, 2022

Here are five ways to keep B2B customer service issues from escalating so that you can keep customers happy and protect your revenue.
Posted May 03, 2022

Modern artificial intelligence has the potential to improve contact centers on so many levels.
Posted April 25, 2022

Don't guess what customers want and expect. Ask them, and then take action on the feedback they provide.
Posted April 19, 2022

Automation-enabled chatbots can help organizations deliver the superior level of service customers expect in our digital era.
Posted April 12, 2022

Case management is the key to providing better customer experiences and ensures that opportunities and feedback are not missed.
Posted April 04, 2022

How to find the right balance of technology and human agents to provide quality customer service at a higher rate
Posted March 31, 2022

It is possible to deliver an omnichannel customer experience leveraging personalization and the right data.
Posted March 29, 2022

Companies looking to up-level their customer experiences are turning to AI-based automation, which is expected to save businesses up to $8 billion per year.
Posted March 25, 2022

Chatbots can improve customer service while managing operating costs.
Posted March 21, 2022

As boomers retire, their contact center employers will need to figure out new ways to share the knowledge they acquired over their careers.
Posted March 18, 2022

Customers who contact customer support are showing a growing desire for empathy. Here's how to give it to them.
Posted March 11, 2022

GigCX in some respects is better at customer service than traditional company agents in a contact center.
Posted March 08, 2022

Here are some things to consider when looking to bring on a third-party to manage your unified communications infrastructure.
Posted March 04, 2022

Tips to help you determine which channels your customers want to use for service requests.
Posted February 28, 2022

When renovating your customer experiences, hiring a customer experience-as-a-service contractor might be the way to go.
Posted February 25, 2022

Introducing artificial intelligence into the customer service process can lead to greater customer satisfaction, higher staff retention, and accelerated business growth.
Posted February 22, 2022

For telecommunications providers, incorporating remote visual assistance software can eliminate delays, enable fixes, and provide customers with an exceptional service experience.
Posted February 17, 2022

Looking at your company goals, metrics, automation, and people can help ensure the true benefits of artificial intelligence in the contact center.
Posted February 15, 2022

Construct and carry through on customer journeys from the customer perspective.
Posted February 10, 2022

Customer expectations have changed dramatically, but agility, personalization, messaging apps, and empathy can keep you in their hearts and minds.
Posted February 07, 2022

Chat offers a great way to provide self-service support and better customer experiences.
Posted February 03, 2022

Contact center systems are good at improving operations, but they can't do it alone. UCaaS systems also need to be integrated.
Posted February 01, 2022

Forget 2022 predictions. CX teams need goals to adjust to modern customer expectations.
Posted January 24, 2022

Choosing the right chatbot for your business is no small task, so here are a few things to discuss with your team before proceeding.
Posted January 20, 2022

The old model of customer service was very scripted and linear, but new contact center tools can personalize service and greatly improve the customer experience.
Posted January 17, 2022

An artificial intelligence rollout has to be carefully planned in advance and ready to adapt on the fly as needed.
Posted January 13, 2022

Contact center managers can use the latest technology, like automation tools and AI, to better support their teams and create a more positive experience for both agents and customers.
Posted January 10, 2022

If you go the extra mile and seek personalized, timely, insightful feedback from your customers, you can identify and improve contact center operations and strengthen customer loyalty.
Posted January 06, 2022

B2B and B2C customer interactions must be handled differently, and customer service and support tools must be able to address their different goals.
Posted January 03, 2022

The Great Resignation can be mitigated by listening to customers and employees to pinpoint areas where workplace culture is less than ideal.
Posted December 28, 2021

A chief customer officer can keep all departments grounded in customer-centricity.
Posted December 20, 2021

Organizations must ensure they are creating positive experiences for customers and an environment where employees are happy to work.
Posted December 13, 2021

Empowered customer service agents are the key to increasing issue resolution and decreasing escalations and costs.
Posted December 07, 2021

The steps you take in the first 30 days of a chatbot deployment are crucial toward success going forward.
Posted November 30, 2021

Customer experience has been taken to a new level by the connected society, and the companies that understand how and why data is impactful will be the ones that succeed
Posted November 23, 2021

Worldwide, we're seeing gaps in the supply chain due to shortages of products, but the CX economy is also experiencing gaps. Here's what can be done.
Posted November 15, 2021

These four steps can help companies create and grow their customer success processes.
Posted November 08, 2021

Customer service teams facing ever-increasing demand for faster and more personalized solutions can improve outcomes by incorporating remote virtual assistance software.
Posted November 01, 2021

These customer success techniques will help you understand your customers' wants and needs.
Posted October 26, 2021

Pair the best equipment with empowered agents to make the contact center the hub for customer service excellence.
Posted October 18, 2021

It would be nice if customers never needed support, but when they do, an integrated customer service center can go a long way.
Posted October 12, 2021

Artificial intelligence provides the tools to make customer service a more satisfying career.
Posted October 06, 2021

A comprehensive, single source of truth for all departments is key to providing good customer service.
Posted September 27, 2021

Contact centers are about a lot more than customer experiences; the data they provide is invaluable.
Posted September 21, 2021

Cross-sell and upsell interactions should be viewed as partnerships to avoid that shady used car salesman feel.
Posted September 13, 2021