Support Your Support Team with Video

Customers expect instantaneous results, so why would businesses overlook the impact that expedited responses have on building customer relationships?

Once a customer has invested in your brand, hiccups can quickly evolve from speed bumps to frustration. Mitigating those moments does wonders for customer retention.

It's easy to partition sales and marketing teams from the support side, but in reality the two are interlocking. As the proliferation of customers drives the need for larger support staffs, a well-versed support staff is key to satisfying customers.

Enter video. The added value video delivers allows support teams to operate at reduced scale while creating results-driven support and keeps support teams satisfied by not reiterating the same technical advice ad infinitum.

Here are a few ideas for implementing video in your support team's repertoire.

Transcript Service for Support Calls

The average worker quickly forgets half of what he learned in a training session, so it goes without saying that customers forget what the support team tells them. They feel embarrassed to ask the questions again. Avoid this blunder with a transcript service on video support calls. Reroute support calls through a video content management system (VCMS) with transcription features. The software records calls and transcribes what was said to revisit as needed.

Video Screen Recordings

It's tough to visualize software. If someone needs troubleshooting, odds are they won't be versed in your product, so when a support member describes the fix, they'll know where to jump. Screen recording gives clients an actual look at the process and saves time describing tabs and menus.

To make this work, first have clients send queries directly to a support team. Use a mic to capture audio of support giving explanations. Or use a screen recorder to get the bigger picture of your video support tactic.

Create an Online Knowledge Base

Save time by setting up a digital archive related to the implementation of your products. Knowledge banks can be built by recording support calls, creating how-tos and FAQs.

Video is a central resource, so why not make life easier for your support team? Customers love the speed, your support team will feel relieved, and sales will flourish as support is streamlined.

Sean Gordon is CEO of Hirenami and vidREACH (a subsidiary of Hirenami) and an executive vice president at ITC Holdings. He has previous experience with AT&T, EMC, Aetna, and West.

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Posted April 03, 2020