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AI is not infallible; at its core, it is just a sophisticated computer program adept at processing very large datasets and extracting patterns. Recent legal cases, that have shed light on the accountability of companies using AI, inform this column.
Posted July 23, 2024

Conversational intelligence empowers businesses to stand out from the crowd by fostering deeper customer engagement and streamlining operations.
Posted July 15, 2024

AI has a pivotal role in revolutionizing data migrations, emphasizing clean data acquisition, research, talent integration, virtual customer service, seamless data integration, and enhanced customer engagement platforms.
Posted July 08, 2024

It's still important to maintain human interactions in customer service amid the increasing use of AI and automation.
Posted July 01, 2024

AI-powered bots and tools can greatly improve agent experience and revolutionize the modern contact center.
Posted June 24, 2024

AI has changed industries around the world, including customer service. How can companies move forward ethically?
Posted June 17, 2024

Fusing CSM and workforce data can unlock critical productivity insights to make better decisions in today's business environment.
Posted June 11, 2024

Driven by the need for cost optimization and enhanced customer experience, contact centers are being urged to embrace AI for agent productivity to reach new heights of efficiency.
Posted June 03, 2024

Responsible AI integration requires careful planning, rigorous testing, and a commitment to ongoing learning
Posted May 28, 2024

Before diving headfirst into digital transformation, customer service leaders must carefully weigh several considerations.
Posted May 21, 2024

At a time where technology reigns supreme, it is imperative now, more than ever, to leverage customization as a key factor in successful customer service.
Posted May 14, 2024

Strategies for enhancing self-service channels and improving the customer experience to meet Gen Z and millennial self-service expectations.
Posted May 06, 2024

AI is turning customer conversations into business assets.
Posted April 29, 2024

A people-first AI approach will be good for employees, good for customers, and good for business.
Posted April 23, 2024

The quality of the customer support team is often overlooked when choosing HA vendors, but in fact, to succeed in ensuring continuous availability and minimizing downtime of your organization's systems, customer support holds the key.
Posted April 16, 2024

Integrating genAI in call centers can significantly enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction, but only if you do it right.
Posted April 09, 2024

Non-linear customer experiences are the best ways to provide the personalized interactions customers expect.
Posted April 01, 2024

Despite promising technologies, the airline industry has taught us that good customer service is still hard to get right.
Posted March 25, 2024

With the right strategy, impossible can become inviting when it comes to IVR interactions.
Posted March 19, 2024

Here's why the contact center is the secret key to building your brand and where AI fits in.
Posted March 12, 2024

Exploring the intricacies, pitfalls, and challenges of leveraging generative AI to elevate customer interactions.
Posted March 04, 2024

Thanks to the advancements of generative artificial intelligence, the call center and its agents will rapidly evolve in the years ahead.
Posted February 26, 2024

The chief customer officer role has evolved from a support function to a strategic leadership position, emphasizing the importance of cross-departmental collaboration, data analytics, and customer-centricity in shaping business strategies and driving sustainable growth.
Posted February 20, 2024

Prioritizing digital channels, unifying and orchestrating conversations, knowledge, and AI, and working with a proven solution provider will elevate healthcare CX.
Posted February 13, 2024

Culture should supply the foundational mindset while technology provides the tools for execution.
Posted February 05, 2024

Customer service personnel need to be trained to detect and react to deepfake phishing attempts.
Posted January 29, 2024

Using machine learning and large language models, companies can help customers with their current—and future—needs. (Featured on
Posted January 22, 2024

Before deploying speech systems, it is imperative to understand and benchmark speech quality and address issues to ensure they operate effectively and ultimately deliver a superior customer experience.
Posted January 16, 2024

Successful generative AI integration for customer service requires a clear vision, practical use cases, andcontinual monitoring.
Posted January 08, 2024

AI agents that combine conversational and generative AI deliver measurable benefits to customer service operations.
Posted December 18, 2023

Agents provide one of the few human touchpoints customers have when reaching out to a company, and leaders should ensure that agents are empowered to provide the best experience possible. (Featured on
Posted December 14, 2023

The erosion of consumer trust in voice calling can undermine cloud contact center benefits, so take steps to ensure that calls get through.
Posted December 11, 2023

New research shows that digital engagement channels are skyrocketing. Yet legacy systems have hindered organizations' shift to digital. Companies can surge ahead with digital transformation and not succumb to the legacy lag.
Posted December 04, 2023

Pair CCaaS with SIP trunking to maximize technology, infrastructure, and security investments.
Posted November 27, 2023

The customer service chatbot experience has often been far from extraordinary—best used only for simple company FAQs—but generative AI is going to change that.
Posted November 14, 2023

To exploit the full value of AI in improving customer support, think self-driving workflows for agents.
Posted November 07, 2023

Here is what's motivating contact center companies to look at mergers and acquisitions beyond the goal of scaling their businesses. (Featured on
Posted October 31, 2023

While AI will benefit many divisions and departments, the most fertile ground to successfully launch it will be the service organization.
Posted October 23, 2023

Generative AI applications have appeared everywhere, and summarization presents great opportunities to increase contact center efficiency.
Posted October 17, 2023

Live visual support software can help customer service leaders reduce friction on every call.
Posted October 09, 2023

Organizations that leverage conversational AI can navigate the shifting CX landscape by forging personalized connections and elevating customer loyalty.
Posted October 02, 2023

We need a new approach to contact center architecture that leverages open systems, artificial intelligence (AI), and automation.
Posted September 26, 2023

New technologies are transforming the way that call centers operate, but they need to be balanced carefully with high-value, human-to-human customer interactions.
Posted September 19, 2023

Prioritizing digitalization, unifying conversations and knowledge, and working with a proven solution provider will enable government agencies to improve their customer experiences.
Posted September 11, 2023

Responsible and ethical AI is non-negotiable, and seamlessly incorporating it can build trust, enhance customer interactions, and contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive future.
Posted September 06, 2023

AI-powered tech that can enhance the quality of audio is the solid solution to bridge the gap between company values and agents' realities.
Posted September 01, 2023

Customer and employee experience have a huge impact on the success of any organization, and branded communications tools are improving both.
Posted August 28, 2023

Generative AI models have limitations in accuracy assurance and depend on reliable and constrained input, making them ill-suited for enterprise deployment by themselves.
Posted August 22, 2023

Don't add new channels and technologies without considering how it impacts your frontline agents. (Featured on
Posted August 15, 2023

Generative AI is having a moment, but companies can ill-afford a momentary lapse of reason in the responsible application of this technology.
Posted August 08, 2023