Acqueon Announces New Product Suite

Acqueon today launched a product suite consisting of four products—Lynx, Insights, Command Center, and Admin Console—that are aimed at improving experiences for customers and contact center agents alike.

Lynx is a suite of CRM-CTI connectors for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and ServiceNow. It aims to provide contextual information about customers to contact center agents at the right time with an eye on creating a seamless experience for both. According to Ashish Koul, president at Acqueon, the connectors “allow a customer care user to leverage [for example] Salesforce’s chat and email, and orchestrate that with the contact center.”

Insights integrates cross-channel data, analyzes key business metrics, and aims to help organizations identify customer journey trends and patterns. Koul notes that there are two products under the Insights umbrella: Insights Real Time and Insights Historical. Real Time “is a supervisor dashboard with a GUI telling your contact center floor how they’re operating” and has “supervisory functions to manage the team that can be put on screen in a visual, gamified way.” He adds that gamification “is big for keeping the contact center workforce engaged, and that’s the unique value that Insights Real Time Provides.” Insights Historical is a customer journey analytics solution for Cisco contact center users, and the advantage for business users, Koul says, is that they “can self-serve: They can create their own reports without the support of IT.”

Command Center is an intelligence platform that aims to streamline collaboration and contact center infrastructure management. Koul describes it as an analytics-powered monitoring tool designed for monitoring Cisco contact center unified communications and adjunct products such as workforce management. “Usually customers end up buying generic monitoring tools and have to spend a whole lot of money customizing them for their contact center and CRM needs. What we have is an out-of-box monitoring solution with deep analytics and graphs that tell you exactly down to the lower levels what’s going on in your operation.”

Admin Console is a unified administration portal for managing and administering major contact center components for Cisco users. Koul says it “provides one place where you can add your phones, add your extensions, add your voicemail, add your agents…all of that good stuff where today, customers have to go into five different screens and five different products to do that.” He adds that it “improves productivity for administrators running a Cisco contact center solution.”

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