Teleopti WFM Listed in Cisco SolutionsPlus Program

Teleopti, a provider of workforce management (WFM) software, has joined the Cisco SolutionsPlus program, enabling customers to order Teleopti WFM Cloud from Cisco sales teams and channel partners.

"At Cisco, we want to offer our customers choices and also help them move with the market to increasingly more integrated solutions and cloud services through an open, integrated ecosystem," said Vasili Triant, general manager and vice president of customer care at Cisco Systems, in a statement. "With the addition of Teleopti WFM Cloud to the SolutionsPlus program, our partners and customers now have direct access to a best-of-breed WFM solution from a company with years of proven success deploying WFM in the cloud, both in local markets and across the globe."

"Following Teleopti's long relationship and development collaboration with Cisco and Cisco channels, we are delighted to expand our reach and make it easier for all Cisco channels to order Teleopti WFM Cloud directly from Cisco," said Olle Düring, CEO oft Teleopti, in a statement. "Our listing on the SolutionsPlus program is recognition that together Teleopti and Cisco can ensure transformative WFM solutions providing value and efficiency combined with a remarkable customer experience worldwide. Organizations using Teleopti's workforce management solution see the positive work-life benefits for their staff, and research studies show that Teleopti customers are 23 percent more efficient than other contact centers."

All products available under the SolutionsPlus program have been subjected to a rigorous process of feature and interoperability testing and have been certified to be compatible with current Cisco products.

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The new products aim to improve experiences for customers and contact center agents alike.

Posted November 01, 2018