Talla Introduces Training Dashboard

Talla today introduced the Talla Training Dashboard, which compiles and annotates data from customer and agent interactions in order to advance the intelligence of Talla’s customer support system.

“There’s this human-in-the-loop model in AI where you give the data to the humans, they tag it, and you use the tag or labeled data to train the model. What we’ve said is, what if you deploy Talla and your employees are the ones that do the tagging—they know the most; they understand the business; they’re interacting with the customers. By doing the tagging, they’re helping contribute to the automation and thereby decreasing their monotonous workload,” says Rob May, CEO at Talla. “It’s a really innovative solution because it allows us to train an AI the way you would train a new employee—by interacting with the other employees.”

Talla Training Dashboard aims to benefit users across the organization, including content creators and administrators. Content creators can view all requested training items that need to be completed in a single place. Additionally, the solution allows content creation to be spread across the entire organization, with just five assigned tasks given to each individual per day.

“The content creators are your subject matter experts. A lot of times they work in product or engineering and they write the documentation on the product or service that you’re selling. They benefit because they don’t get bombarded with questions on a regular basis. So when you launch a new product, they don’t get people coming to them asking them the same questions all the time, because if they answer a question one time for somebody, Talla has now learned it,” May says.

The solution provides administrators with a dedicated dashboard that enables them to check in with customers that were helped, with an eye on evaluating the accuracy of responses. Additionally, admins are provided with analytical functions to determine the level of information being tracked and its overall health.

“Admins benefit from being able to encourage their users to do the training so they don’t have to do it themselves. What happens in a lot of systems is the admins have to go in and do a bunch of work, [for example] label data. Talla minimizes that for the admins,” May says.

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