Talkdesk Announces Talkdesk Boost

Talkdesk today announced Talkdesk Boost, a new offering that aims to ease the transition to the cloud by augmenting existing on-premises systems with intelligent, cloud-based contact center applications. Talkdesk Boost enables integration with legacy automatic call distributors (ACDs), enhancing companies’ existing systems with applications aimed at empowering agents and supervisors.

Talkdesk Boost aims to empower agents with a unified agent desktop, mobile capabilities, intelligent agent guidance, and omnichannel support. The unified agent desktop enables them to find information on a single screen as opposed to having to switch between screens, and the mobile capabilities allow them to work from their mobile devices. The intelligent agent guidance provides answers to questions in real time, while the omnichannel support feature allows them to support customers across channels. “These are the tools that customer service providers need to make available to their agents to make their jobs easier—to set them up for success,” says Steve Bell, director of product marketing at Talkdesk. “Talkdesk Boost enables companies to utilize Talkdesk in addition to their legacy ACD system.”

Talkdesk Boost provides features designed to make supervisors's jobs easier as well, including workforce management capabilities, call monitoring, and intelligent analytics. The AI-powered workforce management capabilities aim to enable managers to make staffing adjustments on the fly, and the call monitoring analyzes real-time and historical calls to improve rep performance and compliance. The intelligent analytics are AI-powered real-time and historical analytics of contact center interactions that allow supervisors to maximize performance. According to Bell, these tools “enable supervisors to do their job better and drive operational efficiency” and that Talkdesk Boost “facilitates the addition of these tools without a ‘rip and replace’ of ACDs.”

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