NICE Launches NICE inContact CXone

NICE today launched NICE inContact CXone, a cloud platform that combines omnichannel routing, workforce optimization, omnichannel analytics, recording, quality management, automation, and artificial intelligence. The integrated analytics and AI capabilities include Interaction Analytics, Desktop Analytics, Customer Journey Analytics, and VOC Analytics..

The platform provides organizations with a migration path from legacy solutions to a cloud environment. Additionally, it boasts a number of benefits for organizations, such as the ability to scale in a pay-as-you-go model, the ability to connect customer journeys across multiple channels, real-time analytics capabilities, and streamlined processes that use artificial intelligence and machine learning.

CXone also offers real-time interactions routing based on customer intent and employee persona, as well as real-time insight, employee guidance, and Real-Time Authentication.CXone runs on Amazon Web Services and is based on an open, cloud-native foundation. It includes more than 250 application programming interfaces (APIs) and enables integrations with 65 partner solutions as well as customer-specific extensions.

“No matter what industry an organization is in, customer service is constantly being compared to other brands and industries. In today’s omnichannel era, this is largely fueled by customer reviews. This has potential for great upside, especially if an organization delivers great customer experience, but certainly means organizations need to focus on delivering exceptional service for every interaction,” says Chris Bauserman, vice president of segment and product marketing at NICE inContact. “Additionally, Millennials play an increasingly important role in customer service as they are digital natives leading the way in accelerating innovation in how customers want to interact with brands. This means customer service organizations need to deliver a customer experience that is leading edge with ever-changing interaction channels (i.e. video, chat, social). To keep up with these new technologies, organizations need to have the technology and workforce management strategy to be nimble and adapt/respond with those channels in a way that helps organizations move quickly and smarter.”

Among the new platform’s CX tools is CXone Omnichannel Analytics, which seeks to provide insights about positive and negative interactions to drive better results, Bauserman says. For customers, this helps to ensure that when they contact a company via text or email they will be routed to the best available customer service agent or self-service option, and can be routed between the two quickly, he says. And agents can benefit by receiving interactions best suited for their skill set. “Using all these technologies helps customer service teams on-board and scale faster by using one user interface and one set of tools,” Bauserman says.

Along with robust tools, the platform offers flexibility; its cloud maturity model enables organizations to run CXone in hybrid mode, allowing them to migrate to the cloud at a time best suited for their business needs.

“For example, if an organization is an on-premises NICE Workforce Optimization customer, they can choose to keep those investments on-premises and connect them to CXone, while adding new cloud native capabilities like CXone omnichannel routing and analytics.” Using CXone, we can make this migration a seamless process and the timing is driven by what makes the most economic sense for each customer.”

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