NICE Launches Digital Containment Solution

NICE has introduced Digital Containment, a solution for digital transformation initiatives that leverages in-depth multichannel journey analytics. 

A NICE research study found 60 percent of customers bypass digital self-service applications or give up using them mid-process in favor of speaking with a customer service agent. Such channel transfers generally make customer interactions 12 times more expensive for service organizations. 

NICE Digital Containment addresses this issue. Early results from companies that have implemented the solution include the following:

  • Average handle times decreased more than 40 percent, and average agent involvement in customer interactions decreased by more than 30 percent.
  • Customer satisfaction scores increased nearly 30 percent, and Net Promoter Scores increased by 56 points.
  • A wireless U.S. telecommunications company estimated savings of $7 million by moving 10 percent of billing calls to self-service and $3 million by reducing transfers by 5 percent.
  • Al media company estimated an ROI of $5.1 million in savings due to containment optimization, and new client captures increased, while churn was reduced, increasing profitability.

Built on the NICE Customer Experience Analytics platform, Digital Containment presents a single view of customer digital journeys across web, mobile, and voice while leveraging Big Data analytics to help companies identify common contact reasons and scenarios and isolate the root cause of customer drop-out from digital channels. For example, companies can correlate the most-viewed pages on their website and the last-viewed pages, where self-service ended, to determine the best course of action to retain customers in the digital channel.

"The global market for self-service digital technologies is growing rapidly. In this environment, NICE's Digital Containment solution helps ensure contact centers can provide their customers the rapid, independent issue resolution they demand," said said Miki Migdal, president of the NICE Enterprise Product Group, in a statement. "By optimizing the use of digital channels, brands can maintain a competitive edge while deriving the greatest value possible from their digital investments, keeping their operating expenses low and reinventing customer service with the insights generated from every engagement."

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Posted July 31, 2017