LogMeIn Announces New A.I.-Equipped Bold360

LogMeIn today announced that the latest iteration of its Bold360 live chat engagement platform has been equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) to bolster its self-service and agent-assisted engagement channels, with an eye on improving the customer experience.

The technology upgrade encapsulates what the vendor believes is “the future of customer engagement—really bringing AI to the forefront of how companies engage with their customers to deliver better outcomes,” says Ryan Lester, director of customer engagement technologies at LogMeIn. The new release aims to do so by offering frictionless self-service, but also by enabling seamless handoffs between bots and live agents. “So you can start a conversation with a bot, then pass seamlessly in the same window to an agent, and then you can hand it back and forth, thus delivering better outcomes to the customer,” Lester says. The idea is also to have bots present to help agents when needed, “to help them be more efficient and effective in the way that they engage their customers,” he says. “The outcome for the company is that they start to manage a lot of their mundane, repetitive questions with the bot, freeing agents to have more impactful, constructive, and enjoyable conversations with the customer.”

The new version of Bold360 has six key features: (1) its AI technology helps the agent’s workflow, recommending content to use for greater efficiency and better outcomes, as well as automatically handling routine customer interactions so that agents can focus on more complex or high-value tasks; (2) as noted, it can seamlessly transition from bot to agent in the same chat window; (3) it enables intelligent self-service, which includes dynamic search and Q&As, chatbots, and virtual agents; (4) there’s no data scientist requirement; (5) customer data is consolidated across every interaction, and data from disparate systems is managed, with the goal of modernizing legacy systems and delivering actionable insights in real time; and (6) it supports integrations with systems such as Salesforce and Zendesk, enabling information from those systems to be fed directly into the Bold360 agent interface.

“Companies are hindered by many of the existing systems they have in place, processes, the way they train their employees. There really is this challenge around how do we help companies unlock new capabilities like AI, messaging, social; how do we help them unlock those capabilities and do it in a simple and elegant way,” Lester says. “We think companies are too burdened by the way they manage their business today, and they feel it’s prohibitive to try to implement new technologies because they’re spending all their time trying to manage their existing business processes and systems. We really want to allow Bold360 to help them break free from the status quo and engage their customers in a much more elegant, impactful, and, at the end of the day, lower-cost way.”

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