LogMeIn Releases Bold360

LogMeIn today introduced Bold360, an intelligent customer engagement platform that lets companies interact with customers and get a real-time 360-degree view of all touchpoints and contextual data in a single solution.

Bold360 provides agents with rich customer profiles and actionable data.  Intelligent automation empowers customers with self-service tools while eliminating routine tasks from the agent workflow.

Bold360 includes the following:

  • An intuitive interface that empowers agents with the information needed to resolve issues by consolidating data from different systems and presenting a unified view of all customer interactions. Agents can work across channels while seeing a complete history of all interactions for the customer they are assisting.
  • No-code integrations with popular business systems, including Salesforce.com and Zendesk.
  • Omnichannel engagement, including live chat, Facebook Messenger, email, and more, without clunky handoffs while preserving the context of conversations across channels.
  • Intelligent automation that helps agents respond to commonly asked questions and create, curate, and manage answers.  The system gets smarter over time and can be applied to self-service interactions or to inform agents in assisted interactions.
  • Remote support, with features including remote control, file transfer and co-browsing, agents can seamlessly escalate visitors to remote support all in one interface.

"There is a significant white space when it comes to engagement capabilities of traditional CRM tools," said Paddy Srinivasan, general manager of customer engagement and support solutions at LogMeIn, in a statement. "As customer expectations change, the old way of managing customer interactions will no longer suffice. Bold360 not only helps businesses interact with their customers, but also builds intelligent and actionable profiles that help brands offer the right recommendation at the right time based on all the information about that customer, not just a small subset based on past interactions. As Bold360 continues to evolve and capabilities expand, those customer profiles will continue to get richer and will serve as an essential tool for customer service organizations everywhere."

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The latest version of the Bold360 platform uses AI to power its self-service and agent-assisted engagement channels.

Posted February 13, 2018