Language I/O Launches Zendesk Integration

Language I/O, a provider of multilingual customer support software, today launched an integration with Zendesk that enables organizations using Zendesk Support to talk to customers in more than 150 languages, using the Language I/O Response offering for support ticket translation and the Language I/O Help for guide article translation.

“The entire idea behind the software is to help our customers to provide multilingual customer support over any channel where they want to meet their customers but they don’t necessarily have the agents who are multilingual. Our software helps to broker that communication between agents and their customers in over 150 languages,” says Kaarina Kvaavik, co-CEO at Language I/O.

Language I/O uses a combination of machine translation and professional human translation. With Language I/O Response, a customer can ask an agent a question in a support ticket in any language and receive a response in their language, regardless of the agent’s language. With Language I/O Help, customers can self-serve by reading accurately translated guide articles. Language I/O integrates with Salesforce and Oracle in addition to Zendesk.

“Zendesk is a really cool company. They’re up and coming and targeting a lot of the same markets that we are these days, which are large, enterprise-type customers. One of our existing customers wanted to move over to Zendesk and wanted to bring our software with them. We’ve already signed on a bunch of Zendesk customers so obviously we fill a need in that market,” Kvaavik says. “We’ve created a good relationship with Zendesk—the Zendesk folks bring us in to help solve their customers’ multilingual customer support problems.”

Going forward, Language I/O plans to roll out chat and social translation for Zendesk, extending its multilingual capabilities to chat support and social media.

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