Insightly’s Updated CRM Suite Promises Faster Performance and Better Search Capabilities

CRM suite provider Insightly released an updated version of its product today. The latest version of its CRM suite aims to deliver faster performance and eliminate some of the lag associated with legacy CRM tools. The updated suite also aims to improve and streamline searches.

Some of the biggest changes to Insightly’s CRM tool include a “blade interface,” according to Anthony Smith, CEO of Insightly. For users, that means a more dynamic navigation tool that makes it easier to make changes to a customer record without having to exit out of the search result window.

The updated version of Insightly CRM can also retrieve contacts 10 times faster than than in the past and can display real-time notifications about any record changes in the web app interface rather than in email, making for more timely alerts.

“We want to be a repository for all customers’ data, but we also want them to be able to do a quick search and get that data back as soon as possible too so they can do their jobs more efficiently,” Smith says. The system uses “elastic search,” and takes about 10 to 20 milliseconds to retrieve results.

There’s now also an integrated phone capability that uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) to connect users to customers directly from the CRM system, giving users a more direct way to log, track, and analyze calls as part of the CRM record.

And, building on the popularity of its Gmail integration, Insightly now offers an integration with Microsoft Outlook as well, so Outlook users have access to CRM contact details and accounts in their in-boxes. Emails can now be linked directly to contacts and templates can be created and saved using the Insightly Outlook toolbar.

“We try to integrate with the tools that our customers use on a daily basis. Whether that’s Outlook, Mailchimp for email marketing, or Evernote for note taking, we try to build connections with the tools that our customers already love using,” Smith says.

Finally, Insightly’s updated CRM suite also allows for a single sign-on, thanks to integrations with OneLogin, Auth0, and Okta. Enterprise users that rely on different software applications can access them all through one Windows log-in.

Meanwhile, Insightly continues to grow following its Series C funding round back in April 2016, when it secured $25 million. The company has made midsize clients a priority—it aims to double its head count by 2017 in an effort to build out a sales team that will focus on midsize businesses.


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