Aircall Integrates with Kustomer CRM for Support Teams

Aircall, provider of cloud-based phone systems for small to midsized businesses (SMBs), has integrated its technology with Kustomer, a CRM for Support Teams.

At the foundation of this integration is Aircall's API, which enables third-party partners such as Kustomer to integrate with its platform. Kustomer has leveraged Aircall's API and webhooks to integrate phone calls into the existing workflows of its customers.

"Developing our API will be our top priority in the coming months and years," said Glenn Fleischman, vice president of North America at Aircall, in a statement. "We understand the importance of building a base of partners that use our API to empower their customers' sales and service teams."

Through the Kustomer integration, Aircall allows users to do the following:

  • Automatically load customer timelines in Kustomer for review and create note drafts to take notes on the conversation;
  • Record events that happen in the phone call, while also seeing previous inbound or outbound customer messages sent through email, text, chat, or Facebook Messenger;
  • Review call events that are added automatically in Kustomer to mark call progress; and
  • See missed calls or voicemail messages as visual reminders in Kustomer.

"Aircall is an excellent example of how leading players in the technology space are integrating with Kustomer to incorporate their products with Kustomer's revolutionary CRM for Support Teams," said Brad Birnbaum, CEO of Kustomer, in a statement. "With Kustomer, all of the information about the customer appears in one place without the need to tab to other applications. Our custom object model makes it easy for companies like Aircall to seamlessly integrate into our phone channel."

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