DigitalGenius Introduces Conversational Process Automation

DigitalGenius, a provider of an AI platform for customer service, today introduced Conversational Process Automation, a new functionality that enables complete resolution of customer support cases—from an incoming customer query through to its resolution—in a company’s back-end systems.

According to Dmitry Aksenov, cofounder and CEO of DigitalGenius, only 30 percent of the customer service interactions in its clients’ contact centers involve actual conversations. “The bulk of the work happens when agents use these conversations to drive processes that actually resolve their customers’ issues—repetitive issues such as refunds, upgrades, cancellations, and new subscriptions. Connecting conversations with these back-end customer service processes—processes that often involve the use of multiple systems—in an intelligent way is one of the most important things that can be done in the modern contact center,” Aksenov says. “As customers’ expectations continue to soar, we don't believe it’s feasible to continue operating as contact centers have in the past.”

One of the primary goals behind Conversational Process Automation is to shift the attention of agents away from repetitive, mundane work. The feature supports both the AutoPilot and CoPilot modes of the DigitalGenius Platform. With AutoPilot, repetitive customer queries can now be resolved in full without agent involvement, even when third-party systems such as billing or payment processing are involved in the resolution process. CoPilot enters the picture if a case has not be resolved automatically using the AutoPilot mode; it provides human agents with suggestions based on machine learning.

“DigitalGenius AutoPilot allows for full resolution of repetitive, expensive tickets through an end-to-end platform that connects to external systems through a robust set of APIs. CoPilot, on the other hand, combines human and machine intelligence to provide Answer Recommendations and Case Intelligence to live agents,” Aksenov explains. “Not every incoming query can be automated end-to-end; that's where CoPilot comes into play. It's where AI can still play a major role in getting information to an agent so that they can quickly and effectively resolve the customer's query. Our customers very much see the value of both, depending on the types of tickets that they most want to troubleshoot and automate.”

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