DigitalGenius Launches Human+AI on the Salesforce AppExchange

DigitalGenius has launched its Human+AI customer service application on the Salesforce AppExchange.

DigitalGenius brings a layer of artificial intelligence to customer service operations. Its Human+AI approach enables companies to combine human and machine intelligence.

Built on the Salesforce platform to work seamlessly with Salesforce Service Cloud Lightning, DigitalGenius is bringing practical applications of deep-learning algorithms to help businesses communicate with and support their customers . With DigitalGenius, customer service leaders can unlock historical service logs, improve agent accuracy and efficiency, and reinforce their contact centers with AI-powered automation.

"Unlike chatbots, which made a lot of noise despite significant limitations in the world of customer service, DigitalGenius is pioneering the Human+AI approach, which allows the machine to do what it does best, and empowering human agents with more time and resources to create genuine experiences for people across multiple channels," said Mikhail Naumov, chief strategy officer at DigitalGenius, in a statement.

"Connected, smart customer service is a key foundation for success in today's modern business," said Mike Milburn, senior vice president and general manager of Salesforce Service Cloud, in a statement. "The rapid shift toward text-based communication channels, like mobile messaging and social media, creates an opportunity for businesses to connect with customers in whole new ways. By leveraging DigitalGenius on the Salesforce AppExchange, companies can tap into the practical power of artificial intelligence to reinforce and scale their customer service operation into the future."

DigitalGenius launched the Human+AI platform in the spring.

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