Zendesk Debuts Omnichannel Customer Experience Suite

Earlier this week, Zendesk bundled its existing customer support solutions under one omnichannel umbrella, combining its Support, Guide, Chat and Talk tools into the Zendesk Suite. With the technology now bundled together, the vendor says it’s easier for users to deploy and maximize the efficiency with which they deliver customer service to consumers. Plus, when purchased as a full suite, the technology is now 35 percent cheaper than buying the components separately.

Users that have already experimented with Zendesk’s new tools have been pleased with the changes so far. Orlando Gadea, business innovation manager at Stanley Black and Decker, said in a statement that the suite has helped unify the company's far-flung contact centers: 

“Before Zendesk, we had call centers in Turkey, Argentina, Peru, and Brazil, but they weren’t integrated into a unified ecosystem; we wanted to centralize data so that we could help drive improvements in the business. Our contact centers were not designed around multichannel response, so we didn’t have a way to answer questions coming in through different channels. We needed something flexible and easy to implement. Zendesk gave us a solution that integrated all channels in the way that we needed.”

In addition to rolling out Zendesk Suite, the company also introduced Zendesk Connect, which aggregates customer data in a way that enables businesses to respond to their customers automatically, but with answers that are personalized and contextualized based on their data, including their user preferences, past behaviors, and history of contacting customer support.

Companies are then also able to test which messages perform better and deliver higher engagement to inform future interactions with specific customers. Connect also allows companies to go one step beyond customer service—because it gathers insight on consumer behavior, Connect can also be used for upselling or cross-selling opportunities or to build loyalty and retention by giving customers special offers at critical times.

Mikkel Svane, CEO of Zendesk, said in a statement that the new releases let companies provide "fast, easy" customer experiences:

“The best customer service experiences are fast, easy and let you decide how you want to interact with a company. These experiences get even better if the company knows you well enough to solve problems before you even encounter them. We built The Zendesk Suite and Connect to give businesses the ability to deliver exactly these experiences for their customers.”

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